How do YOU rank the on-screen Masters? (Again)

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Re: How do YOU rank the on-screen Masters? (Again)

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Personally, this is how I rank the Masters

9-Eric Roberts. Don't get me wrong, his performance as the Master was great, it's just in The TV Movie he lost some of that...menace.
8- Geoffrey Beevers- He didnt really do much in The Keeper of Traken, although when he was revealed, he was rather good.
7- Sacha Dhawan- Not one of the best,liked his reveal at the end of Spyfall Part 1, however he was a bit too crazy for my liking.
6- Anthony Ainley- Haven't seen much of him, so I may rank him higher when I've seen more of him- I'm only on Full Circle of my marathon!
5-John Simm- Very good, but there are some more actors who were one better...
4- Derek Jacobi- So good as Professor Yana, and when he delivered the classic line 'I am the Master'- he was perfect.
3-Peter Pratt- Creepy as hell in The Deadly Assassin, with his blue boiled egg eyes and his exposed teeth- again, brilliant.
2- Michelle Gomez- Incredibly witty as Missy, but with the darkness that is the character- still shone through the (in my opinion) badness of Series 10.
1- Roger Delgado- The original, you might say. One of the high points of Jon Pertwee's era was the Master, that suave Moriarty to the Doctor's Sherlock. Portrayed fantastically by Roger- 10/10.

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Re: How do YOU rank the on-screen Masters? (Again)

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Dalekoddjob wrote:
Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:01 am
We shall have to be adult agree to disagree - we have both expressed our opinion, lets get back to Masters.
Curiously I've never seen Ainley refererred to as openly gay. Certainly when I met him giving a talk he talked about getting attention from the pretty makeup ladies!
I was the first person to use the term "campy" in this thread, and as a cis, largely heteronormative guy, I completely defer to those with strong LGBTQ identifications.

However, as a point of interest, I will mention that in American culture "campy" has less of a gay connotation, with a meaning closer to "cheesy" and "kitschy." Over the top in a way that's not necessarily meant to be taken seriously.

I had no idea Anthony Ainley was a gay icon. But good on him for it.

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