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Legacy of the Time Lords

Legacy of the Timelords is a Doctor Who Spin off series that, for now anyway, exists only in my head. This show is Jenny's story after she leaves Masilene.
Photo stories are arriving now so keep checking back

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Seven months passed since Jenny left Massilne. She has found no planets to save... no civilazitions to rescue... no creatures to defeat. She did not belong on Massilne and was missing her father now more than ever.

Looking for some trace of the Timelords she lands on a planet called Sessmic. She hopes that by learning about the mythical beings that travel in time and space she may get a clue to the real home of the Timelords.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Hours Passed. Jenny poured over all the texts she could find on the Timelords. Many seemed like children's stories.

She did learn one thing that her father never told her in the breif time that she spent with him. "Gallifrey, the Timelord homeword is called Gallifrey."

As The hours wore on Jenny slamed the last book shut.

"This is Hopeless," She said aloud. "There isn't anything here that tells me where Gallifrey is."

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Jenny walked over to the Circulation Desk.

She asked the libarian, "I need your help. I need to find out where Gallifrey was."

"You need help alright," The libarian answered "Gallifrey isn't real... it never was. It's a myth nothing more."

"It may not be any more but it was at one time," Jenny went on.

"What you need is a Doctor," the librarian said.

More than you know, Jenny thought.

As Jenny turned away she noticed a strange man wearing a green cloak.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

As the libarian turned away the man in the green cloak turned to Jenny.

As he spoke Jenny thought he seemed like an odd little man.

"I thought you were pretty clear," He said in a high squeaky voice, "You need directions... not a doctor."

A moment passed as Jenny continued to evaluate the man. "It doesn't look like I am going to either here," she said to him as she turned to walk away.

"I do not know the way to Gallifrey," He said, "But I do know someone who might be able to point you in the right direction."

"Who are you?" Jenny asked.

"I am Karm. If you come with me I can take you to someone who can help you."

Jenny hesitated. She did not know whether to trust Karm or not.

Karm sensed her unease. "Or you can keep poring over the same meaningless texts. The choice is yours."

"This friend of yours... is he far?" Jenny asked.

"No," Karm said as he lead Jenny towards the Libary exit.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Karm lead Jenny out of the library and onto the street. Jenny felt like this walk was taking forever she wanted answers now.

Jenny decided it was time to ask Karm, "What's it like...?" She asked.

"What?" Karm asked.

"Gallifrey," Jenny continued, "What's it like?"

Karm laughed, "My dear, Gallifrey has been gone for many centuries. Ever since the Great War Accross Time."

"That's what Dad said... a war," Jenny said to herself.

"The Great Timewar is where all of time was saved but where the guardians of time were lost," Karm continued. His expression was a wild as ever.

Karm Continued, "The war became legend. Legend became myth. There are only a handful of us who truly understand what happened."

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

"Wait a minute," Jenny said. "If Gallifrey has been gone for centuries how do you or your friend know anything about it?"

"The Face of Boe is wise and ancient," Karm said. His eyes widened "To say that he has been around forever and knows everything is only a slight exageration."

"Right," Jenny said a little reluctantly. She had the sinking feeling that these were just a couple of crackpots that were wasting her time. But what did hours in the library get her?

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Karm Lead Jenny into an old bookstore.

The bookstore could not have been more different then the library. The bookstore was full of stacks upon stacks of seemingly unorganized old books.

Jenny coughed slightly as she inhaled some dust.

"Jenny of Massilane" Came a Voice from the back of the bookstore.

Jenny peered into the back of the bookstore. She could not make out a person... then she saw it. A massive head contained in a mechanical aparatus. She walked closer to it.

"...Daughter of the Doctor," The Face of Boe continued, "And the last daughter of Gallifrey."

Jenny was a little alarmed. She didn't tell Karm... or anyone else on Sesmic, her name or who she was.

"She is Timelord?" Karm asked the Face of Boe.

"How do you know me?" Jenny asked apprehensively.

The Face of Boe seemed to ignore both of them as he spoke again, "I have waited a long time to see you," He said to Jenny.

Jenny wondered how the Face of Boe could have been waiting so long to meet her since she had only stepped out of the machine seven months ago.

Jenny's doubts swelled. This giant head in a jar was an anicent and wise lifeform.

"Have you always been like that?" Jenny asked "I mean..."

"I have existed for so long in many forms," The Face of Boe said.

"You have many questions...You seek a purpose..." The Face of Boe continued. "Your answers lie in the ashes of Gallifrey."

"I kinda worked that out..." Jenny said, "How do I get there?"

