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Protecting your Privacy and Staying Safe Online

If under 18 years of age always ask your parents permission before going online

Spend time with a parent or guardian online and show them your favourite sites

If under 18, you must always without exception ask your parents permission BEFORE emailing with news or pictures or joining the Forum.

Consider emailing and posting to forums from a 'disposable' email such as hotmail or googlemail rather than using your own or your family's e-mail address

Never reply to emails if you feel they are strange or upsetting

Do not use your real surname while you are online

Never give out your home address or telephone number

Never arrange to meet 'cyber friends' in person; certainly never without your parents' permission

Do not send pictures of yourself

Be alert to 'phishing' attacks. Never give out passwords and confidential personal details

Leave a website immediately if you see something offensive or upsetting. Talk to your parents about it.

Make sure your computer has anti virus software installed and is updating with the latest security patches

Whilst efforts are made to ensure suitability, due to the ever changing nature of the internet, cannot be held responsible for the content of third party websites that may be linked to from time to time

Further advice, help and information can be found by visiting the CEOPs website Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (opens in a new window)

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