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Cowan de Groot - Codeg

Codeg Dalek Advertisement in Toys and Games Sept 1965 supplement

Cowan, de Groot Ltd branded as Codeg Productions of Chart St, Clerkenwell, London, England were amongst the first Doctor Who toy licensees in 1965.

1960s Codeg Mechanical Dalek

Cowan de Groot Ltd (Codeg) Mechanical Dalek with wind up key and clockwork action. A vintage Doctor Who toy from the 1960s dalekmania era which is very sought after in the original box with all three dalek parts and wind up key. Be aware that reproduction parts and boxes for Codeg daleks are in circulation. Codeg mechanical daleks are found in silver with either blue or black domes and studs. Around the year 2000 Product Enterprise made a replica Codeg Dalek calling it 'Clockwork Dalek'; for ease of reference the eyestalk on these is white and the box art is quite different.

This description of the Codeg Dalek is taken from the September 1965 supplement of 'Toys and Games', "This realistic clockwork model moves along, gradually turning itself through 360 degrees. At the same time, the dome containing the seeing eye scans the horizon." The Codeg Clockwork dalek retailed in 1965 for 15s 11d.

1960s Codeg Mechanical Dalek

Codeg Dalek Money Box c 1960s. Made of plastic and slotted at the rear for coins; emptied by unscrewing the dome. Highly collectable.

Codeg also released a boxed game with board, dice, cup and dalek counters called 'Dodge the Daleks'.

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