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Re: Your Doctor Who Episode Concept

Postby Galactic yo yo » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:07 pm

A trilogy of stories starring The 2nd Doctor, Jamie, Polly and Ben.
The Killings of Whitechapel- A pure historical about Jack the Ripper. The tardis crew arrive in Whitechapel on the night of one of Jack the Ripper's murders. While The Dr, Jamie and Ben are taken in to custody as suspects, Polly is kidnapped by someone who may be Jack himself.
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The American Nightmare- The tardis has finally returned Ben and Polly to their own time, to a small American town, perfect in everyway, except a bizarre radio tower just outside of town. When things start to turn scary, they seek the help of the Doctor and Jamie. though it may seem they've already gone... the tardis is still there.
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Silence of Space- Thomas Clarkson, the surviving last crew member of a mission to Jupiter, alone and scared. But why is he scared when he's alone... the answer is he isn't alone.
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