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SJF wrote:
Tue Mar 30, 2021 12:00 am
Spannerintheworks wrote:
Mon Mar 29, 2021 9:20 pm
Oh yeah, to be clear: These don't bother me. And it IS possible for Big Finish to do stories with Classic (or New Series) elements that completely utilize great storytelling and the characters in engaging, innovative and/or emotional ways. And yes, not stretching believable onscreen continuity is an absolute plus. And yes, 5/6 of a series being free of potental fanwank inclusion is still impressive for any Doctor set.

The River stories, though...sorry not sorry. ;) I'd like to say if I see Eccleston photoshopped with her that I'd go in expecting it could be equally innovative but imo the River sets....are usually light fun at best from the ones I've heard. (If anyone can recommend differently, I'm interested! So far a couple run-ins with 8 were the only ones I genuinely came away saying "that worked, good story, no eye rolling".)
Have you heard the third series with the Fifth Doctor? Because I love that series and it gives her a lot of character development.
No, I haven't - recommendation appreciated!

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I’ve discovered that I should not be allowed near the Big Finish website, go on there for a browse and come away with over £100 of Doctor who audios. I’ve still got dozens of hours of episodes that I haven’t listened to yet.

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Re: Big Finish

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Dalek Universe 1 came out yesterday. It was great. Lovely opening two parter, the twists were great.

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Hey SJF - How did you like all of the TLV stories over all?

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What’s the general consensus on Protect and Survive?

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