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Anything About Doctor Who *Caution Spoilers*
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Places to visit

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I've just spent a great afternoon here -

They've a good selection of classic Who screen-time props/costumes, including some unexpected things like the model train used in Dimensions in Time and some Doctor Who scene dressing from Noel's House Party(!!!). They've also got some behind the scenes stuff like script pages and drawing boards, plus quite a few of Andrew Skilleter's sketches and final artwork used for Target novels and other books.

They've also got another part of the museum that has original stuff from Buck Rogers (both the Buster Crabb and 80s version), Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and a good few other sci-if shows and movies.

It is not a big place, but what space they have got is filled with some great stuff.

Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

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