Who's your favorite Doctor?

Anything About Doctor Who *Caution Spoilers*
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Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by Avon »

The mods probably had a heart attack seeing this :lol: yes, it's an old chestnut and I can hear the groans but I think we're all civilized enough people to discuss it! (he says, in Davison like naivety). Pretty simple really, whose your favorite Doctor? It can be just your top one, five, seven, ten, all fourteen or go wild and throw Richard E Grant and Cushing in or whoever, you can explain, or just list em. But constructively, I can honestly say that comments on here (not those comments) have made me reconsider 6, and I really, really enjoy him now, so I think, if any one of us can impart a little love for a less liked Doctor, then surely it's worth a topic! Plus I loved seeing all the Sylv fans come out the woodwork the other day haha, so here's mine...

10, 3 (joint top), 7, 9, 5, 8, 4, 2, War, 6, 12, 13, 1, 11

I really do like Jodie, but, for many factors, sits where she is.., next season could make or break her character for me, but I want to place her higher.

And for fun, as it falls under the same bracket, companions:

The Brig (fight me! :lol: )

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Re: Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by Doctor Gamer »

I couldn’t group them all together so I split it up into classics and modern:


I’ll explain the top and bottom: Capaldi is my favourite doctor because I think the series 9/10 costumes he wears are really cool, he has so many underrated stories in his tenure and as shown by his Zygon Inversion speech, puts on an awesome performance. Whittaker is the weakest for me because she hasn’t grown into the role yet and I can’t see her as much more than an 11 caricature for now.

I didn’t place war in the list as there’s not enough material that I’ve seen of him to place him anywhere


McCoy is the best because he again has so many underrated stories during his time and gives a very good performance, however it is a very close first with 8,4 and 6. Hartnell is at the bottom because (and I know this is controversial) his doctor feels like the least doctor-esque to me because of political correctness and the actors name etc. The older stories also fail to engage me a bit.

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Re: Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by Doctor What »

I hate doing lists, I love all the Doctors.

But if you had to force me to pick a favourite, it would definitely be the 12th Doctor. It's no accident that what I wear all the time is just an approximation of his costume (well, in the winter anyway, far too many layers for right now). Heck, I bought sunglasses like the sonic ones in 2015 and they've lived in my pocket ever since, to the point where i've had to replace them this year because they kept breaking. I'm even listening to The Shepherd's Boy as I type this. I've just now realised I took up the (bass) guitar in 2016 as well which is probably no coincidence either (must get back into that, customising has sapped all my free time). I don't really know exactly what it is about Capaldi's Doctor, but he's just so good. Maybe he was just the right kind of Doctor at the right point in my life, who knows, but even if he doubled Tom's record I'd still feel like he regenerated too soon.

...that was probably the most in depth thing i'll ever write on the subject, but yeah. I love all the Doctors, but Capaldi's my secret favourite (don't tell the others).

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Re: Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by Spannerintheworks »

Oof. Man. I mean they all have merit, mostly.

Putting a list in order would be so hard. There's different things that would move some ahead of others. Capaldi's ALWAYS good even when the script is so-so, but Davison and Tennant hit it out of the park when they have meaty scripts/actors to work with, for example.

I guess I'd say....

BEST: Tom Baker, Peter Capaldi, Patrick Troughton, David Tennant.

They find gold in meh stories, demand your attention and can create urgency and belief in the worlds on offer even if the monsters or support cast barely showed up, and all easily have my favorites to their credit.

Honorable mention: William Hartnell. The OG, and can be simply riveting/surprising.

Least Favourite: Sylvester McCoy & Jodie Whittaker.

I try to love their eras, and often end up bored or exasperated at wasted opportunities. And sometimes both actors look like they wish they were anywhere else. For all the 6 haters, Colin Baker tries like hell to make you believe "Timelash" is a big deal. I appreciate that a lot. Whittaker looks like she's worried this role will hurt her career, and Sylv looks like he sometimes knows it's getting a bit silly or looks a bit cheap.

Dishonorable mention: Jon Pertwee

Man, he's so inconsistent. Sometimes he can rage with a fury and be genuinely inspiring. Other times he can be visibly bored, embarrassed, and outright sexist. When he's great, he's the best Doctor ever, but then the next story he looks ready to bounce or like he's on autopilot. I'm glad he had the UNIT family; it makes his whole Era more consistent overall and easier to love. Weirdly, Pertwee is the least reliable thing about his Era to me. Think about it: THE MASTER is more reliably great when he shows up, and often saves stories Pertwee seems to just go along with.