"Go to a place where time stops and the dust never settles," The Face of Boe said to her.

Jenny looked confused. "What does that mean..."

Then a flash of light... Jenny was back at the library. A transmat beam sent her back here.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Jenny seemed on the verge of tears... "That doesn't mean anything," Jenny's anguished voice seemed to echo through the library.

It didn't take the librarian very long to come over to Jenny. "Look, I don't particularly care that you want to talk to fairy tales, or are otherwise totally deranged, but if you don't follow the rules I am going to have to have you removed."

Jenny said nothing. She turned towards the library exit.

As she walked the Face of Boe's words seemed to echo in her head... Go to a place where time stops and the dust never settles.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

"Where time stops and the dust never settles," Jenny said to herself... "Wait a minute..."

Jenny went over to the closest holographic projector. She pulled up a star map. "Spacial dust moving without an outside force acting on it..." if I cross reference that with temporal disturbances..." Jenny said quietly as she worked the controls.

Jenny smiled. She found it. "There... a place where time stops and the dust never settles." But there was no star and no planets, no evidence that there was ever a star or planets here.

Jenny didn't care. This was it... finally a place to look.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Jenny's hearts raced with excitement as she took off from Sessmic. She finally had a goal... a real place to go.

The excitement slowly turned to exhaustion as minutes turned into hours... hours turned into days...

Jenny had dosed off at the controls of her ship when her navigation computer bleeped indicating that she had arrived...

Jenny wasn't sure if she could trust her instruments or not. All of her instruments said the energy vortex in front of her did not exist.

But it did exist. Asteroids and space dust around her were moving erratically. Time itself seemed to accelerate in some places and then stop in others. She was having a hard time keeping the ship on course.

As she struggled to keep the ship steady she noticed something odd. "Hang on a minute," She said aloud to herself.

There was an asteroid a couple hundred yards across that was perfectly still even in spite of the chaos around it. Even stranger than it's stationary state was the fact that there was a breathable pocket of air surrounding it.

Jenny set a course to the stationary asteroid.

As she landed she knew that this is what she was looking for.

Jenny got out of her ship and looked around.

It was absolutely calm and silent in spite of the chaos overhead with asteroids smashing into each other it was like looking through a pane of glass.

There should not be air here. There should not be gravity here. But there was.

Just when it seemed that Jenny's sense of reality could not be stretched any further she made out a ghostly figure of a woman about 50 yards or so from where she was standing. Jenny started walking towards her.

The ghostly figure seemed even more odd as Jenny approached her. She seemed to glow red.

"Hello," Jenny said when she was about twenty feet away. The ghostly figure looked at Jenny, then disappeared. Jenny wondered if she imagined the whole thing.

Jenny walked over to where the ghostly woman was standing. There was unmistakably a metal hatch in the ground.

It appeared to lead to an underground room of some kind. Jenny turned the lever on the hatch. It opened rather effortlessly.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Jenny peered down into the hatch. There was a ladder that led into the darkness below.

There were many very good reasons not to climb down the ladder into the darkness but Jenny ignored them all. What she felt was almost a compulsion. She had to climb down.

Jenny descended the ladder into a dark room. The only light was from the glow of the vortex above. Still Jenny could not help but feel that she was not alone.

Jenny took a couple of steps into the darkness. Without warning the hatch closed an the lights came on.

It took Jenny's eyes a moment to adjust to the light.

"Hello," She called out. Jenny felt like she was not alone even though she saw no one in the room.

What was this place...? Jenny wondered. Was this room on this asteroid a timelord technology. Did somehow this room hold the answers to all of her questions.

Jenny saw a green glowing object. She walked over to it. She could not explain why she was drawn to the object.

Jenny reached out her hand and touched the object.

As Jenny touched the green glowing object images filled her mind. Something was linked to her telepathically. The images and sound seemed to be a blur. It was more that was humanly possible to process.

Too Much... Jenny thought.

It should have been too much but the more Jenny concentrated on the images the more they seemed to make sense.

Jenny saw Gallifrey in all of its splendor. She was aware of the great timelord civilization that watched over the whole of time and space. She knew now that the timelords traveled across time and space in living machines called Tardis's.

This was a tardis. This whole asteroid was one of these living machines. It was the tardis itself that was connected to Jenny telepathically.

Jenny smiled. These were her people... this is where she was from... This is what she had been looking for for so many months. She was grateful to the tardis for showing her this.

Then the images changed. Jenny's expression darkened. With each beat of her hearts a new set of Images...

The Daleks... Horrible creatures that lived inside metal armor suits. The Daleks sought to exterminate all inferior life. Skaro... Their home planet was called Skaro

The War... The Timelords and the Daleks fought a war across time. The war raged on... the whole of time and space hung in the balance.

