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Jake's Classic Tardis Console

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Classic Tardis Console

Tardis Console

Tardis Console

"This is a custom made classic Tardis playset I made for my son Jake. It's made mainly from MDF. The main walls were built using 6mm MDF, drilled out with a 1 1/4 inch bit, with some beading for the vertical collums. The circles are backed with a translucent vinyl chopping mat from Tesco!!!"

"The console is contructed using 3mm MDF, which was a painstaking process of cutting, sanding and shaping each piece of the trapezoid shape. Various bits and bobs were used for the controls including lego and pieces from models. The silver panels are made from thin plastic sheets. The video screen panel slides up. The time rotor is a glitter pot which does actually move up and down and is lit by a mini torch concealed in the base."
Thanks Adrian & Jake

Classic Tardis Console Classic Tardis Console Classic Tardis Console

Tardis Custom Classic Console Tardis Console Custom Scratchbuilt Tardis Full Size Tardis Console

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