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Dapol Black Cyberman

Dapol Exclusive Limited Edition Earthshock Black Cyberman
Pics by Matt & Tom

Dapol Black Cyberman Dapol Black Cyberman

Dapol Black Cyberman
This Dapol 'Earthshock' Cyberman (Black) was sold at the Llangollen Doctor Who Day on Saturday 10th June 2000 and is signed by Frazer Hines and Anneke Wills. The exclusive backing card for this "Commemorative Action Figure" was unique to the 'Doctor Who Experience' day, 'A Day with Frazer Hines & Anneke Wills'.

In the two part episode Attack of the Cybermen (1985) Cybermen in black disguise were seen in the sewers beneath the city of London.

Thanks Matt & Tom

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