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The Doctor with Ghost Transmission Triangulation Gear Novice Hame as Sister of Plenitude The Editor
The Master Series 3 Professor Yana
The Doctor in SS Pentallion Space Suit Laszlo
Weeping Angel Grey Auton

The Doctor with Ghost Transmission Triangulation Gear Sarah Jane Smith & K9 Laszlo Action Figure
Sycorax Leader Series 1
The Master's Laser Screwdriver
The Master's Laser Screwdriver

The Hoix

The Hoix

Grandma Connolly and The Wire

Grandma Connolly & The Wire
Two Heads!







The 9th Doctor Satan Pit Set


Damaged Cyberman
Assault Dalek (chocolate)
US Exclusive Release Doctor Who Action Figures and Toys
Dalek Sec Human Hybrid 12 Inch Figure
Dalek Sec Hybrid
Novice Hame Female Cat Nun
Novice Hame
Pig Guard
Pig Guard

Judoon Captain 5 inch
Judoon Captain
Doctor in Suit and Glasses
Doctor in Suit and Glasses
Damaged Dalek Thay
Damaged Dalek Thay
Dr Constantine
Dr Constantine
Gelth Zombie
Gelth Zombie

Doctor in Spacesuit 5 inch figure
Spacesuit 5"

5 inch Action Figures - The Story So Far...
Story So Far?
The Definitive
Early Years

Series 3 Doctor Who Action Figures Poster S3 Poster

Tenth Doctor in 3D Glasses
Doctor in 3D Glasses

Mickey Smith Mickey Smith Action Figure

Dalek Sec Dalek Sec Action Figure

Novice Hame Novice Hame 12 inch Action Figure

Out Now!
Scarecrow (Beige), The Master, Professor Yana, Weeping Angel, Screaming Angel, Laszlo, Doctor in SS Pentallion Spacesuit, Grey Auton, Sycorax Series 1, The Doctor in suit and red plimsoles, Hoix, Evil Toby, Grandma Connolly and The Wire, Brannigan, Scarecrows, Dalek Sec Hybrid, Novice Hame, Martha Jones, Doctor in Suit and Glasses, Spacesuit 5" Doctor, Mickey Smith, Rose and Chip, Dalek Sec, Damaged Dalek Thay, Judoon Captain, Judoon Trooper, Lilith, Gelth Zombie and Dr Constantine out NOW

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Space Pig
Lilith the Carrionite


Martha Jones Version 1 Action Figure

Martha 5" Figure
First Release
31 July 2007

New Sonic Screwdriver Toys

Series 1 Doctor Who Action Figures

Series 2 Doctor Who Action Figures

Series 3 Doctor Who Action Figures

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Doctor Who Action Figures

Wave 1, 2 & 3 Doctor Who Action Figures Doctor Who Action Figure Box Sets 5 Inch Deluxe Doctor Who Action Figures 12 Inch Doctor Who Action Figures 18 Inch Dalek Figures
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Doctor Who Action Figures Waves 1, 2 & 3
  • The Doctor in Suit
    The Tenth Doctor David Tennant in trademark battered suit and plimsoles. The Tenth Doctor figure is also found in a twin pack with 2.5" Radio Control K-9 'The Doctor & RC K-9'
  • 10th Doctor in Suit The Doctor Action Figure The Doctor

    Click image to enlarge

  • The Doctor & RC K9
    The Tenth Doctor in suit and white plimsoles with 2.5" Radio Control K-9
  • The Doctor & RC K-9 2.5 Inch RC K-9

  • The Doctor in Trenchcoat
    The 10th Doctor in Trenchcoat over suit and plimsoles, figure includes Sonic Screwdriver. The trenchcoat is made of a softer plastic than the rest of the figure. Also available in 'The Doctor & RC K-9' twin pack
  • 10th Doctor in Trenchcoat The Doctor in Trenchcoat The Doctor in Trenchcoat

  • The Doctor & RC K-9
    The Tenth Doctor in Trenchcoat with 2.5" Radio Control K-9
  • The Doctor & RC K-9 2.5 Inch RC K-9 The Doctor & RC K-9

