Your top ten figures?

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Your top ten figures?

Postby RedshirtDan » Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:20 pm

I had a good search for a similar topic, but I couldn't seem to locate one, if another does exist, please delete this.

I was tempted to put this in the "top 10" topic but felt it'd end up spamming everything else. I personally split this into two top 10's, as I felt that due to bias on a particular character/sentimentality with a figure, one wouldn't be quite as objective as the other, I've also limited it to what I own, as any old thing can look the part online but be far different in person, but that's just me! (so no NOTD 8, Ainley Master, Warriors gate 4th etc)

Perhaps someone might want to expand this to include top 10 waves, or boxsets? Or the ten worst figures.. ("sees Grandma Connolly and Lazlo hoving into view"), new or classics, missed opportunities (12th Doc, Simm Master..) or even, top ten surprises! (figures you'd written off as Phantom Menace bad but weren't all that in the end)
So without further ado:

My personal top 10:
1. Long coat 10th Doctor
2. Delgado Master
3. The War Doctor
4. Earthshock Cyberman
5. 3rd Doctor
6. 7th Doctor (brown jacket, hatless)
7. Ace (Silver Nemesis)
8. The Brigadier
9. Peri (caves variant)
10. Captain Jack (trenchcoat)

Top 10 based on execution (likeness, paint apps, accessories etc)
1. The War Doctor
2. Delgado Master
3. Remembrance Ace
4. The Brigadier (any version)
5. 1st Doctor
6. 2nd Doctor
7. S7 11th Doctor
8. Zygon
9. Omega
10. Missy

(honorable mentions to the classic Dalek in its many forms, many of the fourth Doctor's, Morbius, 9th Doc with the Auton arm, the decayed Master, and Sharaz Jek. Very tough!)

So, what's yours?

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Re: Your top ten figures?

Postby Whovastron » Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:10 pm

This should go in the top 10s thread really, back when this place had a lot more traffic a separate thread would be fine.
Still interesting list! Especially with Tennant at the top. Personally the Regenerating screaming angel and Earthshock Cyberman have been at the top of my Nuwho and classic lists, but I've never made a full list.

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Re: Your top ten figures?

Postby skifflebits » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:34 pm

I realize I never even commented on this. It's a tough one, isn't it? Can I have the right to answer in no order?

- Fez 11th Doctor. Plus the mop accessory makes it just a genius figure. An unusual but iconic look from a big episode.
- 3-D Glasses 10th Doctor. Same reasoning as the above. It's distinctive and always produces a smile of recognition.
- Season 18 4th Doctor from the 13 Doctors box set. Just the paint job the scarf deserved. Finally the figure looks right.
- "Revelation of the Daleks" 6th Doctor. Look, if you're going to do the clown suit, go full-bore.
- Sutekh with light-up eyes. Just something I wanted for ages, and there it was.
- "Deadly Assassin" Master. Captured the likeness so well, and damn creepy.
- "Resurrection of the Daleks" Molloy Davros. A super nice Davros figure, and the removable panel is a nice touch.
- Underhenge Cyberman with flip-open mask. An above-and-beyond figure with details you can actually manipulate.
- "Time of the Doctor" 11th/12th Doctor regeneration set. Between the Capaldi eyebrows and Handles, it's just a great package.
- Mutant Reveal Dalek. Maybe a "flip open front" would have been nicer, but I like that we got a Dalek with a Dalek inside.

BONUS: Talking "Special Weapons Dalek." I love the design, and I was glad to finally see this one make it State-side.
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Re: Your top ten figures?

Postby Doctor What » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:15 pm

Underhenge Cyberman with flip open mask? Do you mean the one with the skull face? I know you can sort of hold the face closed since it's made of rubber but i didn't think you were meant to. I'm not a fan of that figure anyway since his head is too big and he has one arm too many.

My top 10:

1: Season 18 Fourth Doctor (13 Doctors set)
An even better version than the original. Looks great when paired with the new B&M K9.

2: Spearhead Auton
Just as creepy as the real thing, and the gun hand is perfect. Just don't mistake the control sphere for a sweetie!

3: Linx
The best Sontaran, both onscreen and in figure form.

4: Earthshock Cyberman
Excellent detail.

5: Resurrection Davros
My favourite of the Davros figures, which are all great (minus the grey chaired Destiny one)

6: Special Weapons Dalek
Even though the proportions are wrong I still really like this.

7: Ace (Remembrance)
Best accessories to come with a Doctor Who Figure, so many display options.

8: Time Of The Doctor Set
The best 11th Doctor figure. I just wish his coat had the dark wash that the prototype had.

9: Light up Sutekh
Great feature, I just wish you didn't have to hold the button! I want Sutekh's gift of light up eyes to last as long as possible!

10: Tenth Planet Cyberman (Age of Steel wave)
Excellent recreation of a classic design. I prefer the original to the darker shaded one from the Enemies of the First Doctor set.

