General set proposals

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Re: General set proposals

Post by ToyBoxOfRassilon »

Yup. Those too! :lol:

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Re: General set proposals

Post by Uncle_Abe »

ToyBoxOfRassilon wrote:
Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:16 pm
T'was a pain to get this photo to attach and I'm not entirely sure if it'll come out well but here we go.

This was an idea I made a while back if some of you remember or have seen some of my stuff on youtube or facebook. A "Revenge of the Cybermen" set! Let's be honest... This is overdue. I mean... not only are the Revenge cybermen going for £40+ a figure but they haven't been rereleased ever! C'mon Mr. Lurker! HEAR OUR PLEA!!!
I would love a re-release of these Revenge bois but I'm really not a fan of using the new Zygons Tom Baker headsculpt. It looks like Theresa May in a wig. And if we get another 4th Doctor figure, I think the only variant that would excite people is a burgundy season 18 re-release (maybe with a hat this time?). If you're doing a run of burgundy bodies, you could also do a Meglos with a new headsculpt and just paint the hands green for a second figure.
For a revenge Cybermen re-release it would make more sense to package a Harry Sullivan using the existing head and an existing suit body for an approximation of his blue blazer.

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Re: General set proposals

Post by skifflebits »

Uncle_Abe wrote:
Fri Apr 02, 2021 11:05 pm
I think the only variant that would excite people is a burgundy season 18 re-release (maybe with a hat this time?). .
That would not excite me.

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Re: General set proposals

Post by Bundesrat »

I’d like to see the Doctors take a back seat and instead bring out a mix of rare existing figures and new creations

A City of Death release
- Straight re-release of Count Scarlioni using Scaroth head
- Captain Tancredi using human head (based on mix of the vampire and roman figures?)
- Romana

Talons release
- Magnus Greek
- Mr Sin
- Leela

Genesis release
- Davros
- Harry
- Nyder

Maybe a dematerialising TARDIS?

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Re: General set proposals

Post by Koth2 »

Nyder would be a welcome arrival.

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Re: General set proposals

Post by Spannerintheworks »

I still remain convinced that the best "History of the Daleks" "Genesis" set would be a Genesis Dalek and Davros. More than any other Classic story I think that one merits his inclusion (especially seeing how similar the Day/Planet/Genesis/Destiny drones are in many regards). And the Wisher Davros seems to be something a lot of people missed.

There are enough significant Dalek varieties in stories after "Genesis" (Supremes, Bombs Dalek, Necros modeks, etc) that I get skipping Davros in those. But "The Witch's Familar" set really makes this possible, and it makes sense.

Also, side/lesser Classic characters that I think merit doing to fill out sets, especially with the current production abilities:

*Nyder. Agreed. Put him in with Harry Sullivan and a "Revenge" Cyberman.
*The Monk. If you're going to do 1960s sets, he's basically the only recurring (humanoid) villain. Just give the "Deadly Assassin" Master (or a similar figure) a new head and cloak/cowl. Accurate enough.
*1960s "The War Games" Time Lord. Those robes have popped up in the New Series, and basically the "reuse a Master Body" with new head/wrap work here too. Pull a "Yikes Mate" with the head if likeness is a production concern. (Although, obviously not with Yates' head)
*Jago/Litefoot. So many ways to do them with even just a new head. Sure, you could do Harrison Chase, Duggan, Solon, etc. But these two really would complement the existing "Weng-Chiang" figures and have the fan-love too.

And an outside the box execution:

*Osgood. Hear me out: So yes, recasting a Doctor's outfit to match her chest would be a lot of work/new moulding. But there's an easier way - Osgood has, at this point, appeared in a couple of media in 13's shirt. So.....

*Reuse 13 as base.
*New head (which means compatibility with that neck)
*Leg swap (if possible, it's not 100% necessary)
*New lab coat wrap with existing arms painted to match or lab arms swapped in. (Arms were sourced from another figure anyway, so....possible?)

I'm sure pedants or Chibnall-era haters won't be 100% ok with an Osgood with a rainbow shirt standing next to Smith or Capaldi, but hey - I'm not crazy about the last 2 series and I'd still take it. If anything, I'd like to think in my headcanon that sort of thing (Doctor sees Osgood wearing outfit he/she doesn't recognize, yet) happened and we just didn't see it.

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Re: General set proposals

Post by Deborah J »

Seeing people suggest wisher davros for the genesis hotd set, I would be very on board for that, I never got that first time around and wisher is my favourite davros

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Re: General set proposals

Post by KingYcranos »

I really hope for the Dalek stories with Davros in they'll do him+another Dalek for the HOTD sets.

An accurate Remembrance Davros would be a welcome arrival, in fact maybe that set could be him and Special Weapons 🤷

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Re: General set proposals

Post by The Outcast »

I have a feeling that the History of the Daleks sets will be solely for Daleks, No Davros figures. Indeed, I suspect that any future Davros releases would come in Doctor/Davros packs. So we might get an accurate Season 12 4th Doctor with dufflecoat (and maybe Dalek mutant accessory?) and Davros from Genesis of the Daleks, and a Remembrance 7th Doctor with Davros.

As for generic figures, I'd love a 60s Timelord, because it'd lead to a lot of body reuse possibilities. Narvin anyone? Additionally, Chancellor Goth and the Young Master from Masterful would be made possible, both would be amazing figures to see. Imagine a set with the Young Master, the Reborn Master and the Unbound Master from the audios. And a Meddling Monk figure... Mmmmm, that'd be great.

Alas, these are but dreams. Nice dreams, but dreams all the same. Would love to be wrong though, and who knows, maybe I will be. Certainly never expected to get both Romanas, Classic Sarah Jane, Harry Sullivan, Benton and Yates in B&M sets, and there's the online exclusives which have great potential. Who knows what the future holds? Hopefully good things.

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Re: General set proposals

Post by ToyBoxOfRassilon »

I agree, history of the dalek sets should be for DALEKS not figures like Nyder, Davros etc they should be saved for other sets imo

They history of the daleks are in my opinion chances for people to get DALEKS themselves for army building and getting the rarer releases, rather than davros' who can be released with versions of characters from the stories (Doctors, companions etc) . For example:

Genesis of the Daleks set:
Davros and Nyder (new head on a delgado master body)

Revelation of the Daleks set:
Davros and 6th Doctor (just rereleases)

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