The Next Companion(s)

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The Next Companion(s)

Post by Valeyard »

A couple of weeks back, rumours spread around that both Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh would be leaving after Revolution of the Daleks, but that Mandip Gill would be staying. I have my doubts about these claims, I'm pretty certain that all three will stay on until the end of Series 13 and then move on, but it got me thinking about the next companions. And I'm certain that I'm not alone in thinking this, but we need one that isn't from present day Earth. Nardole and Captain Jack are two of my favourite companions in the revived era because they have unique backstories compared to the likes of Rose, Donna, Martha and Bill as a result of not being from 21st century Earth. So, my question to everyone is what would you want the next companion to be? Would you want them to be an Ood? Someone from present day Earth but with a key character trait or background that would differentiate them from others? Or another Time Lord much like Romana? What would this hypothetical companion's relationship be with The Doctor? And if you want to go the extra mile, who would you cast in the role? Very interested to read through everyone's ideas.
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Re: The Next Companion(s)

Post by DalekCheese »

Ace, played by Sophie Aldred submit post

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Re: The Next Companion(s)

Post by Whovastron »

Bradley Walsh actually confirmed he’s leaving in the special


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Re: The Next Companion(s)

Post by skifflebits »

I know Tosin Cole landed a part in an American series. Speculation was it would conflict with Doctor Who.

I'd love Nardole back, but don't think that would happen any time soon.

I think Tom Baker's "talking cabbage" idea has finally found its time!
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Re: The Next Companion(s)

Post by Avon »

^^ Was just going to say that! And I've always thought, if he left, Ryan would too if that makes sense

A returning companion, after a long absence, would be both fun and quite shocking, depending on who it was. I guess based on popularity/where the characters are in-universe, Ace and Jack strike me as the top contenders, if such a thing were done (before S12 I would've laughed at the idea, but now, who knows?)

As for a new companion..., I want someone in the Ace/Leela mould. Someone who's tough, goes at things headstrong, someone who's going to challenge the doctor, not just go ahead with whatever she says and challenge her too on her decisions, and their outcomes, and I guess her morality, conflict I guess is what I want to see return (think Bill, in Thin Ice). I think like everyone else I'm hoping for a companion either from before or after modern day earth because, as you say, there's greater scope, an alien might be fun if done in the right way. I think whoever they are, male, female, whatever background, or if they're known, I hope they'd have a "presence" as an actor, a strong, compelling character who's as equally popular as the Doctor they're with (like Donna, for me). Dont make them out to be the next messiah or "the best companion ever", though :lol:

Controversial opinion, but full disclosure, and this is from someone who absolutely loved last season, I like the current team, I've really grown to like them more over the last season, but in many ways, I feel the same way about them as I do with some of the classic companions I'm not overly attached to or I'm overly familiar with, it's harsh, but it's how I feel, middle of the road. What I want, irregardless of anything else, is someone who I can watch five minutes of and say confidentially, this is a great companion

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Re: The Next Companion(s)

Post by SJF »

I’m like 100% sure that the rumour is correct. Mainly because every rumour this year has been right except the Sea Devils, although I’m fairly sure the Sea Devil rumour came about because of a fan film, so it was never really a legitimate rumour anyway.

If Yaz is in fact staying on (which is very clearly sign posted in the Series 12 finale) then I do hope that another companion is added to join her. Please just give us someone from the past or future goddammit.

I’m so bored of all the “only people from the present are relatable” rubbish. Like for goodness sake Game of Thrones was like the most popular thing ever for years and now everyone loves the Witcher but it’s not like they couldn’t connect with the characters because they didn’t have an iPhone or know how to dab?

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Re: The Next Companion(s)

Post by Spannerintheworks »

Though I actually wouldn't mind Yaz sticking around and agree 100% that Graham and Ryan leaving together is a nice wrap to their "family" arc....

I think we need to clear the decks and start 13 with a new companion. MAYBE 2 at most. (And if 2, definitely keep Yaz)
One new person means we can actually get to know them and not have the same crowded strategy as before. I would honestly love a companion from the past because:

1. This would excuse the tendency to drop almost unnatural amounts of exposition in the Doctor's mouth: You'd have to catch someone from the 17th century up on, say, Victorian England or 1970s US.

2. This would generate conflict, a different set of values that aren't completely "wrong" as much as "dated" or "of their era" would make some of the moralizing this production team insists on a lot more naturally delivered, and actually create conflict amongst the Doctor and companion/crew.

Basically, give us a Jamie McCrimmon or do Victoria right.

An alien is equally welcome. There are more than enough races that could even allow a revival: a Draconian or Ice Warrior from the Federation era, for example. And, it'd allow the same 2 advantages as above.

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