There's so many figures I could have put on this list, this was really difficult to make!

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Re: Your top ten figures?

Postby Racks42 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:39 pm

my top 10 are;

10. 3rd Doctor
- Death To the Daleks

9.12th Doctor
- Under the lake

8. 11th Doctor
- Fez

7. 3rd Doctor
- Invasion of the Dinosaurs

6. Cyber Leader
- Tomb of the Cybermen

5. 7th Doctor
- Grey Hatted

4. Ace
- Remembrance of the Daleks

3. 4th Doctor
- Season 18

2. Cyberman
- B&M Attack of the Cybermen Cyberman

1. 11th Doctor
- Time of the Doctor

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Re: Your top ten figures?

Postby glasshouse_8th » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:50 pm

01 - 4th Doctor (Season 18 Burgundy)
02 - 8th Doctor (Night of the Doctor)
03 - 3rd Doctor (Planet of the Daleks - purple jacket)
04 - The Master (Roger Delgado)
05 - Earthshock Cyberman
06 - The Brigadier (The Daemons variant)
07 - 6th Doctor (13 Doctors variant - blue outfit)
08 - Sutekh (light-up eyes)
09 - Davros (Resurrection / Revelation variant)
10 - Auton (classic series)
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Re: Your top ten figures?

Postby bluehinter » Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:31 am

My top 10 from my collection (all of which are classic series monsters):

  • K-1 Robot - Magnificently floppy and moves in all the right ways. I also own the Mego version, and have always had a love for this robot and his spindly arms.

  • Scaroth/Count Scarlioni - There's just something about a squiggly eyeball monster in a leisure suit. I also love that it comes with the regular head and the pistol. More Doctor Who aliens should just carry a regular gun.

  • 70's Auton with Nestene Control Sphere - My favorite monster, and also part of my favorite set.

  • Special Weapon's Dalek - I was lucky enough to grab the original with the slightly better paint job. Gringy and gorgeous, and one of the hardest figures to find for several years.

  • Drashig - Doubles as a hand puppet, and nearly as bizarre looking as the original. I wish they'd release more figures of forgettable monsters. I'd snap up a Taran Wood Beast in a heartbeat.

  • Remembrance Davros - Another lovely figure. that nearly perfectly matches the original. The only improvement I'd make for a rerelease is that the tiny hexagon in the front should have a lenticular sticker so it can have a little yellow "light bar" move back and forth.

  • Omega - Another figure that got everything right, from the sparkly cape to the lift-away helmet that reveals nothing.

  • Sutekh (with light up eyes) - I have both versions, but this one is perfect. It also doesn't have the on-off switch that drains the battery if you forget to switch it off like the voice action Daleks.

  • Mondasian Cyberman - I have the one with fleshy hands and face, as a true Mondasian Cyberman should be.

  • Earthshock Cyberman - It's a toss-up between this one and the Invasion Cybermen, but the Invasion figure loses out because the handles are slightly misalligned and too big. Yes, I know it matches one of the suits, and I'd be fine with that as an alternate, but they could have modeled it off one of the slightly better looking ones. (It's like releasing an Ice Warrior figure and only picking the short dumpy one from Monster of Peladon with the massively oversized head left over from the original Ice Warriors episode)

So many to choose from, but if I had to pick runners up, it'd be the Destiny suicide-bomber Dalek, Sil, The Delgado Master, and the Series 4 Time Lord figure (another one that I'd love to see repaints/resculpts of to match the various chapters from The Deadly Assassin and Invasion of Time.
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Re: Your top ten figures?

Postby skifflebits » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:39 pm

Nice list. Makes me want to think about what my own top-ten non-Doctor choices would be.
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Re: Your top ten figures?

Postby CyberDan » Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:08 pm

Can some of TOMFAN's customs be on my list?.. :D
To be honest my entire list would probably be his customs!!

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Re: Your top ten figures?

Postby The Empty Child » Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:18 pm

I'll go for one for each Doctor instead, just to be fair.

1-Unearthly Child First Doctor-An iconic figure and really nicely detailed too.
2-Tomb of the Cybermen Controller (B&M variant)-again, well detailed and with more realistic tones than the original.
3-The Master-The outfit's not hard to mess up, but the head is possible my favourite in the range.
4-Zygon-Orange looks different on the shelf, it's a nice change.
5-Sharez Jek-Simple, but effective.
6-Vengeance on Varos Peri-Without meaning to sound pervy, great accuracy.
7-Remembrance of the Daleks Ace-Possibly the coolest accessories of the lot.
8-TV Movie Variant-I don't have the Night of the Doctor variant, so it had to be this.
War-War Doctor-Well, obviously.
9-Jabe-She might not be iconic, but that gown is lovely.
10-Werewolf-Such great articulation.
11-Prisoner Zero-I really like unusual choices.
12-Series 8 Purple Missy-Outstanding!
13-To be decided... (Probably just 13, but she'd be better than nothing)

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