But I stress: I clearly love this show, as it's hard for me to even describe one as strictly "bad" or "the worst". Not a thing for me.

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Re: Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by Galactic YoYo »

14. David Tennant
13. Jodie Whittaker
12. John Hurt
11. Christopher Eccelston
10. Peter Davison
9. Peter Capaldi
8. Matt Smith
7. Paul Mcgann
6. William Hartnell
5. Sylvester McCoy
4. Tom Baker
3. Jon Pertwee
2. Patrick Troughton
1. Colin Baker
I definitely favour Classic Who over the Modern series
"It seems that I am some kind of a Galactic yoyo" Jon Pertwee- The Claws of Axos

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Re: Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by SJF »

Colin Baker
Paul McGann
William Hartnell

David Warner
Sylvester McCoy
Tom Baker
Peter Capaldi

David Tennant
Christopher Eccleston
Jon Pertwee
Peter Davison

Patrick Troughton
Jodie Whittaker
John Hurt

Matt Smith

I have nothing against Smith, he did everything he could with it and he’s a great actor, but I hate the Eleventh Doctor with a burning passion. The fact that people love him so much doesn’t help that. I’ve never gotten on with the Matt Smith era in general, I hate the fairytale feel and I don’t like the companions much either. During the Matt Smith years I drifted away from Doctor Who and became more interested in Star Wars. It was Capaldi that brought me back properly, as well my excursions into the world of Classic Who and the Expanded Universe.

I’m still on the fence about Jodie, but right now she’s basically just a generic New Who Doctor and there’s not much for me to like about her. John Hurt is low purely because he had one episode and I’ve only heard one of his audio episodes so I’ve not really got a proper feel for him either.

The other Doctors range from “eh they’re alright I’ve got nothing against them” to the Holy Trinity itself.

1. Evelyn Smythe
2. Sarah Jane Smith
3. Donna Noble
4. Peri Brown
5. Bernice Summerfield
6. Steven Taylor
7. Flip Jackson
8. Polly Wright
9. Liv Chenka
10. Helen Sinclair

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Re: Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by Valeyard »

Feel free to question or burn me at the stake for any of these. For Doctors...

1. Patrick Troughton
2. Paul McGann
3. Sylvester McCoy
4. Jodie Whittaker
5. Colin Baker
6. Tom Baker
7. Peter Capaldi
8. Christopher Eccleston
9. Jon Pertwee
10. William Hartnell
11. Peter Davison
12. David Tennant
13. Matt Smith
14. John Hurt

And for my top ten companions...

1. Ace
2. Jamie
3. Nyssa
4. K-9
5. Romana
6. Nyssa
7. Nardole
8. Graham
9. Bernice Summerfield
10. Sarah Jane

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Re: Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by Gek2Win »

I cannot list them, at all, but I can say my top 3: Peter Capaldi, Colin Baker, and Tom Baker. It's a funny one, because my entire list is constantly fluctuating, but Colin and Peter will always only trade places. I do understand why people dislike Colin's doctor, but I actually think his arrogance and rudeness is what makes him so great. Peter and Colin's doctors are actually very similar if you think about it, and that's probably why they're at the top. Tom is just great. If I had to pick a worst, it would be between Jodie and Paul. I'm just not engaged with them, although hopefully Jodie can improve next season.

As I'm talking about him, I actually once met Colin in a lift. It wasn't a crowded lift either, it was me, my mum, Colin, and Colin's guide. It was a little surreal.

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Re: Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by Danoftardis »

Jon Pertwee, all day every day. I live and breath Pertwee Who, it's the reason I became a fan in the first place and I think his era on the show is one of the best written and acted of the lot.

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Re: Who's your favorite Doctor?

Post by Gek2Win »

Danoftardis wrote:
Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:42 am
Jon Pertwee, all day every day. I live and breath Pertwee Who, it's the reason I became a fan in the first place and I think his era on the show is one of the best written and acted of the lot.
To be honest, I also really like Pertwee. I think he laid much of the groundwork which defines the doctor today.

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