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Doctor Who RPG

Post by Valeyard »

I remember way back in the early days of the forum, there was a play-by-post role-playing game based around, of course, Doctor Who. For those unaware, a play-by-post role-playing game has players interact with each other in a predefined environment and scenario via text which caters to both creative writers and gamers alike. So I figured, why not bring it back? To start, let's establish some ground rules...

1. You may change the path of the story in whatever way you see fit, so long as it doesn't go off the rails into absurdity and surrealism. This is intended to be a game firmly grounded in the established canon of the show and it's spin-off material.
2. Don't kill off other characters created by other users. Let them decide the fate of their own characters, and you decide the fate of yours.

Now, simply create a character by using the following format and filling in the blanks for your character!


For an example of what you could fill in:

Name: The Doctor
Age: 1950
Gender: Female
Species: Time Lord
Homeworld: Gallifrey
Alignment: Good
Powers: Regeneration, Genius Intellect, Increased Stamina, Telepathic and Psychic Abilities

As for a predefined environment and scenario to begin our story...

The Last Great Time War. Planet SN-140. A planet devastated by both the Dalek Empire and the Time Lords in a seemingly never-ending battle, both sides determined to wipe one another out. All that remains is the ruins of a once hidden yet incredibly beautiful civilisation, and a handful of survivors hunting wild animals and fighting over resources. During a violent confrontation in what used to be the planet's capital, a small spacecraft lands before the citizens, who draw their weapons, ready for a fight. The doors to the spacecraft open, as the pilot steps out and begins to walk towards them...

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Re: Doctor Who RPG

Post by DalekCheese »

Name: Dalek Supreme 191
Gender:honestly, I’m not entirely sure...
Species: Dalek
Homeworld: Skaro
Alignment: Dalek Empire
Powers: Nothing fancy. A large laser gun, bodyguards and so on...

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Re: Doctor Who RPG

Post by TheVoiceThatGrates »

You know, today I had an idea for a new character to try to incorporate him into stories.

Name: Tharnel
Age: 1038
Gender: Male
Species: Gallifreyan
Homeworld: Gallifrey
Alignment: Renegade (Bad)
Powers: Military training, strategic mindset, excellent hand-to-hand combatant and marksman

A renegade Burner dedicated to wiping the Doctor from history. Whether this is a personal grudge or manipulation from a third party is unknown.

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