What was the last Doctor Who story you watched????

Anything About Doctor Who *Caution Spoilers*
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Re: What was the last Doctor Who story you watched????

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Been trying to watch series 11.... it really is terrible.... Ryan is awful, what a frightfully dull character. I'm finding myself going on my phone instead.....I just watched 2005 series 1 and 2, much more gripping!

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Re: What was the last Doctor Who story you watched????

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The War Games, at the end of a Second Doctor story watch/listen as existence dictates.
Did someone say Foamasi?

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Re: What was the last Doctor Who story you watched????

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I haven't properly watched a doctor who in a while but I've recently been watching the "behind the sofa" versions on the blu ray sets, just saw the one for Robot yesterday, that was a fun time.

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Re: What was the last Doctor Who story you watched????

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I’m doing the marathon. BritBox means I can just have it in the corner of my phone at all times, oh how times have changed from how it was broadcast in 1963.

An Unearthly Child - the plot is simple and very back-and-forth, but there’s some interesting dialogue and episode 1 is perfection. 6/10

The Daleks - 2 episodes too long (the mountain traversing grinds the story to a halt). But the Daleks are pure evil and seeing the Doctor’s character grow is wonderful - 7/10

The Edge of Destruction - so underrated. It’s short, contained, and gives us the first glimpses of the TARDIS being “alive” and the weird things that can happen when messing with time. Some of the character choices in episode 1 make no sense when the revelations don’t include mental instability - 7/10

The Keys Of Marinus - fun, inventive, infact the temple and the Voords are the least interesting part of it (also why people consider the Voord Cybermen is beyond me, they could not have a more clear origin). The way they get around actors holidays etc. is inventive and the plot moves at a good pace. 8/10

The Sensorites - not as full as I remember, it’s certainly too long. But I didn’t see the twist coming at all. The evil Sensorites is a bit ridiculous though - 6/10

(BritBox doesn’t have Reign of Terror for some reason)

Planet of Giants - fantastic use of sets and props, and the science of sound waves and movements when shrunk is great to see done. It’s all just a bit of daft fun really. Even the puppet fly is convincing - 8/10

The Dalek Invasion of Earth - a bit slow in the middle, and the last episode is either written or shot in a way that most of the revelations don’t make sense. (How exactly did David shooting a wire cause a Dalek to melt and explode a mile away? They never explain it). Shockingly though, the relationship between Susan and David is done very, very well and even believable. The moments between Susan and the Doctor are wonderful, and her departure feels so earned in the context of everything set up since the Sensorites - 7/10

The Rescue - short and sweet with some great atmosphere. Koquillians design is fab too. - 8/10

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