  • The Doctor Regeneration Set
    The Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston and Tenth Doctor David Tennant, as seen in The Parting of the Ways (2005), both in black leather jackets. Includes one sonic screwdriver. Note the Ninth Doctor figure here wears a black shirt; a different Ninth Doctor with a burgundy shirt can be found with the Dalek Battle Pack and in a Six Figure Set exclusive to Woolworths. The Ninth Doctor has been released as a separate carded action figure in the US, but not yet in the UK
  • The Doctor Regeneration Set Ninth Doctor The Doctor Regeneration Set Tenth Doctor The Doctor Regeneration Set

  • Rose & K9 (Version 1)
    Released first, this Rose Tyler in red top includes a rusty pull back and go K9 with access panel removeable by pressing down on the keypad. Rose, played by Billie Piper, is working in a department store when she first meets the Doctor. K9, the Doctor's trusty robot dog, has been around since 1977, reappearing in School Reunion (2006). Note, an even earlier Character Options Rose Tyler figure was released with the Dalek Battle Pack and as part of an exclusive Woolworths Six Figure Set, though not as a carded figure. This Rose figure is less accurately sculpted and has blonder hair (see section on Action Figure Sets) Rose Tyler
  • Rose & K9 Rose Tyler Rose & K9

  • Rose & K-9 (Version 2)
    The second Rose Tyler figure features Rose as seen in New Earth (2006, Series Two first episode) with a purple and blue top and includes a shiny version of K9. This figure is often referred to as New Earth Rose Rose Tyler This twinpack was rereleased in November 2015 Rose Tyler with K-9
  • Rose & K-9 New Earth Rose Rose & K-9 (Version 2) Rose Tyler With K9

  • Moxx of Balhoon
    The Moxx of Balhoon figure includes a pair of robot spiders and sits on an antigravity chair. This statuesque blue-skinned alien appears as one of the guests who witness The End of the World (Series One, 2005). The Moxx of Balhoon features a pull back and go motion. There are two versions of this figure; one pale blue with pink eyes the other a darker, more purple, blue with pink eyes and a bronze finish to the base
  • Moxx of Balhoon (pale blue - first UK and US version) Moxx of Balhoon(darker blue - second release UK version) Moxx of Balhoon

  • Slitheen
    The Slitheens are calcium bipeds that hatch from eggs; made their first appearance in 2005 in Aliens of London and World War Three. This green-skinned figure has on each arm three elongated claws (known to fire poison) and on its neck a compression field collar used to effect disguise as the Slitheen insert themselves inside their victims skins. There are variations in the paint finish and tone on the Slitheen figure
  • Slitheen Slitheen Slitheen

  • Sycorax Leader
    Sycorax figure includes club and whip; the Sycorax are skinless humanoids, their whips discharge energy that disintegrates flesh. The Tenth Doctor and Rose take on the Sycorax in The Christmas Invasion (2005)
  • Sycorax Leader Sycorax Leader Sycorax Leader

  • Cassandra
    The First-Wave Cassandra, from Series One The End of the World, 2005, does not include the servant Chip figure, but comes with three robot spiders. The Cassandra figure can be found in two versions; with brown eyes or with blue eyes. Catchphrase "Moisturise me!" The Wave 1 Cassandra has blue eyes and a 'clean' appearance
  • Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra with three Robot Spiders

  • Cassandra & Chip
    The Second Wave Cassandra with detailed brain jar includes the servant Chip figure. As seen in The End of the World (Series 1, 2005) and New Earth (Series 2, 2006) Lady Cassandra O'Brien Dot Delta Seventeen considers herself the last human being, though after 708 cosmetic operations she is merely a frame-stretched skin connected to a brain jar. The Cassandra action figure can be found with brown or blue eyes. The later Wave 2 Cassandra figure has brown eyes and a 'rusty' appearance
  • Cassandra & Chip 5 Inch Action Figures Chip Cassandra & Chip

  • Cyberman
    Wave One Cyberman has no arm weapon. The Series Two 'Cyberman With Arm Weapon' action figure includes the gun on forearm detail. Cybermen are humanoid cyborgs with body parts replaced by cybernetics. Cyberman can also be found in the Dalek Battle Pack With Cyberman that includes two Radio Control Daleks. Note there is also a 5" Cyber Leader figure found in the Dalek Battle Pack with Cyber Leader which includes EMP device and removeable Cybus Industries chest plate, though this was not sold as a seperate carded figure
  • Cyberman 5 Inch Action Figure Cyberman Action Figure Cyberman