The Doctor... Her Father... but not as she knew him he was different. Jenny didn't know how she knew it was him but she was certain.

The Battle... Her Father had to make a choice. Stop the Daleks... or all space and time would be lost.

The Price... Gallifrey and all the timelords.

The Void... The empty space between parallel universes. This tardis escaped the the destruction by escaping into the void.

Alone... The Doctor. Looking different still but still not as she knew. The last Timelord and his Tardis a little blue box.

Earth... Along time ago from Jenny's perspective. A young blonde woman surrounded by creatures made of plastic. The Doctor took the woman's hand and told her to run.

Rose... Her name was Rose. She Traveled with the doctor in his Tardis. It change her entire outlook on life.

Captain Jack... another lonely traveler that the Doctor and Rose picked up along the way.

The Daleks... Some had survived hidden in the shadows. The Doctor Rose and Jack had to stop them...

He tricked her... The Doctor sent Rose and his Tardis back to her home.

The Daleks were closing in... Captain Jack was killed by the Daleks.

The Bad Wolf... Rose did not give up. She looked into the heart of the Doctor's Tardis, much as Jenny was looking into the heart of this tardis now...

The Partnership... Rose and the Doctor's Tardis looked into one another. Rose absorbed all of the energy of the tardis and traveled back to the Doctor.

Dust and Life... Rose used the power to turn the Daleks to dust... and bring Captain Jack back to life.

The Change... The Doctor took the energy from Rose and put it back in the Tardis. But at a price... The Doctor was Dying... In a bright glow of light he changed... This time into the Doctor Jenny knew as her father.

Rose... She loved him. The Doctor felt the same way about Rose.

The Daleks... Again the Daleks... Another Battle. Victory but...

Sadness... Rose was trapped in a parallel universe. The Doctors Tardis could not cross the void as this tardis could.

Martha and Donna... Jenny met both Donna and Martha on Massilne.

The images stopped. Jenny had all the answers she was seeking the last several months. She wanted to see her father now more than ever.

Then the holographic generator in the center of the room light up. The tardis showed Jenny a holographic image of a world in a parallel universe called Earth.

"Can we go there?" Jenny asked the tardis out loud.

The Tardis's green core seemed to make a wooshing sound. This sound would have been very familar to any one who traveled with the Doctor but it was new to Jenny. They were moving.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

After only several seconds the tardis stopped. The Green Device was silent. The hatch popped open. No longer were stars above light by the vortex and asteroids but sunlight and a blue sky.

It took Jenny's eyes a moment to adjust to the light. As Jenny looked up she heard voices in the distance. Her hearts started racing... the voices were familiar.

"I know I heard it," A woman's voice said.

"There's nothing here," Jenny was about half way up the ladder when she heard this voice.

Jenny was at the top of the ladder when she heard the woman's voice again. She sounded more incredulous this time "I'm pregnant, not crazy!"

Jenny emerged completely from her Tardis. Her eyes confirmed what her ears had been telling her.

Standing a few steps away was her father. Next to him was a woman that Jenny had never seen before but whom she recognized from the images that the Tardis had shown her. It was Rose. She was noticeably pregnant.

"Dad!" Jenny shouted as she ran to the Doctor.

"Jenny... I thought you died." The Doctor said as he embraced his daughter.

For Jenny this moment was perfect. Everything she had been seeking since she left Massilne she found in the last 20 minutes.

"You didn't regenerate," The Doctor said. "How did you..."

"I woke up an hour after you left," Jenny said.

"Of course, your regeneration energy was absorbed by the cloud of terraform gasses. But your body held onto just enough to heal itself," The Doctor said with a profound sense of realization.

"So that's why I didn't change?" Jenny asked.

"Exactly," The Doctor said. "Your very essence helped terraform Massiline."

Jenny thought back to when she woke up on Massiline. She was happy she didn't change. The idea of becoming a new person terrified her as much as the thought of dying.

"How did you get here?" Rose asked "I thought the this universe sealed itself off after we stopped the reality bomb?"

"I took a ship from Massiline," Jenny began, "I wanted to save worlds."

Jenny continued, "I didn't find any world that needed me. So I looked for Gallifrey. I found dust and rocks," Jenny went on. "In the rocks and dust I found a tardis that escaped the destruction by traveling into the void."

