How many Incarnations of the Master?

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How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby SarahJaneFan » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:51 pm

This is something that no one is really entirely sure about and everyone seems to have a different opinion on it, so I thought it could be an interesting thing to talk about. This is how many Incarnations and bodies I think the Master has had, but I’d love to hear from other people on where they think everything fits and how it’s counted. Watch out for spoilers on stuff.

Artwork by Paul Hanley
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First Cycle

First Master : James Dreyfus (+ William Hughes)

Second - Eleventh Masters : Unknown

Twelfth Master : Roger Delgado
(Regenerated after facing the Twelfth Doctor in DWM Comic, Doorway to Hell)

Thirteenth Master : Geoffrey Beevers (+ Peter Pratt)

After regenerating, he was disfigured by a later incarnation. Coming to the end of his life, he began seeking out new bodies to keep him going. His first stolen body that we know of was Tremas as played by Anthony Ainley. Later, he regressed back to his disfigured state post Survival but seemed to have healed more since Keeper of Traken. Next was possibly the Tzun Master and due to the fact we know little of how he came to be or end, it’s difficult to speculate the nature of this version of the Master. However, knowing that the Master is at the end of his life and is currently looking at ways of body hopping to survive, we can safely assume that the Tzun Master is yet another stolen body. This leads to the next known Master; The Gordon Tipple Master, who we know even little about and barely get to see other than in behind the scenes photos. Some say that he is supposed to be the Ainley incarnation, however I disagree as it would have been stripped away by now and he would have been decayed again. I’d like to consider the Tzun Master and the Tipple Master as one in the same as they both are described in a similar appearance and are very minor and obscure versions of the Master. However it’s just as likely that the Tipple Master is just another stolen body. The Roberts Master is another stolen body, taken after the Master had died in his Thirteenth Incarnation and been resurrected as a Deathworm Morphant. Later he would escape the eye of Harmony and end up resurrected in the body of a dead vagrant on the streets of Brixton in 2001. This was The Glorious Dead Master, who was short lived, like many of the Master’s stolen bodies, besides Tremas. The Master would then continue to hop from body to body in Mastermind, where he spent up to 20 years at least in the body of one man before stealing the body of the man’s son. During this time he was laying low and acting like a normal human.

CA1FB242-1DB4-4C10-9F17-A81D361A2479.jpeg (71.76 KiB) Viewed 3000 times

Second Cycle

The Fourteenth Master : Alex Macqueen

The Master was later helped out of his “predicament”, by the Time Lords - Specifically Co-Ordinator Narvin. The Master was given a whole new Regeneration Cycle by the Time Lords Who hope he would help fight the Daleks.

The Fifteenth Master : Titan Comics Time War Child Master

It is unknown how the previous Master Regenerated into this incarnation and we currently don’t know for sure if this Master came after the Macqueen Master, however until it is otherwise stated we should assume that this order is correct.

The Sixteenth Master : Derek Jacobi

The previous incarnation regenerated during the Time War and swore revenge on the Eleventh Doctor and Alice Obiefune. No longer partnered with the War Doctor, he continued to stay involved with the Time War to an unknown extent. He later used the Chameleon arch to go into hiding at the end of the Universe.

The Seventeenth Master : John Simm

The Jacobi Master Regenerated after being shot by Chantho. This new incarnation fought mainly the Tenth Doctor but was eventually stabbed by his successor which triggered a Regeneration.

The Eighteenth Master/The Mistress : Michelle Gomez

It’s not known for sure whether there’s an incarnation or more between Simm and Gomez but there’s no point talking about it unless something in any media actually suggests that there was more Incarnations between them. Missy was killed by her predecessor and seemingly left for dead with no hope of Regeneration.

