How many Incarnations of the Master?

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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby CaptainJimiPie » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:44 pm

SarahJaneFan wrote:I watched your video earlier and found your theory about the gap between MacQueen and the Titan Comics Master intriguing however I ultimately disagree. It’s stated specifically that the Master was resurrected by the Time Lords in order to fight against the Daleks, so while not quite involved in the Time War as that hasn’t happened yet, it does imply that there’s an approaching reason the Time Lords deemed it necessary to resurrect the Master of all people to fight. Could it be that they have predicted the Time War? Well they are Time Lords after all. Also, Dark Eyes doesn’t take place too long before Doom Coalition and in Doom Coalition the Time Lords do seem to be aware that there is a Time War coming. Plus I just don’t like the idea of slipping in a whole unexplored Regeneration Cycle when his first one still hasn’t been explored.

Another thing about your theory that I disagree with, and also fell into the trap of was assuming that we didn’t know much about the Tzun Master therefore hypothesising that he and Tipple must be the same incarnation. Actually the Tzun Master came into existence when the Ainley Master made a deal with an alien race called the Tzun, he would help them if they let him use their technology to cure the cheetah virus. They agreed and he used their nanites to change the DNA of the Trakenite body he was inhabiting and made it fully Time Lord. This apparently granted him another set of Regenerations because later on, Ace shoots him in the back and he regenerates into the “Tzun” Master. Later the Nanites start to fail, so he tries to get a new body on Gallifrey, but this fails and so the nanites fail and essentially reversed. My guess is that because the nanites couldn’t simply reverse the DNA back to Trakenite as he had regenerated and the DNA changed completely, this meant that when the nanites failed it stripped away the stolen body completely, leaving him as the Beevers husk again.

This basically means that the Tipple incarnation can be neither the Ainley one or the Tzun one, as they both have their own distinct fates. This leaves the Tipple incarnation to be a stolen body of its own.

So basically it’s like this ;

Stolen Ainley body
Ainley body becomes Time Lord using Nanites
Ace kills Ainley, he regenerates into Tzun
The nanites fail and the once Trakenite and now Time Lord regenerated Tzun Body is stripped away
This leaves him as the Beevers husk again - stories like Dust Breeding and Master go here
He later steals/acquires another new body - Tipple
In the Tipple body he is put on Trial and executed by the Daleks
He lives on as a Deathworm Morphant
He possesses Bruce but later gets trapped in the eye of Harmony
He later gets released and briefly possesses the body of a dead vagrant before being returned to the Eye of Harmony
He is later released again by Edward Grainger who he possesses and then later possesses Richard
Eventually Richard’s body decays and the Master has to go through several stolen bodies to survive
The Time Lords resurrect him to fight the Daleks - MacQueen

You make very fair points, and I will admit the gap between McQueen and the Time War child incarnation is just an idea on my part, so it's perfectly possible the Time War/current incarnations are in fact later incarnation in the same cycle as McQueen. But as you say you dislike having a whole unexplored cycle, I like having it in there for that reason, specifically as it means it gives Big Finish free licence for another 12 future incarnations without having to worry about imposing on the TV series incarnations.

As for the Tzun Master it could be debated whether he canon or not as his "appearances" form part of the New Virgin Adventures series which is an oft debated point. And it is also slightly unclear as to where he enters into the narrative, so for me it seemed more likely than anything else to fit these two together, or possibly even that the Tzun incarnation is non-canon as First Frontier is contradicted by later stories, but for the sake of trying to make the list somewhat complete I decided to give him a mention!

Ah well each to their own :)

UPDATE : After reviewing things I am willing to say I stand corrected, you are right in what you say about the Tzun incarnation! I will make an amendment update to my video tomorrow!

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