Rose seemed weak. Jenny, the Doctor and Rose went inside the house. Yes the doctor lived in a house with proper windows and doors... and yes, he had a mortgage. He explained how he had been duplicated, how he had been shot by a Dalek weapon and was about to regenerate. The Doctor explained how he didn't want to change and shot the remainder of his regeneration energy into his old hand and how he was the doctor with one heart that grew out of the old hand. He went on to explain that for him this was his last regeneration, that he would grow old and die. He was married to the woman he always loved so long as he had this face. He was known in this world as Dr John Smith. John and Rose Smith saved this world on a couple of occasions.

Although Rose knew that the Doctor had been a parent in previous regenerations she still seemed happy to learn that Jenny was created using only the Doctor's DNA and a Pro generation machine.

Jenny for her own part was elated. She did not find a world to save or the great Timelord civilization but she found a home and a family. She learned that she had a Stepmother and a little brother on the way.

The baby... he had 2 hearts. Timelord traits apparently were very dominant. His name was going to be Jack. The last several months were very hard on Rose because Jack's metabolism was about ten times that of a normal human baby. The only reason this pregnancy was viable is because Rose was young and strong.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Rose stood up "I need to lie down," She said as started to walk towards stairs. She took only 3 steps before her eyes rolled back into her head and she lost consciousness.

Rose would have fallen foward if Jenny had not been there to catch her. Jenny suspected that there was something wrong. A look at her father seemed to confirm her suspisions.

The Doctor's expression seemed frantic as he picked up the telephone. "We've got to get her to the hospital," He said to Jenny as he dialed the phone.

"We can take my tardis," Jenny suggested.

"No," The Doctor said with finality in his tone.

Jenny did not understand why not. It would take them seconds to go where they needed to go but Jenny decided to trust the Doctor on this one.

It took only minutes for the ambulance to take Rose, Jenny and the Doctor to the hospital. The hospital was a military facility. Jenny learned that her father and Rose worked for an organization called UNIT.

It wasn't long before they were joined by Dr Archer and his assistant Jeff. Archer was as much of an expert as there was on alien physiology on this world. Dr Archer had been working with Rose and the Doctor all through the pregnancy.

The prognosis was very grim. The baby was taking too much from Rose's body. It was too soon to take the baby. In short both of them were dying and there seemed little anyone could do about it.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Then Jenny realized that there was a way to save Rose and the baby. But she and only she could do it. How to make it work? Dr Archer, Jeff and her father were talking and did not seem to be paying her much mind.

The previous occupant of this room must have been a soldier as Jenny could see a uniform still hanging in the closet. As Jenny walked over to the closet she found exactly what she needed - a knife.

Jenny's plan was this. Regenerate, heal herself, and throw her remaining regeneration energy at Rose and her brother. The baby had timelord traits he could absorb her regeneration energy.

Jenny's hearts again started to race. she was now face to face with everything that terrified her the most. Death, If this went wrong and she couldn't regenerate she would die. It was worth the risk she told her self. Changing, the thought of becoming a new person terrified Jenny just as much as death, perhaps more so. If she could not throw her regeneration energy she would change. Also worth the risk she told herself.

It seemed as though every muscle in Jenny's body was tense as she drew the blade back.

Jenny heard her father's voice. It was low and distorted, and miles away. "Jenny, No!!!"

Time seemed too slow for Jenny because of all the adrenaline pumping through her body...

Jenny plunged the knife into her chest as hard as she could. Unlike when she got shot the pain this time was immediate and intense. It was so intense she wanted to scream. But she could not scream.

Jenny pulled the knife out of her chest and dropped it on the floor. Blood poured out of her for what seemed like days. It wasn't working. She wasn't regenerating. She was going to die.

Then Jenny felt a tingling in her hands and feet and head that had nothing to do with the wound from the knife. The tingling became a warm feeling that worked it's way up her legs arms and neck.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

This was it. She was regenerating. A second a bright light engulfed her entire body. She had to concentrate. Not on repairing herself but on throwing the energy as her father described.

It took all of Jenny's will but she turned to Rose. The warm feeling had spread over her enitre body now.

With all the effort she could muster she threw the regeneration energy at her unborn brother.

Several seconds passed. Jenny's body returned to normal. Her shirt was still bloody but she was no longer bleeding. She was weak. Too weak to stand. Jenny was not even aware that her father had caught her as her knees gave out from underneath her. Jenny collapsed into unconsciousness.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Jenny didn't know how much time had passed. She was in an unfamiliar place. She was standing on a hillside overlooking a city and the ocean below. Jenny still felt weak.

She looked down to check the wound and did not see anything at all. It was as if she had no body at all. She knew she must have been dreaming. Then she saw the same ghostly figure of a woman that she saw when she found her Tardis.