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Personally, I believe that there are Eighteen Incarnations of the Master that we currently know of, however the Thirteenth Master stole many different bodies, some of which were long term. I would not consider these bodies to be Incarnations in their own right as they were not acquired through the process of Regeneration and they are effectively the essence of the Thirteenth Master housed within a stolen body. However, it should be noted that these stolen bodies tend to develop their own personalities proving that they aren’t simply vessels for the Thirteenth Master and do alter his personality which is usually unique per body. Depending on how you look at it, you could say that these stolen bodies are Incarnations in their own right due to their distinct personalities, but I still firmly believe that they should not be counted as they were not acquired through Regeneration and the Master would always revert to the Beevers personality when he lost a body.

This pretty much takes into account all known versions of the Master. There are either 18 Incarnations + roughly around 7/8 stolen bodies that we know of, or 25/6 Incarnations of you count each individual stolen body that we know of as a separate incarnation.

Please do tell me your thoughts on this and how you would do it differently if you disagree.
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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby SarahJaneFan » Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:09 am


Just thought I should add that I made a mistake regarding the Tzun Master. We do know how he came to be and how he “died”, clearly I just didn’t look into it well enough.

Basically the Ainley Master made a deal with the Tzun which meant that if he helped them, they would give him Nanites that would cure him of the Cheetah Virus. They give him the Nanites and he rewrites his DNA, removing the Trakenite elements and becoming a full Time Lord again with a whole new Regeneration Cycle. He is soon shot in the back by Ace and regenerates into the version known as the “Tzun Master”. However the Nanites later failed which meant he would revert back to how he was before. He tried to avoid this by looming himself a new body but this failed and he escaped, later regressing back into the Beevers decayed version of himself. Later he becomes the Tipple Master, presumably through stealing another body.

I still wouldn’t count the Tzun Master as an incarnation in its own right however, as it is brief and undone, leaving the Master back in the body he started with when it fails.
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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby The Outcast » Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:19 am

So, here is how I like the incarnations of the Master list to go:
1) the child Master in the flashback scenes from the End of Time + the Adult Master in the upcoming 1st Doctor audios
2?) "Magnus" in the Comic: Flashback
Yeah, I think the War Chief and the Master are the same person, big deal. Also, this is hinted at several times, so it has a base in continuity.
3 - 10) Unknown
11) "The War Chief"
12) the Original Master
13) the Crispy Master
14) the Tremas Master
15) the Tzun Master
16) the Bruce Master
I like to think of Ainley and Roberts as incarnations of the Master, as I feel like saying "oh, they were just stolen bodies" undermines their versions of the Master. The Tzun Master I'm unsure about. I like the idea of Gordan Tripple's Master being a proper incarnation, but I also like the idea that the Destiny of the Doctors was the Tremas Master going to be executed by the most powerful of the villains who captured him, who would obviously be the Daleks. Also, I never believed the idea that Survival was the Tremas Master's last adventure and I like to think that maybe there was the possiblity for him to have had adventures before being shot by Ace (is that possible, I haven't read 'First Frontier'), which would be where Destiny of the Doctors fits in. Something else I also don't believe is the Master reverting to his 13th self. It happens alot For example, 'And you will obey me' the Master takes over a body which soon reverts to the 13th Master but I still don't like it. I believe that the Crispy/13th Master could have been lying and that the situation I just mentioned was the only time something remotely like that happened.
17) the Bald Master
18) the War Master (the one played by Derek Jacobi)
I don't like the idea of a kid Master. Besides, I have a feeling Big Finish might retcon the kid. If you like him, just say he got erased from time due to events of his last story.
19) the Saxon Master
20) the Missy Master

There. That is how I like the Master's timeline to be.

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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby SarahJaneFan » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:20 am

Just a few things I thought I should point out. In the VNAs, the War Chief regenerates into a new inxwrnation, so you should factor that in.

Also I doubt BF will retcon the child Master. He’s regenerated into Jacobi in the comics and Big Finish make a lot of nods and references to the Titan Comics so I doubt they’ll do that.