  • Cyber Controller
    The Cyber Controller features a visible brain detail inside the helmet and six chest bolts. There are two versions of Cyber Controller; one with blue eyes and four white dots and one with pale yellow eyes with white dots. The white-eyed figure was released first
  • Cyber Controller (white eyes) Cyber Controller (blue eyes) Cyber Controller

  • Captain Jack Harkness
    Captain Jack, time-traveller from the 51st century, first appears in The Empty Child with the Ninth Doctor; here wears flight jacket and neck tie and carries sonic blaster gun. Jack Harkness is played by actor John Barrowman
  • Captain Jack Harkness Captain Jack Harkness Jack Harkness

  • Krillitane (red)
    As featured in School Reunion (2006) the Krillitanes are a physical amalgamation of the best bits of the species they conquer; here they are bat-like with detacheable wings. The second release red Series 2 Krillitane (2007) is a new sculpt with mouth closed
  • Wave 3 2006 Krillitane (red) Version 1 Wave 3 2006 Krillitane (red) Version 1 Krillitane (red)

  • Krillitane (grey)
    The grey Krillitane corresponds to the differing form of School Reunion character Mr Wagner. This version can be found as a Series 2 re-release called 'Grey Krillitane'. A second Series 2 (2007) version called 'Krillitane' can also be found; this is a different sculpt with mouth closed
  • Krillitane (grey) Krillitane (grey) Krillitane (grey)

  • Werewolf
    In Tooth and Claw, Series 2, (2006) the Tenth Doctor describes this creature as a lupine wavelength haemovariform. The werewolf figure features fine detailing to head and neck. Doctor Who Werewolf, in common with other Wave 2 figures, can be found in the packaging shown, or else re-branded with the blue 'Series 2' flash on the top right of the backing card
  • Werewolf 5 Inch Action Figure Werewolf 5 Inch Figure Werewolf

We Love Doctor Who Action Figures

This is a fantastic set of figures and the range is growing all the time. Loads more figures will certainly be released this year and you will find regular updates about these here at

Future releases of Doctor Who Action Figures are the subject of much speculation and inaccuracy. This list of future figures will evolve and change over time. Keep watching as new figures are added to the list. The few people who by definition know which figures will be released and when work at the BBC and Character Options.

The detail and articulation on the figures is improving greatly so that the release of each new monster is ever more eagerly anticipated.

Without a doubt these are the best action figures on the planet, and probably the entire universe.

However, this poses a dilemma...


Strange as it may sound, some collectors are not even taking their figures out of the box!

Why's that?

Well, to a toy collector a toy is worth more in its original packaging, although may still be highly prized if it is particularly hard to come by.

In the world of Doctor Who action figures it is becoming clear that some figures are already exceedingly difficult to get hold of, and bear in mind they have only been around since 2005!

Certain figures were only ever sold through selected merchants or through exclusive deals and in particular territories; many sold out extremely quickly. This applies to certain boxed sets as well.

Series 3 Figures

Huge Demand

The UK is the place for the bricks and mortar retailing of Doctor Who figures and yet the demand for them is global. Internet retailers can only get hold of so many and often restrict sales to just one action figure per customer. Demand can only grow with the increasing popularity of the New Series around the world.

Small wonder then that these action figures are turning up on auction websites and commanding big premiums to their original retail prices.

Hard to Find

Sample list of hard to find Doctor Who action figures

  • The Time Crash UK 100 Set 2008 featuring the Fifth Doctor with celery and Tenth Doctor is very sought after as is the incredibly rare (perhaps no more than a dozen pieces) UK version of the Fifth Doctor with celery on lapel
  • The Moxx of Balhoon (Wave 1 2005 lighter blue version) is definitely a case in point - now changing hands for well above its original value just a few short months ago! Please note the Moxx of Balhoon has been re-released in 2007 but in changed Series 1 packaging; the earlier versions are the ones to look for.
  • Similarly, from the first Wave 1 release (not Series 1) and now seemingly discountinued the Sycorax Leader is very highly sought after, especially in its original packaging.
  • The original Slitheen figure from Wave 1 is another rare figure; keep it in its unopened box.
  • The Cassandra and Chip two figure pack is now also very scarce.
  • The 2007 US Comic Con Exclusives only had 3000 examples of each figure released. Look out for the exclusive chocolate livery Assault Dalek and Damaged Cyberman figures with the US Comic Con flash

Increasingly, it is looking like all the original Series 1 Wave 1 action figures in unopened packaging are going to be highly collectable.