The ghostly woman did not glow red as she did on the asteroid. She looked grayer and more opaque than the last time Jenny has seen her. Her features seemed less defined.

Jenny knew, although she did not know how, that the ghostly woman was a Hentarian and that she was weak but malevolent. Jenny also knew that the Hentarian had found what she was looking for.

The next moment Jenny opened her eyes. She was no longer dreaming but she was disoriented. She had no idea where she was.

Jenny looked up at the tiled ceiling in the dark room.

Just as she was becoming aware of her surrounding Jenny heard a man's voice. "You gave us quite a scare," he said.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Jenny looked over to see where the voice had come from. She was in a hospital room. Perhaps the same room that Rose was taken to when she arrived at the hosptial. The room was dark and there was a bald man standing by her bedside.

Jenny was still a little disoriented.

"I'm Pete Tyler," He said, "Rose's dad... well sort of."

Jenny's mind suddenely reconnected with her surroundings.

"Rose... the Baby... are they..." Jenny stammered.

"They're fine. Thanks to you." Pete told her.

Jenny sat up. She felt her face.

"You didn't change," Pete told Jenny. "You gave all of your regeneration energy to Rose and Jack that you didn't fully heal yourself."

Jenny believed Pete when he told her that she didn't change but she turned on the light and walked over to the mirror just to be sure.

"Your father has been with you when he wasn't with Rose and the baby. I promised I would stay with you."

Jenny turned to Pete "How Long have I been...?"

"Twelve days," Pete answered. "And you have a ten day old baby brother."

"Can I see him?" Jenny asked.

Just then Jeff, the hospital attendant walked in the room.

Pete spoke to him "Jeff, would you get Doctor Smith from the waiting room down the hall and tell him his Daughter is awake."

"Yes, Mr Tyler," Jeff answered.

Pete Tyler was well known through this hospital and UNIT. After all his company Tyler Industries was largly responsible for creating a practical use for alien technology. There were only a handful of people on this world who truly knew that the Doctor was Timelord, or at least partly Timelord. Even at this facility, except for those directly involved in treating Rose, the baby, and Jenny no one knew that they were not human.

At that moment the Doctor walked in. Jenny could tell that he had not left the hospital in days. It looked as though he was wearing the same shirt as he was when they arrived days ago. His hair was disheveled and he hadn't shaved.

Jenny smiled. "Hi, Dad."

The Doctor was overcome with emotion at the sight of Jenny. The only other time Jenny had seen her father cry was after she got shot on Massaline.

Jenny opened her mouth; she was about to ask about Rose and the baby.

Then the image of the hillside overlooking the costal city returned to her mind. The ghostly Hentarian was speaking, "Where is the source of the energy?" she asked in a voice that was strangely disjointed and echoed.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Jenny also saw a young man standing next to the Hentarian. He was plainly terrified. Again the Hentarian asked him, "Where is the Energy?" in the same disjointed and echoing voice.

The man... his name was Ian... Jenny didn't know how she knew this but she was certain of it. Ian was terrified. Jenny's own hearts started to hammer quickly.

"Jenny..." she heard her father's voice.

Jenny's mind snapped back to reality. She was standing in the hospital room her her father and Pete. Jenny was a little angry with herself. How could she have let her imagination go off on such a tangent at a moment as important as this.

"Are you okay?" Pete asked.

Both the Doctor and Pete were looking at Jenny intently.

"I'm fine," Jenny said.

This answer did not seem to satisfy the Doctor or Pete.

"I'm still half expecting to change," Jenny lied.

The Doctor smiled, "If you were going to change your would have done it after the regeneration."

The Doctor felt closer to his daughter than ever. One timelord in a million could regenerate without changing. He himself did it once. The fact was that Jenny had done it not once but twice. He could not have been more proud of her for saving their family.

Just then Pete said to Jenny "I'll let Rose know your awake." As he left the room.

Over the next several minutes the Doctor recounted the story of Jack's birth. He was born the day after Jenny lost consciousness. He and Rose were here at the hospital for observation. But it was Jenny he was most worried about. The Doctor explained how a transfer of regeneration energy was not supposed to be possible, and that the results could be unpredictable. He hadn't eaten or slept applicably since they arrived at the hospital. He spent his time either with Rose and Jack or with Jenny. The fact that the doctor had not taken care of himself came through in his appearance.

It wasn't long before Doctor Archer returned to the room. He a said that Jenny could leave the hospital so long as she no longer felt weak.

Jenny and the Doctor left to go see Rose and the Jack.

"I can't wait to take him for a ride in the Tardis," Jenny said somewhat excitedly to her father.

