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Re: Twists (spoilers)

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:28 pm
by Spannerintheworks
Bundesrat wrote:
Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:03 pm
urgh - you've unlocked deep buried memories of terrible twists - the moon is an egg..... wtf

Also some things that are not really twists, more did we really need this..... the TARDIS sound we all recognise is because the brakes are on, if you are conceived in a TARDIS and you get 12 regenerations, the Brig is a flying Cyberman, the Doctor's hand was being held all through his classic adventures by a splinter of Clara - right from the point of taking a TARDIS.

Trying to think of things in classic Who that we'd have been better off not having. if you include the movie then the half-human nonsense.
Yeah, that egg, you're right. If the moon had been an incubator instead of an egg, it'd literally have been no issue.

Also, I never took it as Clara "holding his hand". In fact, she makes it very clear he "never hears her". They even SHOW that. (Until he's a curmudgeonly Victorian, anyway.) All she did was cancel out the Great Intelligence invading his timeline. The First Doctor incident seems unique, more like Oswin's presence later though. Better to keep that vague though.

In fairness, the "brakes" line....doesn't make sense. But the TARDIS does materialize without it on occasion. (See "The Crusade") I just put it down to River knowing how to do something different, and making a cheap joke about it to wind the Doctor up. (A LOT of her offhand comments come off this way....)

With the Classics....We were saved some TERRIBLE twists by the show getting cancelled. The Cartmel Masterplan sounds like origin twists reminiscent of scifi shows I find tedious/boring, and the visual of Ace being patted off to be a Time lord with badges on her robes is mind numbingly terrible to me. It just runs counter to the Doctor's rejection of the Time Lords (especially with hindsight now), or thinking Ace would be fine/flourish with that kind of overbearing authority.

Re: Twists (spoilers)

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:53 pm
by Bundesrat
'Yes, 'holding his hand' was not the right phrase to use as he was not (always) conscious of her - and it does all get a bit 'timey wimey' and then breaking the 4th wall as to how come we are viewing these adventures at all - but all the situations we see her involved In are what we saw in the first showing of those episodes so everything we have ever seen had Clara's guiding hand (that was the phrase I was originally grasping for).

The 11th Doctor encountered and interacted with the splinters a couple of times before we saw the Great Intelligence dive into his timeline, further supporting all we have ever seen is the timeline with the GI influence and the Clara splinter.