Doctor Who Unbound - 2010 AD

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Doctor Who Unbound - 2010 AD

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Back when i did action figure adventures, i had the idea to do a Doctor Who Unbound series, like the Big Finish series where it's an anthology series featuring a what if scenario in each story. Due to multiple reasons i had to cancel production on the project, but here is the script i made for it. 2010 AD, which ask: What if The Doctor died in The Time War? Enjoy.

DW Unbound – Episode One - 2010 AD:

EXT - Galifrey:
The last day of the time war, the Time Lords are loosing their last battle against The Daleks. As Dalek ships firing on the planet.
Cut to: The barn from Day of The Doctor
INT: The Barn.
We see The War Doctor standing in front of The Moment, as he presses the button.
War Doctor: "No more, Galifrey falls".
The screen goes white, as explosions can be heard, signifying the destruction of Galifrey. As the scene goes silent.

Transition: Earth 2010.
EXT: London lays in ruins as Earth has fallen under invasion due to The Doctor’s death. Where the Autons patrol the street.

EXT - A UNIT base London:
We see Sarah Jane Smith riding a horse, holding a case, as she scouts the area, before heading to the door of an old building; and then sneaks into a secret entrance. As it is used by what remains of UNIT.

INT - UNIT headquarters:
An armoury/laboratory like room, where weapons and other devices are being built by numerous staff. One of them being Mickey Smith.
Sarah Jane enters.
Solder: "All clear"!
They let her walk past, and enter the base. Enter an old Brigadier Leftbridge Stewart, who walks with a cane; and assisted by his daughter Kate.
Brigadier: "My god. You finally made it, Ms Smith"!
The two old friends hug each other, glad to see the other alive.
Sarah Jane: "Indeed, there were more Sycorax collecting the remains from human corpses. Possible that they were slaughtered first".
Everyone else is shocked, while the Brigadier just sighs.
Brigadier: "As if the Nestine weren't the only problem any more. Especially since we still don’t have contact with…you know who".
Sarah Jane: "Oh Alistair, I’ve accepted The Doctor’s possible fate a long time ago".
Sarah Jane: So then Ms Stewart, is it ready"?

INT - A UNIT cargo hold:
Kate leads Sarah Jane and her dad into a large open hanger.
Kate: "While our resources were lacking, with the aid of various salvaged items, we have doubled our production time".
Sarah Jane is amazed by the giant spaceship before her, with finishing touches being added by workers on its surface.
Sarah Jane: "Remarkable"!
Kate: "Indeed. We call it the U.S.S TARDIS. In memory know who".
Kate address one of her technicians, Toshiko Santo.
Kate: "Miss Santo, is it ready"?
Toshiko: "The systems have passed our test. The engines work, and we'll get this thing of the ground within an hour or so".
Brigadier: "Excellent work Kate, but you seem to forget that even if we can escape, there won't be anywhere to escape to".
Sarah Jane: "He is right, what if we run out of fuel? This thing is more of a expensive life raft than anything else".
Kate: "Unless you want to stay here, be my guest. We'll find what we can and use what we can".
Sarah Jane: "And then"?
Kate: "Listen Miss Smith, we've tried everything. We're out gunned, The Nestine are too powerful and bountiful, with other forces have ravaging our planet. They destroyed our world; so now must carry on elsewhere".
The Brigadier breaks the argument up.
Brigadier: "That's enough, both of you!"
Toshiko: "Ah Lieutenant Stewart, we need you for an inspection".

INT - Armoury:
Sarah Jane enters to cool her head, The Brigadier follows after her.
Brigadier: "I’m sorry Sarah Jane, it appears we’ve got our hands tied with Kate in charge".
Sarah Jane: "She’s right. If only The Doctor was here it’d be different. But now; we must act".

INT - UNIT headquarters - Some time later:
The door open in the main room, a guard notices; but is shot in the back by Mickey Smith. He reveals himself to be an Auton, with his Auton hand gun.
More Autons enter the room.

INT - A UNIT ware house:
Everyone is boarding the ship, Sarah Jane hears the attack. Then so do everyone else.
Kate: "What's that"?
The Autons blow down the door and enter. The remaining guards fire at the Autons.
Kate: "I need some cover! Get the ship ready"!
Kate and Sarah Jane take cover as civilians board the ship, meanwhile the Autons kill multiple soldiers.
Brigadier: "I'll handle this".
Kate and Sarah Jane refuse to let him go.
Kate: "Dad, no!"
Brigadier: "Kate, you've grown to be a strong woman, and an excellent leader; I'm old but you two can carry on".
Kate starts to shed a tear.
Brigadier: "Get her aboard Ms Smith!"
He heads out as Sarah Jane drags Kate onto the ship.
Sarah Jane: "Come on!"

Sarah Jane and Kate make it inside as the doors close behind them.
Kate: Launch!
The ships pilots operate the controls.

INT - A UNIT ware house:
The ship launches out of the ware house into the sky, as the remaining human soldiers are gunned down.
The Brigadier is shot to the floor, he watches the ship launch to the sky.
Brigadier: "Good luck".
The ship leaves earth, and heads into space; leaving the fallen Earth behind it.

INT: Ship control room:
Kate, Sarah Jane, Toshiko and others in the room recovering.
Kate: "His gone, isn't he?"
Sarah Jane: "I know, your father was a great man; and you still being alive is probably what he wanted."
Kate: "He too told me everything about you. All of them good things. You have been an excellent help in this resistance."
The two women shake hands.
Toshiko: "Lieutenant! What's the plan?"
Neither Kate or Sarah Jane look at each other and neither of them have any clue on what to say next.

INT - A UNIT ware house:
The aftermath of the escape on earth, a few Autons still standing, examine their surroundings; checking for survivors.
The Brigadier lays there playing dead. The Autons are then gunned down. The Brigadier turns to see who did this.
Brigadier: "No, it can't be!"
Enter some Silurians.
Silurian leader: Excellent job. Search the area, there could be others around.
The two Silurian troops go to explore the area, The Brigadier crawls away unseen.
Silurian leader: "Now that the apes are gone, the planet will be ours again once the Nestine are dealt with."

The end.

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Re: Doctor Who Unbound - 2010 AD

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Maybe lose the quotation marks? They’re not needed in a script :)

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