"About that..." The Doctor began, "There is a lot I have to teach you before you can go off running around space and time."

As much a Jenny looked forward to spending time with her father she was a little disappointed. She did want to travel through time and space.

The pang of disappointment disappeared however when Rose came around the corner. she was holding the baby.

Rose's face lit up at the sight of the Doctor and Jenny. She looked fabulous Her appearance could not have contrasted more with the Doctor's. She was well cared for. Jenny noticed that Rose even got a haircut. A stranger passing in the hall might think Jenny was Rose's younger sister rather than her step-daughter. Their blond hair made them look more alike than they otherwise might.

Jenny for her part let out an excited squeal as she ran to her step-mother and brother. As Jenny looked at Jack for the first time she felt a connection to him that she could not explain or describe. This was the closest to a perfect moment that Jenny had ever experienced in her life.

Just then she saw the hillside, the Hentarian, and Ian again...

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Jenny was frustrated... even a little angry that she was back on the hillside. Why wouldn't her mind just let her enjoy this moment. As much as she tried to drive it from her mind she saw the Hentarian and the terrified Ian.

"I am growing impatient," the Hentarian said in the angry echoing voice. "Where is the source of the energy."

"I don't know what you are talking about," Ian stammered.

Without another word the Hentarian reached into Ian's chest. His hand seemed to go right through him.

There was a flash of red light and Ian was gone. The Hentarian's arm seemed to glow red for a moment. Jenny knew that Ian was dead and the Hentarian had grown stronger.

Jenny hated the Hentarian Ewa, the Hentarian's name was Ewa, she couldn't explain how she knew this but she was certain. Jenny didn't know if she hated Ewa more for killing Ian or for disrupting her time with her family.

Just then Jack yawned. Jenny was back in the hospital corridor with The Doctor, Rose and her baby brother.

"Are you okay?" Rose asked Jenny.

Jenny smiled. "I couldn't be better," she lied. Jenny wanted these images not to be real. But deep down she knew that Ewa was out there somewhere.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Later that day Rose, Jack, the Doctor, and Jenny returned home.

Over the course of the next week Jenny continued to have images of Ewa the Hentarian in her mind. Jenny pushed them away. "It's not real," she would often say to herself. Jenny however was not fully convinced of this.

Trying to keep herself focused Jenny threw herself into the task of helping to take care of Jack.

Like babies often do Jack did not sleep all the way through a night. Although the crib was much closer to where Rose and the Doctor slept, when the baby cried Jenny was usually the first one to the crib.

One day, after a especially disturbing Hentarian image, Jenny thought to herself... Thats thirteen... Ewa's killed 13 people. What am I talking about... IT'S NOT REAL!

Jenny wanted very much to tell the Doctor and Rose about these images. But it was crazy. They would think she was crazy.

Jenny thought that Rose would be less inclined to judge her than her father. Jenny and Rose had gotten close. In fact Jenny considered Rose to be her best friend. But everytime Jenny would try to tell Rose she just couldn't get the words out.

Try as she might Jenny could never get the opportunity to tell Rose about the Hentarian, Ewa and the visions she seemed to be having with increasing frequency. It was clear to Jenny that Ewa was getting stronger and stronger with each person she killed.

Jenny also had an increasing and unexplainable desire to go back to her Tardis.

The Doctor had told Jenny on any number of occasions that he did not want her to go into her Tardis alone.

One evening when the Doctor and Jenny were sitting on the couch in the living room. Jenny was back with Ewa, high in the mountains overlooking the city and the sea, Ewa was building something. Jenny did not know what the Hentarian was building but she was close to reaching her goal.

As Jenny had done so many times before she pushed the images from her mind. It's not real, she told herself.

Just then the Television caught Jenny's eye. It took her a moment to process what she was seeing. A photo of Ian, Ewa's first victim, stared at her on the screen.

Jenny, turned up the volume. The anchor woman said, "French authorities have been slow to look into the disappearance of 38-year old Ian Little, who was on holiday with his family when he disappeared ten days ago."

Jenny felt an enormous weight in the pit of her stomach. It was real.

"Little, was last seen hiking in mountains above Le Virge, France, on the Mediterranean Coast." The Anchor woman continued as the news showed footage of the mountains.

Jenny's hands were trembling; she was on the verge of tears.

The Doctor may as well have been a million miles away from Jenny when he said her name. "Jenny..."

"It's my fault..." Jenny began as tears started to stream down her face.

The news report went on seemingly without mercy... "French authorities have denied persistent reports that more people are missing from the same area."

Jenny continued, "Its my fault those people are dead," She sobbed.

"Jenny what are you talking about?" The Doctor asked. "People go missing all the time."