Look for these figures in their original unopened blister packs with official Character Options holographic Doctor Who logo on the reverse of the pack. Watch out for 'modified' figures and 'spoof' figures posted on internet forums.

If you are buying Doctor Who figures as an investment you should take this information as a guide only and always do your own research.

A Note on Packaging

Character Options have made several changes to the cards on the back of their Doctor Who action figure ranges.

Broadly, the Wave 1, 2, 3 nomenclature has been superceded by Series 1, 2, 3 etc to reflect in which Doctor Who television New Series the figures actually appear. The action figure backing cards are also now colour coded as follows; Series 1 (red), Series 2 (blue) and Series 3 (green).

Where do they come from?

Character Options

In 2005 the BBC granted the Character Group a master toy licence to produce a range of Doctor Who Toys.

Character Options logo

In the past Doctor Who figures had been made by firms such as Denys Fisher, Dapol and Product Enterprise and the quality was rather average. Also Corgi make a decent but now outdated range of die-cast figures. Read about more Doctor Who Toy History

The Character Group is a UK plc listed on London's AIM market. Character is a designer, developer and distributor of toys and games mainly to the UK but increasingly to international markets. Note that Character Options Limited is a subsidiary of the parent group.

As well as Doctor Who their product lines include Scooby Doo, Peppa Pig and Roboraptor.

In 2006 as a whole the Character Group sold over 1.7 million Doctor Who action figures!

The vast majority of design and sculpting work is done for Character by Designworks Windsor.

Not surprisingly, at Toy Fair 2007, the major UK toy trade show, Character Group's Doctor Who action figures were awarded the "Toy of the Year" award in the "Boys Toys category" (oops, sorry girls) by the Toy Retailers Association.

In a trading update released 23 March 2007 Character Group described demand for their Doctor Who products as "very strong", and announced that trading was "substantially" ahead of market expectations.

Virtually all Doctor Who action figures were designed and developed for the Character Group by Designworks. Excitingly, many more figures and playsets are currently in the pipeline.

Underground Toys

In October 2006 BBC Worldwide appointed Underground Toys Ltd as the manufacturer and distributor for North America of Doctor Who toys, including action figures, with a full rollout in 2007.

Underground Toys logo

In 2018 Underground Toys was subsumed under the Seven 20 brand.

In 2009 the BBC renewed Character Options' licence to make even more Doctor Who toys. Character also launched a brilliant new line of toys and action figures called HM Armed Forces. Character are a fast-growing toy company and always looking to bring the most popular New Toy Brands to market.

Where can we get them?

In the UK

UK toy maker Character Options have their own website. Specialist retailers carry wider ranges of Doctor Who products. They usually have new figures available for pre-order well before general release.

In the US

For available figures visit the US Page

Doctor Who Action Figures The Mission

The Doctor journeys across Time to the planet Earth. The year is . The children of the planet (and select guardians) are transfixed by an Army of alien Monsters. The Monsters are beamed into people's houses via the medium of television, later to appear in miniaturised plastic form in retail outlets all over the world. This strange new blister-pack Empire is expanding daily and consuming ever greater chunks of pocket money. The Doctor's Mission is to find out what's causing this incredible new toy phenomenon.

A small band of Renegades, armed with nothing but digital cameras and internet connections, set out to take on the Corporate Operations of the toy giants and to identify and catalogue each one of their monsters. But as they strive to do so, new monsters appear in ever greater numbers...

More and yet more figure sets with sinister new variations materialise in large retail outlets, strange new figures are rumoured, appear and disappear. And The Doctor himself materialises with more shoe and jacket variations than you could shake a sonic screwdriver at.

The Corporate Operatives work from a base more secret than Torchwood and yet just occassionally the Renegades still succeed in storming the Toy Citadel and revealing the latest Monsters well ahead of Time itself.

From a small base at the Renegades hope to catalogue every new Monster - should you wish to join them email with News, Reviews, Comments and Photos.

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