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Re: Series 11 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby Racks42 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:49 pm

Series Ranking


(I cant decide which i like less 6 or 11)
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Re: Series 11 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby Spannerintheworks » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:20 pm

Hmmm. Ranking.

Ranking the S11 episodes is tricky. A friend made a valid point: In isolation, some of these stories play better. Would an oddball like "It Takes You Away" be more welcome a respite amongst more traditional antagonist stories? Would the lack of "actual"/traditional threat in something like "Demons of the Punjab" even register complaint with anyone if it was in between, say, an Ice Warrior and an Earth invasion story? More relevantly, if we knew there'd be a decent climax in "Resolution" to this run would anyone have seen "The Battle of Raccoon and Kodos" (I'm going with my autocorrect here! :D ) as anticlimactic at all? A bit more balance next season, and the things a lot of people complained about would probably be seen less as debatable and more as absolute strengths.

But, as to the series itself, it is what it is and its episodes are where they are. So, as to series ranking....

Series 6
Series 2
Series 7
Series 11
Series 1
Series 4
Series 8
Series 9
Series 3
Series 10
Series 5

And in honesty, only Series 2 & 6 left me severely disappointed (for very different reasons!). All others, I just found more or less to love individually and felt the overall stories/themes complemented each other better.

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Re: Series 11 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby Galactic yo yo » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:41 pm

Worst to Best/ no of stories I liked or loved (two parters counted as 1
The Specials (0) has my least favourite Doctor who story overall EoT
Series 7 (0) has my second/third least favourite stories overall. Asylum of the Daleks & the Snowmen
4 (1)
2 (1)
9 (2)
3 (3)
6 (3)
11 (4)
8 (4)
10 (4)
1 (5 1/2)
5 (7) Has my favourite new who story Vincent and the Doctor
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Re: Series 11 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby Whovastron » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:20 am

WHOVASTRONS rewatches part 1: the Ghost monument
Okay so I skipped episode 1 and jumped straight into 2. Going in with fresh eyes and knowing what was coming did, thankfully, what I was hoping for. It made t better. Honestly a lot of stuff that bothered me, just didn’t. I dunno, maybe I’m just being soft because I really wanna like this series, I didn’t even rewatch series 10, but I’ve been excited to rewatch these. It was alright, still has spots of bother from the cast, but I think I might have been too harsh, or something, I dunno.

But I felt like this episode was a good journey, it felt longer and like stuff actually happened. The intrigue of the planet was great, just all the set up in general was fantastic. The monsters were pants though.

Directing wise, was too much style over substance, as in they favour “interesting” shots when it’s really not necessary, and detracts from the performances. Specifically I recall a scene with the guest character woman, she’s having a character moment, but the camera is literally 2 inches from her face and it just isn’t necessary. A mid shot from the side would have allowed for come good composition, but allow us to take in the performance. It’s chiices like this that I thing have had a big effect on the performances. The shot of Yaz when she says ‘we thought you were (dead) too’ is so jarring compared to the rest of the scene that it just makes the delivery seem odd, when in reality it’s really not.

Graham is great in this episode, Yaz does nothing, Ryan has moments and I actually liked him a lot more. The Doctor was...useless? Like she figured out some things, but she lets Ryan and graham walk all over her, and that really bothers me. And she basically just lets everyone else take all the good moments, like when the guy threatens the race runner, it should have been Jodie, saying something about what they’ve been through and who she is. I really hated the moment they go up the ladder, the Doctor would go first, but she ushers the others first and had such an odd look, like she’s testing the danger with them first, which is really dark for this doctor. And the way she just gives up on the TARDIS, and her companions have to encourage her was just odd. Real shame that in her second outing she felt like a bit of a useless part.

Despite that though, the episode does look great and have atleast a very interesting premise. A for idea, D for execution. Overall, a C+ episode, so like a 6/10

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Re: Series 11 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby Racks42 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:26 am

Let’s talk the new tardis

After reflecting on the tardis after the fact, I actually don’t mind it so much (I’m just saddened by the height of potential that set has)

Will 5 real simple changes to the tardis(they for the most part wouldn’t even change the tardis it’s self it at its core would look very much the same)

1. Turn the lights on...(that’s been a constant issue with a the new series as a whole)

2. Don’t have the tops of the pillars move up and down with the rotor(that’s a personal opinion it just kinda creeps me out)

3. Get rid of that inner layer of wall that resembles a cage, those new hexagon/roundup combos are lovely stop hiding them!!

4. Have a few actual buttons and switches on the console they make it look like a space time ship

5. Have the floor a solid colour/no white patterning

If they made those 5 changes heck I’d be willing to forgive the floor and the pillars, I’d say it would be a damn nice tardis, the main thing would be turn the damn lights on!!
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