Class: Journals of Coal Hill

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Re: Class: Journals of Coal Hill

Postby The Empty Child » Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:52 pm

This is absolutely superb! I won't be as bothered now if Class doesn't get a second series because as far as I'm concerned, I've just read it.

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Re: Class: Journals of Coal Hill

Postby Bill » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:51 pm

The Empty Child wrote:This is absolutely superb! I won't be as bothered now if Class doesn't get a second series because as far as I'm concerned, I've just read it.

Thank you very much, so kind!

I've started working on a second series, so I'll get the first episode up sometime soon. Glad you've enjoyed it so far! :D

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Re: Class: Journals of Coal Hill

Postby Bill » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:26 pm

Here's the first episode of the second series, hope everybody enjoys! I've decided to take a different approach for this series, although not everything's written in stone yet. I've planned (so far) to split the series into two halves - the first half about Ram and April, and what happens to them when they go on their honeymoon together; the second half about everybody back at Coal Hill, picking up some time after the events of the series 1 finale.


Image Image Image

20:37, London Heathrow Airport
On the ground…

“Come on Ram, we’re gonna miss it!” April looked back. While wheeling her own suitcase along, she kept looking back to check that Ram was still with her, still behind her racing to catch their flight. They had been caught in traffic on the way to the airport, and although they’d checked in online, there were only five minutes until the gate closed.
“Alright, alright, I’m right behind you,” Ram responded, trying to keep up with April, whose pace only seemed to be getting faster.

Ram had booked the flights. He managed to get a good deal on a holiday package for what would be the best two weeks of his life. He and April were about to spend their honeymoon together, and he’d prepared for it. He had bought two first class seats on the plane, as well as a room in a five-star hotel that had a beautiful view of the ocean. They’d receive complimentary glasses of champagne upon arrival, and he’d also booked a spa session which included massage therapy, a sauna session and a pool for them to spend some time in alone. As well as all that, he planned on taking April to dinner every night and treating her to the finest dining the Canary Islands had to offer.

“Just in time,” said the lady that checked April and Ram’s boarding passes and identification before they boarded the plane. They had made it by the skin of their teeth, and proceeded to make their way onto the plane.
“I love these things,” Ram said as they walked through the tunnel that took you from the airport directly to the plane. All April could do was sigh with relief that they had made it on time.

21:14, Flight ZR567J
In the air…

“Would you like a complimentary glass of champagne, or bottle of sparkling water?” asked the air hostess as she approached Ram and April’s seats from the aisle.
“No, I’m alright thanks,” said April, turning to Ram.
“No thanks!” Ram looked up. The air hostess continued down the aisle asking each passenger as she went. “So… Mrs Singh…” Ram continued, looking over to April. Although they weren’t exactly sat right next to each other, their seats were next to one another. They had a separate pod each that had their own private luxuries in it. They had newspapers and magazines slotted neatly inside a rack on the side of their pod, a table for food and drink, a television in front of them that had almost ten channels to skip through, and a great selection of movies if they wanted to unwind, and their seat folded out into a bed if they wanted to sleep.
“You do realise I’m keeping my name?” April rolled her eyes, laughing.
“Just give me this moment,” Ram chuckled. There was a gap between the pods so that they could communicate with one another. Ram reached over his own pod and kissed April. This was the beginning of their journey together. The beginning of their journey as husband and wife. “So what’s the food options?”

21:27, Air Traffic Control Centre
On the ground…

“Captain can you give us a status update please? Over,” said a gentleman who worked for Air Traffic Control, sat in front of a number of screens monitoring the progress of the outgoing flight.
It took a few moments for the Captain to respond to the message. “This looks like a steady flight, clear sky, no wind, no gales. Shouldn’t be any turbulence for the duration. Over.”
“Good to hear,” the worker replied. “Over,” he added, having forgotten.
“We’ll keep you updated in due course,” the Captain confirmed.

21:42, Flight ZR567J
In the air…

“So what do you want to do first when we land?” Ram asked April, leaning over the gap in his pod once again.
“I don’t know… Go for a drink, or just have a quiet night and unpack?” April suggested.
“We could unpack then go for a drink if you want?” Ram thought.
“Could do, let’s just see how tired we are after the flight,” said April. “We might not be so awake after a five hour flight.”
“That’s true,” Ram laughed.

They both sat in their seats, desperately waiting for the minutes to pass. Ram was trying to keep himself occupied by trying to operate the television. It was a weird setup. He had turned it on, but there were so many menus. He had pressed option 1 for Movies, he had pressed option 4 for the Action genre and he had pressed option 9 for 2017 releases, but there were no results displayed. He went back and tried option 8 for 2016 releases, however there were none either.
April was reading a magazine. It was a celebrity gossip magazine. She normally wasn’t interested in that sort of thing as it didn’t amuse her in the way it amused other women, but she had nothing better to do. She had her earphones in listening to some classical music at the same time, and she was pretending to be amused by the fact that Katie Price had renewed her vows for the nineteenth time with her partner who had cheated on her multiple times.

Outside of the plane, the night sky was calm. There was no wind, only stars. They were shining bright way above. There were a few clouds, but at this time of night, they were barely noticeable. The echo of the sun could be seen in the distance, however it was very faint. It would soon disappear the more that time passed. It was the perfect evening.
Until… from nowhere, in the night sky, appeared a blinding, sharp white light. It was a circular shape with a large gap in the middle of it, and the plane passed through it seamlessly. The Captain nor his assistant didn’t notice this as the Captain had been reaching into his satchel to find a pen for his assistant, and his assistant was reaching into his own satchel to retrieve an instruction manual. It had passed them by completely. The cabin crew were preoccupied with serving food and drink to passengers, and it was impossible for passengers to notice as the light didn’t reach far back enough to glow through their windows.
Behind the plane, the light had vanished. It was no longer there. Unbeknownst to anybody on the aircraft, the plane had just entered a tear in time and space.

01:55, Tenerife Sur Airport
On the ground…

“Are you sure we were on the flight to Tenerife?” Ram asked as he and April made their way out of the exit doors from the airport.
“Yeah…” April responded, unsure if they actually were on the correct flight.
All around them outside of the airport were plants and bushes and trees and fallen leaves everywhere, illuminated by tea lights that had been set out along the lines of a path, leading into a dark walkway. And it was raining. It was almost as if they had stepped out of the airport and right into the Amazon rainforest. With candles.
“Welcome to da Canaries” a woman said, approaching Ram and April. “We’ve been waiting for you,” she continued, before running through a pathway, chanting a song of rhyme from the top of her lungs to herself.
“Ehhh…” April looked at Ram. Ram looked at April. They were both as confused as each other.

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Re: Class: Journals of Coal Hill

Postby The Empty Child » Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:38 pm

Still really enjoying this!

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