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Mass Postings (PLEASE READ)

Postby porcelaingirl » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:22 am

Hi, this is your friendly moderator here reminding you that mass postings to the board do count as SPAM, and since we have a new member I thought I'd just refresh everyone's memory. If there's heavy posting volume because loads of people are conversing with one another, then that's fine, but posting a heaps of topics without even seeing a reply to your first topic needs to stop. That's because it's not just two or three but five or six and then replying to others' topics multiple times or even just once on many topics. The forum is kind of in a lull because new episodes haven't started yet, but I assure you once they do this area of the forum will have much-increased activity. We don't compete with some of the other sections, but as this is a fairly free space (and time and relative dimensions in it), sometimes we have had many people on at once. If the practise continues of one member mass posting than additional steps will be taken and those people at fault will be spoken to. For now I won't be deleting any threads but that's also a possibility.

Thanks for making this a great forum!
Cheers and blessings!

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