Jenny did not know if it was more difficult to see pictures of Ian's family on the news or to meet her father's gaze. She opted for the latter.

Jenny told the Doctor everything about the ghostly woman she saw on her Tardis when she found it. She told him about the images... about Ian, and this woman was a Hentarian named Ewa. She described the environment in great detail and each of the victims. She explained that Ewa seemed to get stronger with each person she killed.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

"I have brought a plague to this world." The tears continued to stream down Jenny's face. "She came here in my tardis."

At that moment Rose walked into the living room. Jenny suspected that Rose had heard most of the conversation she had had with her father.

Rose reminded Jenny that if it hadn't been for her neither Rose or Jack would be alive now.

Jenny knew she had to act now to stop Ewa.

In spite of protests form her Father and Rose, Jenny ran... away from the one thing she treasured more than anything in the... in any universe, her family. She ran out of the house into the street. Before the Doctor and Rose could stop her Jenny climbed down into the manhole that was her tardis and closed the hatch above.

Jenny set the tardis to transit to Le Virge, France, present day, this universe.

With the familiar whooshing sound the tardis was off to France.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

It took only a few seconds to arrive at its destination and for the tardis engines to stop. At almost that exact moment the tardis hatch opened. Jenny walked over towards the ladder. Much to her surprise a man walked down the ladder into her tardis.

"Who are you?" Jenny asked with a bit of alarm in her voice.

"You're late," the man said. Jenny wasn't sure that he was talking to her as he was not making eye contact with her at all. "Oh well," He continued, "Best get started I suppose."

The man pulled a device out of his coat pocket that Jenny recognized as a sonic screwdriver.

"What are you doing?" Jenny asked as the man walked over to the tardis controls and started working on them with his sonic screwdriver.

"Oh dear," The stranger said. "This will not do at all." He did not look up from what he was doing.

"Stop that!" Jenny shouted.

The more Jenny wanted to get his attention the more focused on his task he seemed to become.

"Oi! I'm talking to you!"

The stranger walked around Jenny to get to the tardis engine. Again he began to work very quickly with his sonic screwdriver.

Jenny made to grab the sonic screwdriver. The stranger deflected her arms without even slowing down.

Jenny didn't know or much care who this bloke was. She knew she was stronger than him.

"I'm not going to tell you again," Jenny said.

The stranger did not react to Jenny.

"There we are..." he said "Almost done."

Jenny would not let him complete whatever it was he was doing. Jenny kicked at him. The stranger undaunted grabbed her ankle and knocked Jenny to the ground without even looking at her.

Jenny was terrified. "Who are you?" much more fear came through in Jenny's voice than she would have liked.

The stranger finished what he was working on. He looked at Jenny for the first time. He smiled. "Jenny you are so predictable." he said. "I have to admit I really miss this you."

Jenny's hearts thundered in her chest. Not only was this man impervious to all of her strength but he knew her.

"I did have to act fast. to keep your tardis from destroying most of the planet," He said. "You have no idea how furious Dad is with you right now."

It took almost two full seconds for his words to sink in.

Jenny gasped, "Jack...?"

He smiled.

It was true. He was an older version of her baby brother.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Jack Offered a hand to help Jenny up.

"But..." Jenny stammered as her mind raced. A dozen questions raced through her mind. It took her a full 3 seconds to decide on one. "Why are you here?"

"Because If you move against the Hentarian alone you will die," Jack answered.

"How do I know you're really who you say you are?" Jenny asked

Jack looked at her apprasingly. It was as if he had planned to say this for years. "Jenny, when you gave me your regenaration energy before I was born, you not only gave me your strength... you gave me your memories too."

Jack continued, "I remember stepping out of the machine on Massiline. I remember you tricking Cline to get out of the jail cell... by the way what did you ever see in that bloke?"

Jenny shot Jack a disapproving look. But she never told anyone that she fully enjoyed kissing Cline while she stole his gun.

Jack continued, "I remember choosing to help Dad and not the Children of the machine. I remember getting shot. I remember taking the ship and wondering for months. I remember Sesmic and the Face of Boe. I remember how happy you were to find us on Earth...:"

Jack hesitated. "I remember how scared you were when you plunged that knife into your chest."

For a moment Jack looked as though he was on the verge of tears. He regathered his composure. "I won't let you die here."

After a long moment Jenny said, "You can't be here Jack. It will disrupt the timeline."

"Jenny," Jack began, "One of the things your going to learn is your tardis is stronger than most. The telepathic link for example. All Tardis's have a telepathic link with their timelord but your's is so strong it gave you almost a complete account of the Hentarian's activities."

