Beginners Guide : Useful Tutorials

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Beginners Guide : Useful Tutorials

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If you ever come across any tutorials, written or video, that you found useful for making customs or you want to make a post to help out others on how to do something then here's where to post it!

For myself I have been doing a series on my channel that shows various tutorials, thus far the list is :

. Dismantling Classic 5" Daleks
. Dismantling New Series Daleks
. Dismantling 3.75" New Series Daleks
. Removing Heads On 5" Figures (The Cutting Method)
. Dismantling 5" New Series SFX Daleks
. Dismantling 5" Paradigm Daleks
. Classic Daleks On New Series Bases
. Dismantling Classic 3.75" Daleks
. Dismantling A Classic 5" TARDIS
. Dismantling Davros Emperor & Destroyed Imperial (Sort Of)
. Removing Heads On 5" Figures (The Boil & Pop Method)
. Dismantling A 3.75" TARDIS
. Dismantling A Product Enterprise Dalek
. Dismantling A 5" Tenth Doctor TARDIS
. Casting Figure Heads
. Modifying CO Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

All the video can be found here under this playlist so I hope they are useful to others! ... gt7CCVgHwf

Anyone else who has any other useful tutorials to share or wants to post any tutorials of their own go right ahead!

. This is NOT a thread to post how you make/made specific customs, please create a new thread for that.
. Please check to see if someone else has already posted a tutorial for something before posting, there are many different ways of doing things, so alternative tutorials is fine but please try to avoid repetition of the same tutorials to save clutter.
. Everyone has their own way of doing things, there is no right or wrong way to make customs, if someone does something differently to you please respect that


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