Sauchen Studios' Doctor Who Fan Film Series

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Sauchen Studios' Doctor Who Fan Film Series

Postby EndlessTimelord » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:48 pm

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for checking out this thread.

I'm an all out geek when it comes to film and TV especially when it comes to Sci Fi! I'd really appreciate if you checked out my channel and Doctor Who Fan Film Series! Hope you enjoy!

Channel: ... LtyEku6qpw

The Series Playlist: ... McM-h67HF-

Back story:

I've always loved the idea of making movies and acting, you can literally be anything or do anything and that really was my main drive.

When I was younger I used to always film my own Doctor Who Figure stories with the family camera. Then one Xmas I got my own Camcorder (which w very cheap and very pixelly but I still loved it) and that's when I made my first action Doctor Who Film. Through those years a made other original films here and there. Then another Xmas I got a 1080p budget camera which I completely fell in love with! I used this up till March 2015 where I realised that I really want to do film making as a living (weather it be actually working with film companies or just for YouTube in the future) even if it was a side hobby for my life I'd be happy. I even wrote out a whole series worth of scripts (more on this later)

It was January 2016 I got my current camera which was (for me) the real deal! And that's when I began to just think about what I wanted to do like in the Whovian Fandom, I've been subbed to lots of WhoTubers and followed lots of cosplay accounts but I was very nervous (I only ever met Murray Gold at Glasgow at this point too) to put myself into the mix.
I decided I'd go to Comic Cons and do cosplaying and my own Doctor Who Fan Film Series.
I always had this idea in my head for a Doctor Who story that was spread among a few series, I've had these ideas since 2008 I believe and have expanded on them since!

I also have revamped and changing stuff here and there in the scripts for about 7 times throughout the years

Throughout 2016 I built up my filming equipment (external mics, rigs, reflectors etc) and revamped the scripts I had already made back in 2014.
This is when I thought of making a starter episode called "The Plague of Secrets" and began filming in October for a December release. But a few things had set us back resulting in a April 2017 release lol.

It went very well I must say! I made new friends and developed a small audience. I then went to the last day of the Doctor Who Experience in September 2017 for the 3rd and final time and I really did come out my shell also got to meet Steven Moffat!

This year I released the second special before the main first series and attended 3 comic cons: Aberdeen, London and Glasgow! I've met alot of cast and crew including all the living Doctors bar Sylvester and Jodie!
I'm now working super hard on our upcoming series where I hope to release the first 3 episodes at the end of this year! :)

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