Dalek origins and their continuity errors

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Dalek origins and their continuity errors

Postby Davidkarnak » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:25 am

Dalek origin continuity error across TV, Film and The 1960s Dalek Chronicles (TV21 Comic and early Doctor Who Annuals of the 1960s)

This is a revamp of my original FaceBook article, with additional information from 'The Dalek Chronicles' and a recent reference to Davros as a child in the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) series 9 and return to Skaro.

Those aficionados of Doctor Who, will be aware that there were continuity errors and issues regarding the origins and creation of the Daleks as stated in the 1963 seven episode adventure; 'The Daleks' (William Hartnell - 1st Doctor) and the 1975 'Genesis of the Daleks' (Tom Baker - 4th Doctor) that introduced Davros for the first time; as the creator of the Daleks. The TV21 comic strips 'The Dalek Chronicles ‘The Daleks’ of the 1960s portrayed another ‘origin’ version entirely.

Many people accept the 'Genesis of the Daleks' as the definitive version, rather than the story created for a children's comic in the 1960s. It is widely accepted that the canon of the TV broadcast on the origin of the Daleks is accepted as the two versions cause severe continuity errors. Here, I attempt to incorporate the TV and comic ‘The Dalek Chronicles’ versions to interpret both versions of the origins of the Daleks, therefore, utilising the continuity errors into one definitive explanation.

TV21 comic portrayed the opposing sides in Skaro's war as the Thals and the Dals, shown as diminutive blue men with large heads somewhat similar in appearance to Dan Dare's Mekon. The Thals were a warrior race who lived on the continent of Davius, across the Ocean of Ooze the Dals inhabited Dalazar. According to ‘The Dalek Chronicles’ (TV21 comic and 1960s Doctor Who Annuals version) these humanoid Dals built neutron bombs which were accidentally detonated by a meteorite storm. (The idea of the war having an accidental, rather than deliberate origin, goes back to an earlier draft of the first Dalek television story.)

The Dals' chief scientist, Yarvelling, had built personalised robotic war machines to protect Dal soldiers (Metal War Machine Daleks, that we now recognise as Daleks) prior to the nuclear holocaust. After the neutron bombs exploded, Yarvelling and Zolfian (The warlord of the humanoid Dals), explored their continent and contacted radiation sickness as a consequence of the neutron bomb.

They discovered that a mutated Dal had survived in the war machine casing. This original Dalek persuaded Yarvelling and Zolfian to build more Dalek casings for their mutated descendants. Before the last two humanoid Dals died, it declared itself the Dalek Emperor, and had a new casing built to reflect its new rank, slightly shorter than the other Daleks, with a disproportionately large spheroid head section and in gold rather than grey.

The war between the Thals and Dals (within their war machine casings) continued for several hundred years, whereby, the radiation effected ongoing mutations on both sides. Sick of war and the devastation the Thals (originally a warrior race) migrated to the other side of the planet in an attempt to rebuild Skaro and became peace-loving farmers. The Dals (originally peaceful philosophers and scientists) retreated to their war torn bunkers. This was, an attempt to rebuild their society and race. The Dals mutated further and subsequently abandoned their war machine casings (Daleks). In an attempt to wipe the memory of war the Dals renamed their race to 'Kaleds', this in a strange way reflected the transition from depending on the war machine 'Daleks', as Kaled is an anagram of Dalek.

Over the next few hundred years, sporadic attacks by the Kaleds on the now peaceful Thals continued the war, and the Kaleds hatred of the Thals became an all encompassing in their need to 'wipe the Thals from the face of Skaro' (Kaled rhetoric used in the televised serial 'Genesis of the Daleks'). A ruling family of the Kaleds, so embittered by the need to commit genocide on the Thal race continued the propergander of hatred, to become the only inhabitants of Skaro by the way of ethnic cleansing.

Davros was one of the children of the ruling family, a quiet, intelligence unassuming individual, who had eventually become a scientist and who was intent in finding a peaceful solution to the continuing conflict. As a small child Davros was rescued from the barren and war torn wasteland between the opposing sides of the conflict. An unknown stranger had shown 'mercy' at the predicament of the young Davros, and returned him safely home to his family, which had first inspired his goal in his adult life to stop this devastating and destructive war.

During his future research, Davros was severely burnt and injured in a laboratory accident, losing the use of his left arm and becoming crippled. He utilised original 'Dalek' plans to construct a mobile 'life-support' wheel-chair based on the original Dalek war machine technology and design created by Yarvelling. Thus, taking on the appearance of the lower half of the Dalek war machine casing. This inspired his family to persuade Davros to look at recreating the Dalek casing to house the mutated evolution of what the Kaled race would become in the future. Through the pressures of his family, in particular, his mother and the bitterness Davros felt after his accident, he researched and developed the 'Dalek' as shown in the TV serial 'Genesis of the Daleks'. After which, the Daleks development evolved to create a mighty city that could be camouflaged by magnetising the surrounding desert wasteland and hiding their survival and existence to both Thals and aliens from outer space, which the Daleks had discovered existed beyond Skaro after a Krattorian Empire Slave Trading spacecraft had landed on Skaro to strip mine it's resources.

