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Craig's Special Weapons Dalek John's Dalek Creatures

Custom Dalek

Custom Classic Daleks Thanks Hoosier Whovian

Custom Daleks Custom Daleks Custom Daleks Custom Daleks Custom Daleks Custom Daleks

Custom Daleks Thanks Nathan

Custom Daleks Custom Daleks Custom Daleks

Custom Daleks in Dalek City Thanks Ethan

Custom Destroyed Dalek Custom Destroyed Dalek

Custom made Destroyed Dalek. My five year old son is a huge Doctor Who fan (like me really) but he is very heavy handed and the figures get broken all the time. I therefore decided to create a destroyed Dalek from one of his rejects. This was achieved with the use of a candle. Thanks Philip (Do not try this at home!)

Nathan's Custom Daleks Customised Dalek Action Figures Daleks

The silver and black "70s/80s" style Dalek is a repainted Danbury Mint "World of Doctor Who" pewter model, the green Dalek with the oversized eye is a repainted and modified Bronze 2005 Dalek from Character Options, it's a customised Dalek sentinel. The rest are just standard figures I added in the photo to show scale etc.. Thanks Nathan

Custom Dalek Emperor and Ninth Doctor Custom Dalek Emperor Custom Dalek Emperor - Dalek Sec 12 inch head and mutant from 5 inch Dalek with Mutant Reveal

This is a custom built new series Dalek Emperor from the season one episode Parting of the Ways. The head and the dalek orbs are taken from a 12" Dalek Sec. Dalek Mutant is taken from a CO Mutant Reveal Dalek. The three panels (some people refer to them as legs) are scratch built from fibreglass. The base ironically is a trimmed down fullsize fibreglass dalek head.

Custom Dalek Emperor fibreglass panels

I decided to have a go at building the Emperor as it was unlikely to be considered as a release due to its size and lack of playability. I'm a big fan of the 5" figures and the Emperor that I built compliments the range. Thanks Mark

Custom Dalek Emperor

Custom Sec Emperor Dalek figure made from Dalek Sec, Dalek with Mutant Reveal, paint and superglue Thanks Mr Saxon

Custom Dalek Emperor Custom Dalek Emperor

Me and my dad made this Dalek Emperor using the head of the Bubble Bath Dalek, a plastic bin and two Dalek Emperor guards Thanks Jack & Dad

Custom Dalek Sec with 'Transformers' Weapon Custom Dalek Sec with 'Transformers' Weapon

The Black Dalek with the different weapon was a forced mod. My 4 year old son loves to play with my Doctor Who figures, he loves to recreate the finale battle between Cybermen and Daleks from seaon/series 3. He was playing a bit hard one day and lost the gun arm, so I cut the end off one of my Transformers weapons and it fits perfectly Thanks Jamie & Son

Custom Dalek Sec with Mutant Reveal Dalek with Mutant Reveal and Custom Dalek Sec with Mutant Reveal

A custom made Dalek Sec with Mutant Reveal; a variation on Series 1 Dalek with Mutant Reveal by Hoosier Whovian Thanks Karl

Custom made Imperial Dalek Custom made Dalek Captain Custom painted RC Daleks from Dalek Battle Pack

Custom made 'Imperial Dalek' - Dalek Sec repainted in Classic Series Imperial livery Thanks 13th Doctor
Custom made 'Dalek Captain' Thanks Charlie
Custom painted RC Daleks from Dalek Battle Pack Thanks Wesley

Custom Stunt Dalek

Here's my Stunt Dalek. One day it fell down the stairs and it's eye came off. My dad tried to glue it back on but the plastic didn't agree with the glue.
Thanks Peter

Dalek Ship

My Dalek Ship
Thanks Henry

Assault Dalek Mutant Reveal Assault Dalek Mutant Reveal

Assault Dalek Mutant Reveal
Thanks Dex

Supreme Dalek (circa 1980's) and Royal Guard Dalek Dalek Sec Mutant Reveal

Supreme Dalek (circa 1980's), Royal Guard Dalek & Dalek Sec Mutant Reveal Thanks Callum

Imperial Dalek (Parting of the Ways) Supreme Dalek

Imperial Dalek from Parting of the Ways & Supreme DalekThanks Kieran

Damaged Dalek Damaged Dalek Insert

Damaged Dalek Thanks Jack

Ressurection Dalek Ressurection Dalek Ressurection Dalek

Dalek Supreme from the Peter Davison story Resurrection of the Daleks in 1984. The figure took me one day to complete. The dalek was unscrewed and I painted the parts seperately so I only knew if my work payed off when I assembled it. On the skirt, I painted the hemispheres first so it's easier for me to paint the rest of the skirt. I painted the slats black and painted the mesh white by dry-brushing. I had also super-glued the eye on the metal pivot so it won't fall out when posing (it's also good for stop-motions). Thanks Hancockshire

Custom Dalek Custom Dalek Custom Dalek

I Used A Paint Called Mithril Silver For The Main Part Of It And Scab Red For The Orbs, Gun, Sucker And Eye Stalk. Thanks Matty

Destroyed Dalek Destroyed Dalek

Destroyed Dalek Thanks Sam

Custom Classic Doctor Who Playset and Cult of Skaro
Custom Classic Series Playset
Custom Playset Custom Doctor Who Classic Series Playset

Custom Classic Series Playset. The inspiration for these playsets was a cross between the classic Dalek six parter The Chase (1965), especially for the ramp, and the comic strips of the Daleks from the 60’s. They are made from chipboard, plywood, pine and whatever I have to hand in my workshop. The walls were designed in Photoshop using 3D games backgrounds. I also used my printer and laminator as well as double-sided carpet tape and lino
Thanks Phil

Invasion Dalek Movie Dalek

Invasion & Movie Daleks Thanks James

Dalek Customs

Dalek 'Soupers' Thanks Trevor

Special Weapons Dalek

Special Weapons Dalek Thanks Harold Saxon

Photos © the individual owners may not be reproduced

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