Hell Bent Redux

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Hell Bent Redux

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A few years back, I wrote up a treatment for how I would have written Hell Bent and posted it to a Facebook group. Got a lot of positive feedback which was really cool, so I figured I'd go back and redo it since I've had more ideas on how it could have been better, and post it here to see what people thought.

Firstly, the ending of Heaven Sent has to change. The Doctor breaks through the wall, and finds himself in an underground war room on Gallifrey that was used during the Time War. To his surprise, it's full of soldiers as well as members of the War Council, who are attempting to activate a portal. Upon noticing The Doctor, one of the War Council members orders the soldiers to seize him and take him away, but the General intervenes and tells them to stand down. He informs The Doctor of what happened after Gallifrey was sealed within the pocket universe, telling him that Rassilon furthered his rule over Gallifrey by enslaving the population and focusing all efforts into searching for an artefact belonging to a mysterious Time Lord from the ancient times of Gallifrey. The artefact, which Rassilon learnt about after discovering the mysterious Time Lord's hidden scrolls, was hidden deep within the labyrinths below the Capitol by the Time Lords to ensure it didn't fall into the wrong hands. According to the scrolls, the artefact had unlimited power, which Rassilon believed could be used to escape the pocket universe.

As a result, the General formed a resistance to free the slaves and overthrow Rassilon. They have suffered constant defeats and high death tolls in their attempts to fight back however, and now believe that the only way to stop Rassilon is to activate the portal and free "The Hybrid", which has been foretold to be sealed within it. Rassilon knows of their plans, and is aware that The Doctor knows what The Hybrid is, hence why he wanted him to confess it's identity while in the confession dial.

The Doctor pleads with them not to activate the portal and that they'll put the universe in greater risk than Rassilon ever could. The General demands that The Doctor confirm weather or not it really is a Dalek-Time Lord hybrid as some claimed, or something else. Before The Doctor can answer, the portal is activated by one of the engineers who is ecstatic that their years of work has finally paid off. His excitement is short lived however, as it turns to horror when he sees who walks out. The figure is in white Time Lord robes, with golden armoured chestplates, gauntlets, helmet and holding a sceptre containing a strange glowing orb. The figure walks from the portal towards the General, and looks down at him imposingly. 'General Kenossium' the figure says. The General, stammering, responds 'Lord Omega'.

The war room is silent as Omega approaches The Doctor. They look one another dead in the eye, with Omega immediately knowing who he is. He orders for some soldiers to take The Doctor away to be executed, who comply hesitantly out of fear. Omega proceeds to deliver a speech to the resistance, revealing that he has been watching over them from the anti-matter universe ever since Rassilon imprisoned him there during the Time War. When questioned as to weather or not he is the Hybrid from the prophecies, Omega confirms it, stating that he is part Time Lord and part anti-matter creature due to being in that universe for so long. He promises the soldiers and Time Lords that if they serve him, he can free all of the enslaved Gallifreyans, overthrow Rassilon and bring peace and order to Gallifrey once more. Heaven Sent ends.

Hell Bent takes place immediately afterwards as to be expected, with Omega leading the resistance, as well as various anti-matter creatures such as gell guards that he has summoned into existence, towards the Capitol to overthrow Rassilon, who is being informed of the impending attack and Omega's return. Just as he is about to give his orders, a soldier enters with the artefact, having finally located it within the labyrinths. The Doctor, meanwhile, convinces the soldiers to let him go as he may be the only one who can stop Omega and Rassilon from destroying themselves as well as Gallifrey in the process. They take him to the Captiol and arrive just as Omega and the rest of the resistance attack Rassilon's forces.

From the Panopticon, Rassilon tests the artefact's abilities to see if the scrolls he uncovered were correct about it's power. In a flash of light, Gallifrey becomes a paradise, with the Capitol, Arcadia, homes, wildlife, people, rivers and forests all restored to how they once looked in the ancient times. Hundreds of enormous citadels appear, while Omega and the resistance are sealed within an inescapable force field. Rassilon offers the resistance to surrender without consequences and experience the revitalised Gallifrey. The resistance put down their weapons and surrender, being teleported out of the force field, leaving an enraged Omega trapped inside as his anti-matter creatures attempt to break through. The Doctor enters the Panopticon, avoiding guards and eventually taking some Time Lord robes to disguise himself and locate Rassilon, certain that he has something much worse planned.

Rassilon overlooks the Capitol as he sees soldiers, Time Lords and ordinary Gallifreyans come together in celebration of a new beginning. The Doctor enters and confronts Rassilon, demanding to know what the artefact is and how he used it to alter Gallifrey. Rassilon explains that the artefact is called the Chimera, discovered by an unknown Time Lord explorer on the outskirts of the known universe, and is capable of altering reality, but is unsure to what extent. He hopes to use it to break free from the pocket universe that Gallifrey has been sealed within and return it back to the constellation of Kasterborous, but still hidden from other worlds and to continue peaceful observation. The Doctor doesn't believe this, and grabs hold of the Chimera, seeing visions of a Time Lord Empire across the universe, with some worlds being beautiful paradises, while others are in ruins with it's people enslaved. Enraged by Rassilon's intentions, The Doctor throws the Chimera into the nearby Eye of Harmony, causing it to be destroyed and undoing Gallifrey's transformation, as well as freeing Omega from the force field.

Omega and the anti-matter creatures storm Rassilon's chamber, with the Gallifreyan soldiers fighting back against them. Amid the chaos, The General finds Rassilon, taking him beneath the Panopticon at gunpoint as The Doctor follows after them. The Doctor sees them approach a portal device that can only be activated with Rassilon's gauntlet, recognising it as the same device they used to send Omega back to the anti-matter universe during the Time War. Omega and his forces enter just as the portal is activated, with Omega using his sceptre to fire a burst of energy at the device, causing it to be severely damaged and go out of control. The Doctor runs over to the device, using the control system to keep it stable as the anti-matter creatures are pulled in. Omega uses the sceptre to destroy the control system, blasting The Doctor, The General and Rassilon away and knocking out the latter two. As he aims for the killing blow to all three, The Doctor takes Rassilon's gauntlet and deflects the blast back at Omega. He aims for the orb within the sceptre and disintegrates it, causing Omega to begin to fade away, forced to enter the portal and return to the anti-matter universe.

The General regains consciousness, questioning what happened to Omega. The Doctor, while breaking apart Rassilon's gauntlet, explains that the orb within his sceptre allowed him to maintain a physical form while in their reality, mentioning that his time in the anti-matter universe corroded his body and was only kept alive by his own will. The Doctor then asks The General what they should do with Rassilon, as he is still a threat to Gallifrey without his gauntlet. The General assures him that Rassilon will stand trial and be subsequently imprisoned. Suddenly, the Tardis materialises in the room, with the Clara mural still on it. The Doctor smiles as a tear drops from his eye. A group of Time Lords enter, telling him that they had recovered it from Earth, and that he is free to continue his travels as a token of their gratitude for saving Gallifrey. He enters the Tardis, which gifts him a new model of the Sonic Screwdriver, and sets off, hoping that Gallifrey will be in safe hands.

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