I get what you mean about not counting the stolen bodies as incarnations but the way I think of it, is that only the Masters that spent a long time in their bodies are proper ones. The ones
I’d count as proper Masters at this point are Delgado, Beevers, Ainley, Macqueen, Titan Comics (though I hate that one), Jacobi (because audios), Simm and Gomez.
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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby The Outcast » Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:50 pm

SarahJaneFan wrote:Just a few things I thought I should point out. In the VNAs, the War Chief regenerates into a new inxwrnation, so you should factor that in.

In answer to the quoted stuff, I actually did factor that in. Basically, Slight Spoiler warning the War Chief/11th Master goes through a botched Regeneration and ends up half merged with his next incarnation. At the end of the novel, the power of an explosion fixes his Regeneration and his new body is described as a young man, tall, dark and Satanically Handsome (This is told from Ace's perspective). Who do we know that fits that description? The Delgado Master. Plus, there was cut dialog from Terror of the Autons, inferring that the Master was the War Chief.

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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby Doctor What » Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:44 pm

I agree with most of this, but I certainly disagree with the War Chief theory, I think i'd rather them be different characters.

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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby CaptainJimiPie » Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:48 pm

I've literally just putting together a video on this very subject only yesterday, however just to add in my two cents re the War Chief I'm pretty sure he's not The Master, I know there is contradictory evidence and evidence that suggests they might be one and same but it seems to me there is more evidence to suggest he is a separate character rather than one and the same.

As for the rest of SJ's list I do agree but I do have one small different idea re the gap between McQueen and the Time War!
Once I post my video on friday I will write down my full list here too :)

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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby SarahJaneFan » Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:20 pm

CaptainJimiPie wrote:I've literally just putting together a video on this very subject only yesterday, however just to add in my two cents re the War Chief I'm pretty sure he's not The Master, I know there is contradictory evidence and evidence that suggests they might be one and same but it seems to me there is more evidence to suggest he is a separate character rather than one and the same.

As for the rest of SJ's list I do agree but I do have one small different idea re the gap between McQueen and the Time War!
Once I post my video on friday I will write down my full list here too :)

That’ll be interesting to see. I’m not entirely sure what would go between Macqueen and the Time War which is why I just made the assumption that considering the fact he had his Regenerations restored, that he was post Ainley but pre Jacobi, however we’ve also got the Time War Kid in the middle of things now.
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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby CaptainJimiPie » Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:32 pm

Ok everyone two things before we begin

1. Here is the video version of this explanation for those who don't want to have to read all this and/or want the evidence to go along with what I say

2. As The Master's history (like many aspects of Doctor Who) does have different continuities I have decided to put together the continuities that I think work best together, so this does mean some people might not agree with what I say but for me it works!

So, sit down, clear your mind (because this is about to get confusing) and have a read of my thoughts on The Master's Incarnations!

Contrary to what some people think Delgado’s Master is NOT the original Master, on TV yes but even then he’s not the first incarnation.
Technically The First Master on screen has been seen in Series 3’s Sound Of The Drums when we get a brief flashback to a young boy who (according to The Tenth Doctor’s voice over) is the young Master looking into the untempered schism as part of his academy initiation.
With the recent announcement of Big Finish’s First Doctor Adventures part of the narrative will include James Dreyfuss as The First Master, it establishes him as thus far the first known incarnation and subsequently it means that the Sound Of The Drums young Master and James Dreyfuss’s Big Finish incarnation are indeed intended to be one and the same.

Next we come onto incarnations two through to eleven, now we actually don’t thus far know anything about these incarnations so for now let’s assume they were all just normal incarnations with normal regenerations.

Which brings us onto Delgado’s incarnation and Master number twelve! Again we know all about this guy so let’s move on to the “decayed” Master.

