Creature in the pod

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Creature in the pod

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Just randomly wrote this, for no reason. Enjoy:

Within the haze of the mist something stirred. A creature, a humanoid, the unmistakable shape of arms and legs squirmed from within the murky pool. Whatever it was was getting closer, it was moving towards the surface. The pool began to bulge, gravity taking no effect on the somehow horizontal plain of liquid. Something was pushing against it, longing to be free. Finally the fine film holding back the concoction of fluids burst from within, a silvery, shining substance trickling towards the floor now that gravity had become effective once again.

Through the fresh tear in the film came the most unusual items; two long silver fingers, pointed and sharp at the end, they were shortly follows by the tips of two more, and a third on each of what were now clearly the hands of creature in the pod, pressed together to form a sharp cutting edge to escape. One couldn’t help but wonder the damage that could be done if those figures were to be plunged into someone’s chest. How strong was the creature? How sharp were the tips of their fingers? And more so, what were they made of? They were clearly not a being of flesh, if anything the texture looked...metal. But that was was impossible, the fingers moved and bend fluidly like a humans would in heavy gloves, perhaps they were gloves? Perhaps the true creature was beneath. But the way they shone, they had to be metal. This conclusion would be soon proven right or wrong, the arms followed next. Long and made of the same non-flesh material as the hands. There was no seam for gloves, they were one continuous appendage. Down the sides of both arms lay what looked to be piping, heavy duty, with clearly something moving within. Hydraulic fluid perhaps? If this was a creature of metal it would need something like that to make movement a possibility. The pipes were segregated by small ball shapes, with what looked like vents on those. Steak rose from what could be seen of the creature, the mild air of the room clearly warm enough to evaporate whatever it had been hibernating in. Suddenly the arms separated, finally leaving their praying pose. The movement was fluid, but gentle, perfectly calculated and smooth, the movement of births arms and hands was very clearly in sync perfectly. Robotically. The hands turns and pushed away at the edges of the film, tearing the hole bigger, spilling more fluid to the floor, whatever was in side was fully emerging now. The shape within leant forward, pushing what was likely it’s head through to the surface. And then it revealed itself, truly a being of metal. The tip of the head protruded as if it had some grossly misshapen skull, large and pointed. Some kinda of device was upon the creatures head, a rounded device with a circular opening facing straight ahead, the opening containing four small tubes, almost like gun barrels. Maybe this was some kind of weapon, a gun on the top of its head. From either side of this unusual shape came two metal bars, sharply turning ninety degrees some six inches out either side of the head. They looked like handle bars, like whatever this creature was, it could grab ahold of its head and remove it. The bards reached down the sides of its head, ending almost around where ears would be on a human being, where they turns sharply again and disappeared back into large circular panels that stretched the length of the head. The face was not visible yet, the creature was bending forward. Soon enough the entire head was released, it’s shoulders following next. The piping of the arms continued until stopped by more of the vented balls. Smaller wires then directed themselves down toward the beings chest, still hidden in the thick liquid. Finally the creature looked up, facing those who were baffled and terrified by its appearance. It’s face was smooth, like a single sheet of silver foil stretched across a cheap paper mask. There were no features that could be likened to that of a human, bar two large black circles where the eyes should be, and a small, two inch slit where a mouth should be. The lack of expression was unnerving, in many ways terrifying. It’s emotionless black stare looked straight through you. It was unclear if it was looking in curiosity or bloodlust.


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Re: Creature in the pod

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