Every Doctor Who 3.75 reviewed-Ben_ToaofFire

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Every Doctor Who 3.75 reviewed-Ben_ToaofFire

Postby TheOne3.75Fan » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:10 am

Starting a series on my YouTube channel that will review the 3.75 inch line in a less biased light than what you would usually get. I should note that "every" is a somewhat loose term. Every figure will have representation, but if it's too similar to another figure, it will just be lumped into the same episode as the main one(much like what I have done with the Tardis...Save for the Hide Tardis which I just now remembered).

Output might be a bit slow, since it is both a project that will be more on the side for the time being, and because this unwanted line is oddly expensive for some figures in the USA.

Also, please forgive any audio issues in this video. In a bit of a refining stage here, and a good chunk of the video was recorded with a method that caused some audio blurring(according to somebody who I went to for advice on another video mid-production), so if you can spot an audio issue to fix with the main voiceover that isn't fixed by the end, do inform me so I can attempt a fix(within my power to fix, of course).

Anyway here's the video:

Now look at the net, that I just found! When I say go, be ready to throw!

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