Now there are two things lots of people assume 1. This is still Delgado’s incarnation but in decayed form, 2. Peter Pratt’s decayed Master and Geoffrey Beevers “crispy” Master are two different incarnations, so let’s addressed these one at a time

1.This decayed Master is still Delgado – personally for a long time I myself actually assumed this as well, I figured Delgado was the last incarnation and this was just him decaying in his final body.
However as recently as 2016 Delgado’s Master appeared, opposite The Twelfth Doctor in the comic doorway to hell, which ended with Delgado’s Master regenerating, which means logically the incarnation he regenerated into would have been the “pre-decayed” decaying Master, which bring us neatly onto

2.The decayed master & crispy Master are different incarnations – again something that for a while I thought but when you think about it, it makes more sense that they are intended to be the same incarnation just played by different actors, again not an uncommon concept to Doctor Who.
What also lends credence to this is at the end of The Keeper Of Traken when the decayed Master finally takes over Tremas’s body he says “A new body at last”.

To me this seem to suggest that he hasn’t switched from one decaying body (Pratt’s) to another decaying body (Beevers) in between, but they are intended to be one and the same body.
Beevers has also appeared in his incarnation in later audio stories, so logically it makes sense to assume the Beevers in his normal form is the final incarnation
As for his decayed appearance there are several conflicting stories as to why he looks like this but my personal favourite that I choose to accept as canon is part of the Big Finish Multi-Master Trilogy, in which (similar to Simm’s Master & Missy’s recent interaction) he was actually “attacked” by his future self, leaving him decayed and dying!

So far that’s all been fairly straight forward with Pratt/Beevers being established at the final incarnation…but now we get onto the confusing part…stolen bodies!

Again let’s just address another some points to start with :

1. Stolen bodies is completely separate to regenerations and incarnation, in stealing a body The Master is still technically in his final incarnation but just in a different body. It’s a little confusing but basically look at it this way.
Whenever you see Ainley’s “incarnation” on screen, you’re actually looking at Beever’s incarnation but inside Ainley’s stolen body.
And whilst he does seem to have change in personality perhaps this, along with a change in appearence is a consequence of taking over a new body. Perhaps the decayed Master still has enough residual regeneration energy to “de-age” the older Tremas but not enough to complete a full regeneration of his own decayed body

2. During his use of various of stolen bodies, The Master did lose some and reverted back to his decayed form, however because he has simple lost the body this doesn’t mean he has “degenerated” into a previous incarnation, as I said previously he is still the decayed incarnation inside his stolen body, so without the stolen body he reverts back to his previous appearance.

3. By stolen bodies I mean just that, bodies of others that The Master has stolen, so disguises used by The Master when in a stolen body don’t count as he is still in the stolen under the disguise.

So let’s get onto this, first up we have the Tremas Ainley body, that’s fairly simple we know that he had stolen that body as we’ve seen in on screen.
So next we come to Gordon Tipple’s movie incarnation, and back to some confusion.

Firstly there is some confusion over what happened to Ainley incarnation after the events of Survival as there are many different continuities, so for the sake of keeping things simple MY continuity in this theory is that he simply lost Tremas’s body, perhaps after it finally withered and decayed, reverting him back to his previous husk form.

Secondly some fans state that Tipple is a whole other regeneration, or some say he is intended to be Ainley.
If one looks at the behind the scenes photos of him however he does look more like a new version rather than Ainley, so let’s assume he’s not intended to be Ainley’s incarnation.

So that makes him a brand new incarnation right…well personally I think no.

In the audio story Mastermind, which references the events of the TV Movie, The Master makes reference of how when he was in his “final incarnation” he was captured by The Daleks and put on trial, leading to the events of the TV Movie

So whilst some could argue this is the last incarnation in a brand new cycle he gained, I think it’s more likely that he was referring to being in his “final incarnation” in another stolen body, in this instance Tipple’s.

There is also reference of an incarnation known as the “Tzun” incarnation who also seems to come into the narrative around this time however as so little is known about him it seems more like that the “Tzun” and Tipple bodies are indeed more likely one and the same.

The story Mastermind also makes reference of how The Master’s esscence survived as a “Deathworm Morphant” again leading into the TV Movie.

