Re: B&M rerelease wishlist? (2020 & beyond)

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Re: B&M rerelease wishlist? (2020 & beyond)

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Doctor What wrote:
Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:01 pm
Deborah J wrote:
Thu Jun 25, 2020 4:18 pm
Ah, cool cool, I knew there was a white shirt blue tie one, and a blue shirt blue tie, was never sure if the white shirt brown tie was real or just my imagination. I don't have any blue 11s, I have 3 s5 matts, all in red shirt, two doubles and a fez, considering I have like 8 figures of matt it's a pretty unbalanced colection.
Always found it strange that they went back to the old arms in the TRU set with the blue tie and white shirt one. I mean I think they look better just because you get a better jacket shoulder shape but seems like a step backwards for articulation.
I hadn't realised they'd done that, I assumed it would be the newer arms on all of them. Maybe they didn't want one set out of the 11 having different articulation to the rest. Though if that were true 9 and especially 10 would have needed upgrading, rightfully.

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Re: B&M rerelease wishlist? (2020 & beyond)

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Going forward with the B&M waves I'm honestly pretty easily pleased as I gravitate towards Dalek re releases, army builders and cool paint variants. Perhaps if they sell well enough to warrant any new tooling then we could get some new arms similarly to how we've gotten new TARDIS lamps with recent assortments.

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