During this clandestine period the Daleks developed many inventions, in particular, the Dalek Brain Machine; a huge master computer that questioned thought and strategy of the development of the Dalek war, machine and conquest. Also, other areas such as; 'Stella Cartography' to map the Galaxy in search of other civilisations and planetary systems to explore and ultimately conquer. Space travel was developed to enable the Daleks to fulfill their plans of conquest. This culminated in the exploration of their closest neighbouring planet; Alvega, discovered to be a planet of many useful resources and inhabited by a sentient plant-like life form called the Amaryrills, who defended their precious planet by defeating the Daleks, but causing the complete destruction of their world rather than giving up its resources to the Daleks. As a result the Emporer of the Daleks made a vow "Let Alvega be our guide! What we cannot conquer - We Destroy".

However, during this early period, and an attempt to invade Skaro by the Monstrons was ultimately defeated by the Daleks, but at the cost of the destruction of their city, which took the Daleks many years to recover. A lesson learned by the Daleks; once becoming a space-faring civilisation they had announced their presence within the Galaxy and had become vulnerable to attack. There was now an urgency to show strength and conquer other planets to create the first 'Dalek Empire' to rival no other. Planets invaded by the Daleks in their earlier attempts at conquest were; Solturis, Mechanus, Phryne, Skardal, Zeros, some being easier than others to conquer or destroy. In the Daleks need for conquest, the exploration of their own planet Skaro had taken a back seat. So the search began for enemy's closer to home. What had become of the Thals? Had they all been destroyed in the Neutron Bomb holocaust? After searching the 'Polar Mountains' of Skaro the Daleks discovered three Dal survivors; Zet, Lodian and Yvric, last survivors of the original Daleks/Kaleds whose bodies had been deep frozen inside a mountain near to the North Pole of Skaro. Lodian alone had been concerned that the 'Metal' War Machine Daleks had lost one essential factor... Conscience, and that these Daleks would conquer and destroy every planet in the sky, whether inhabited or not. Lodian had also discovered a number of planets including; Earth, and that, these planets should remain secret to prevent the Daleks destroying them. However, after a struggle for power and individual beliefs all three survivors were eventually killed and the 'Secret' remained, however, this was only short lived, as the Daleks were to encounter people from Earth in a meteorite storm as the first Earth Deep Space Cruiser 'Starmaker' are tricked by a Dalek ambush ploy to land on Skaro. Although, after escaping Skaro in a stolen Dalek space ship the Earthmen survivors returned to Earth. But unbeknownst to them the Daleks had now discovered the location of Earth and would commence their plans for conquest in the early 22nd Century. Being the prelude to; The Dalek Invasion of Earth both on TV (dated 2164AD) and the Big Screen (Doctor Who and the Dalek invasion of Earth 2150AD). To maintain continuity of the dates it can be assumed the ‘Invasion’ first starting and taken place in the year 2150AD, that lasted some fourteen years, ending in 2164AD with the defeat of the Daleks invasion force and intervention of the Doctor and his companions Susan, Barbara and Ian.

It should be noted; that at the end of the TV serial 'Genesis of the Daleks' Davros survives, but is left for hundreds of years in a Kaled 'War Bunker', and only rediscovered by the Daleks in their attempt to conquer and destroy the robotic race of Movellans, by solving the seemingly unending 'impasse' between these warring empires, that had become too dependant on Computer Logic. A human factor of illogical thought had to be programmed into the Dalek Battle Computer (Brain Machine), that had until now proved successful in the Daleks 'Conquer and Destroy' philosophy. This was shown in the TV serial Destiny of the Daleks) and that previously the Kaled race had been utterly destroyed by Davros’ genocide of his own race. Subsequently, the Daleks are entombed in the underground Kaled War Bunker, by the 4th Doctor and his Thal allies (Genesis of the Daleks). However, the Daleks eventually escaped their entombment and create a new Dalek City, as seen in the first TV serial shown in 1963 'The Daleks', which is set hundreds of years in the future.

The Thals eventually return to this original war torn area of Skaro in search of food and their origins, unaware that the entombed Daleks had survived and are planning revenge upon the Thals and their ultimate goal to destroy anything that was not Dalek. However, once again, these Daleks are thwarted by the Thals and four strangers from the stars (The Daleks). The Thals return to their farm land as this barren wasteland can still not support life. After thousands of years the time has come for the Daleks to reappear from beneath the magnetised sands... Thus, we come full circle, so the story of the Daleks and Davros continue.

Let me know what you think?

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