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Re: Time Lord Victorious

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 10:46 pm
by Whovastron
So After a recent mr TARDIS live stream, I’ve decided to consume all the TLV media, or atleast as much as I can on my phone... and it is surprisingly easy. Obviously the audios are easy to procure, I already had the first book, but the second is £5 on Amazon right now. The DWM issues are currently 99p per issue for the online version! And the Titan comic was £7 on comiXology. The Dw wiki has a pretty good write up for the figurine short stories, but I’ll try and get them in proper somehow. So yeah, I’ve done everything prior to the first book (and accidentally one after). Here’s my thoughts...

Master Thief/ Lesser evils - both really really good stories, the way the first ties in is very well done and simple, but leads to a great little set of consequences for Delgado’s master. The second story is fab, atmospheric and intriguing, and the impression of Ainley is stellar. Probably my favourite piece of media from the whole lot, and it was the one I almost passed! Well worth the £4.99 download!

Daleks! - the animation is horrid, but the story is very fun, I just wish they actually explained why the daleks were going for the archive in the first place, because it’s actually important. But yeah, harmless fun with some good Dalek action

Defender of the Daleks - quick, breezy and a bit of fun. The strategist and 10 have some great back-and-forth. It is weird that 10 just decides not to investigate the daleks, doesn’t even really mention how he shouldn’t be able to meet them. Peadoxes are mentioned but it’s not explained. Still alright though.

Echo’s of extinction (8) - not linked at all to the main story, but a good short trip that was a fun listen

He kill’s me, he kills me not - a bit of 8th Doctor fun, and good set up for the concept of time being damaged. Brian the ood is great too. Overall I’d say this is the weakest of the audios however.

Enemy of my enemy - loved this. The daleks are really shining and 8 has some more great conversations with the strategist, that dalek is definitely the MVP of TLV.

Monstrous Beauty - interesting, but a bit too short and not much really happens. It’s all just a way to get rose out of the story.

Overall - loving it all so far, the links are way more prominent than I’d anticipated, and the story is very easy to follow

Re: Time Lord Victorious

Posted: Tue May 04, 2021 1:09 am
by skifflebits
Thanks, Whovastron! This is a really cool overview. Decided to download Master Thief / Lesser Evil based on your recommendation.

By the way, is there a proper order to consume these?

Re: Time Lord Victorious

Posted: Thu May 13, 2021 11:15 pm
by skifflebits
I just listened to Master Thief / Lesser Evils as well as Enemy of My Enemy.

I really, really enjoyed the short trips. I may give BF's "audiobooks" another chance, since it's possible I enjoy them even more than the full cast dramas.

"Enemy" is... fine. Though it does feel a bit like they just wrote a story to live up to the TLV brief the BBC gave them. Still, McGann was on form, and it was interesting hearing the array of different Daleks in the "Time Squad." (A term I can't type without thinking of the tiny toys from last decade.)