Which in turns leads into Bruce being yet another Stolen Body.

Now this is where things start to get a little hazy because of the continuity of comics and differing accounts of what happened after the TV Movie.

One account in that of the comic The Glorious Dead states that he eventually passed through the eye of Harmony and his esscence wandered the vortex until through various events he took over the body of a vagrant before eventually being once again “defeated” by The Eighth Doctors companion Kroton, who cleansed the TARDIS of The Master influence and banished him to somewhere he could not escape.

Another account, the short story Forgotten suggested that he escaped the eye of Harmony and in doing so possessed another two bodies in quick succession, that of Sir George Steer and later a man named Richard, incidentally this account is also the continuity followed by the audio story Mastermind.

Because of the conflicting nature of these two continuties it’s hard to fit these two together but here are my thoughts,
The events of The Glorious Dead take place and the “somewhere” The Master is banished to is back into the Eye Of Harmony because it’s the one place The Doctor can contain him, but with added precautions taken by Kroton when he cleansed the TARDIS.
These events then lead into the events of Forgotten, in which The Master does manage to find a loop hole and escape from the eye of Harmony again and once more possesses stolen bodies.
So for my theory that means that this totals to another three Stolen bodies, the vagrant, George and Richard.

Now we return the the audio story Mastermind. This story takes place after these events and with The Master back in his Beevers incarnation, without a host body.
However during the events of this story Beevers Master reveals he has stolen more bodies to survive as his possession of Richard has caused Richard’s body to start decayed at an accelerated rate.
Whilst he does elborate on some more stolen bodies, the exact he stole after Richard is never explicitly mentioned, and as there is no real mention of any kind of regeneration it can be assumed that he went on stealing bodies, rather than gaining any new regenerations.

Atleast until we come onto McQueen’s Big Finish Master, and finally one who is not only a brand new incarnation but also most likely the first in a brand new cycle.
In the audio story Eyes Of The Master, McQueen’s incarnation mentioned being rescued from his “predicament” and being given a “new lease of life” by the TimeLord’s
Now personally to me this would seem to me to imply that not only has he has been given a new regeneration cycle, but the predicament of which he speaks in his constant body hopping to save himself from his final decayed form.
Which means going by this listing that McQueen is the first incarnation in The Master’s second regeneration cycle!

So we’re finally back on firm ground…or are we?

At present time McQueen’s Master is the last known incarnation to exist before the Time War.
So now we jump ahead to the Time War itself.
We know that The Master was resurrected to fight during The Time War, which means he was previously dead, however this is never stated whether this is resurrected in his previous cycle or with a brand new cycle.

So personally I am going to make a bit of a leap and suggest that it’s the latter. My thoughts on this being that if The Master was resurrected by The TimeLord’s to be the perfect warrior as he mentions, then they would want to him to have a full life span to ensure he survived as long as possible.
So personally I think that from the Time War onwards he is infact in this THIRD regeneration cycle.

The other thing I like about this too is that it means that with the exception of McQueen it leaves a WHOLE twelve other incarnations in his second regeneration cycle to yet go unexplored!

So The Last Great Time War and we are now onto The Master’s third regeneration cycle!

With Derek Jacobi soon to be playing The War Master for Big Finish many people assume he is the first Time War incarnation…but actually there are TWO War Masters.
In The Eleventh Doctor’s Second Year comics not only do we get to see the War Master’s first incarnation in the form of a young child fighting alongside the War Doctor, but the comics also give us the regeneration scene into what appear to be Jacobi’s Master.
So in turn this makes Jacobi’s the second incarnation in his third regeneration cycle, which of course leads us neatly onto Simm as the next incarnation and the third in his current cycle.

