Ultimate 10th Doctor TWC Sonic Screwdriver

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Ultimate 10th Doctor TWC Sonic Screwdriver

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Hi All,

We were lucky mid way through the 2010’s to get our hands on an easily accessible metal version of the 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver at a reasonable price. Compared with the fat, stubby and inaccurate CO version that many were sick of the sight of, it was an exciting time. An accurately sized METAL version of the 10th Doctor’s sonic was something I always dreamed of as a child and could never convince my family to buy the £300+ MFX or CT versions.

Now though, the wand company sonics are very hard to come by and fetch huge prices online. As was common with the feature rich device, the built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery degraded quickly and now the lovely replica is totally non functional, with no warranty or support from the wand company themselves as they have now discontinued the product (and all DW/BBC licensed merch) - a great shame.

Now I am left with a dead metal shell of the screwdriver that I have disassembled in the hope to repair, but with the useless bespoke battery hot wired into the circuitry, this once feature extensive sonic is well and truly killed, with the ability to “regenerate” it’s charge gone.

I am now hoping to totally gut the electronics and use the circuit from a CO toy to restore light and sound effects to the replica along with a standard removable battery (accessed by the unscrew-able metal end cap).

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this. The circuitry of most CO sonics is much much smaller than anything as advanced as TWC electronics. Essentially, would I be able to stuff a loose CO speaker, button and batteries into the wand company sonic and connect it up to the LED at the top?
Alternatively, I could put a new LED in the emitter but worry that it’ll be too large. I’m also unsure as to the battery output and whether I could literally just hook the CO circuit up to TWC LED.

If any modifiers or electrically minded people would be able to offer advice, or if anyone thinks this is a total no-go then I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m basically trying to put a CO circuit into the slightly smaller wand company sonic. Aiming to use a spare non extending 11 sonic for the sound chip.

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