Then we get onto Missy, now a lot of fans still say Missy isn’t really the Master, or that just because we never actually got to see Simm regenerate into Missy in The Doctor Falls it doesn’t mean she’s the next incarnation.
So first things first, Missy is The Master, deal with it!
Secondly whilst it’s true that we don’t get to see the actual regeneration, logic and reasoning would suggest that the most likely course of action is that she is the next incarnation after Simm…for now!

And so there you have it, in true complex and confusion form, my thoughts on the “listing” of The Master and their incarnations.

It’s all a bit all over the place but I’ve tried to keep it all together and put it into a way that makes sense, however with so many gaps no doubt this will become wrong in future, but rather like my other Master theory, that wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen!

And just very quickly before I finish I just want to address two “abscences” some fans might query

1. The War Chief from The War Games – whilst some fans believe he is another incarnation of The Master and there have been some small references in the expanded media hinting as such an idea.
It has thus far never been explicitly stated to be true and there is more evidence suggesting they are different characters than there is suggesting the are the same one.

2. The Master from the Land Of Fiction – Whilst the enemy in The Mind Robber is called The Master or The Master Of The Land or The Master Of The Land Of Fiction there is nothing even remotely linking them to the TimeLord known as The Master other than the name.

I’m sure there are many other characters who fans also link to The Master but as far as explicitly stated/known bodies/incarnations go this is my full list and theory on how it all goes together!

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Re: How many Incarnations of the Master?

Postby SarahJaneFan » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:28 pm

I watched your video earlier and found your theory about the gap between MacQueen and the Titan Comics Master intriguing however I ultimately disagree. It’s stated specifically that the Master was resurrected by the Time Lords in order to fight against the Daleks, so while not quite involved in the Time War as that hasn’t happened yet, it does imply that there’s an approaching reason the Time Lords deemed it necessary to resurrect the Master of all people to fight. Could it be that they have predicted the Time War? Well they are Time Lords after all. Also, Dark Eyes doesn’t take place too long before Doom Coalition and in Doom Coalition the Time Lords do seem to be aware that there is a Time War coming. Plus I just don’t like the idea of slipping in a whole unexplored Regeneration Cycle when his first one still hasn’t been explored.

Another thing about your theory that I disagree with, and also fell into the trap of was assuming that we didn’t know much about the Tzun Master therefore hypothesising that he and Tipple must be the same incarnation. Actually the Tzun Master came into existence when the Ainley Master made a deal with an alien race called the Tzun, he would help them if they let him use their technology to cure the cheetah virus. They agreed and he used their nanites to change the DNA of the Trakenite body he was inhabiting and made it fully Time Lord. This apparently granted him another set of Regenerations because later on, Ace shoots him in the back and he regenerates into the “Tzun” Master. Later the Nanites start to fail, so he tries to get a new body on Gallifrey, but this fails and so the nanites fail and essentially reversed. My guess is that because the nanites couldn’t simply reverse the DNA back to Trakenite as he had regenerated and the DNA changed completely, this meant that when the nanites failed it stripped away the stolen body completely, leaving him as the Beevers husk again.

This basically means that the Tipple incarnation can be neither the Ainley one or the Tzun one, as they both have their own distinct fates. This leaves the Tipple incarnation to be a stolen body of its own.

So basically it’s like this ;

Stolen Ainley body
Ainley body becomes Time Lord using Nanites
Ace kills Ainley, he regenerates into Tzun
The nanites fail and the once Trakenite and now Time Lord regenerated Tzun Body is stripped away
This leaves him as the Beevers husk again - stories like Dust Breeding and Master go here
He later steals/acquires another new body - Tipple
In the Tipple body he is put on Trial and executed by the Daleks
He lives on as a Deathworm Morphant
He possesses Bruce but later gets trapped in the eye of Harmony
He later gets released and briefly possesses the body of a dead vagrant before being returned to the Eye of Harmony
He is later released again by Edward Grainger who he possesses and then later possesses Richard
Eventually Richard’s body decays and the Master has to go through several stolen bodies to survive
The Time Lords resurrect him to fight the Daleks - MacQueen
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