Jenny looked confused, how did this relate to what she said about disrupting the timeline?

Jack continued. "This Tardis is stronger in other ways too. It can sustain a paradox much easier than Dad's old beat up blue box ever thought about."

"So that means..." Jenny began

"As you travel through time and space you have a lot more margin for error."

"I need to sit down," Jenny said. She wanted that nice comfortable chair from the living room at her family's house.

"What did I tell you," Jack said as he pointed behind Jenny. "Stronger than your avarage tardis."

Jenny turned around. There it was, the chair she was thinking about. It wasn't there a moment ago. Jenny touched it to make sure it was real.

Jenny no longer wanted to sit down. Right in front of her the chair vanished.

Jenny shook her head in disbelief. "We better get going if we're going to stop her." Jenny said

Jenny and Jack climbed up the ladder and out of the Tardis. It was much colder here than it was in London. They were high in the mountains. A large metal structure was in front of them.

"That's not supposed to be here," Jack said.

"It's called the Citadel," Jenny said. This was more information that the tardis had given her through the telepathic link.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

"So that's what they call it," Jack said. "I haven't seen anything like it in all my hundred and nine years."

Jenny stopped walking towards the Citadel. She turned to Jack. "If you're that old that means you can..."

"Regenerate," Jack chuckled, "Yes, I've done it twice."

Jenny didn't know what to say.

Jack looked at his watch, "We might cover more ground if we split up," he said.

Jenny wasn't sure if he just needed to end this conversation or if he knew what was going to happen. Either way she decided not to object. Jenny nodded.

As Jack walked away Jenny walked closer to the Citadel.

Ewa seemed to appear out of nowhere.

A wave of cold fury ran through Jenny's body at the sight of Ewa.

"Jenny of Massaline," Ewa's cold disjointed echoing voice filled the air. "How good of you to finally come. I was afraid I would have to seek you out."

Jenny was barely able to contain her rage. "This stops now, Ewa."

Ewa laughed. "I don't need to harvest any more individuals. I will use the Citadel to bring a Hentarian Army to this universe and harvest it. Our universe will prevail."

Jenny's rage subsided. It was something that she had not considered. Why was Ewa doing what she was doing?

"It doesn't have to be this way Ewa," Jenny said, "Let me help you."

"Foolish Child," Ewa said to Jenny mockingly. "Do you think just because our universe is being pulled into the void we are to be pitied?" Ewa continued, "We have become stronger. We exist in many universes at once."

The rage was returning to Jenny now.

"We will harvest this universe's energy so that ours will be protected from the void. Starting with this pathetic little planet.," Ewa said as if she knew she was provoking Jenny.

Jenny's fists were clenched in rage.

Ewa's expression turned to a sinister smile. "If you want to stop me than by all means, child, try."

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

Ewa took one step closer.

"What shall I harvest next...?" Ewa said as she walked around Jenny. "Perhaps that family of yours."

The rage was swelling in Jenny. In an almost totally uncontroled fashion Jenny lunged at Ewa. She wanted to rip Ewa apart with her bare hands.

Ewa dodged Jenny's attack.

"That's a good girl," Ewa's taunt strenghtened Jenny's rage.

Each time Jenny took a swing at Ewa, Ewa dodged.

"You are persistant but stupid," Ewa taunted. "But I'll give you what you want."

Jenny took one more swing at Ewa. This time Ewa made no effort to dodge. Jenny's blow landed right on Ewa's stomoch. But Jenny's fist went right through Ewa.

Jenny now stood with her fist inside Ewa's abdomen. She couldn't move her arm out of Ewa. As Ewa laughed Jenny felt an enourmous jolt of pain. It was as if all the energy was being drained out of her body.

With all of her strength Jenny backed away managing to free her hand from Ewa's body. But Ewa was still draining Jenny. The pain continued.

Ewa glowed brighter and brighter as she drained more and more energy from Jenny.

Just then very suddenly the pain stopped. Jenny fell to the ground with a thud.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

"I am not going to kill you yet," Ewa's voice while as malevolent as ever seemed less disjointed and echoing.

By absorbing some of Jenny Ewa grew even stronger. Jenny felt weak. She intended to jump back up and keep fighting Ewa but it took all of her strength to sit up.

Ewa smiled at the sight of Jenny's struggle.

"I owe you a debt of gratitude, Child." Ewa Began. "You see this world could have sustained this part of me for centuries. The citadel will take the energy from your tardis as easily as I took energy from you. By bringing your tardis to the citadel, you have made it possible for it to open a porthole and bring billions of Hentarians to this universe. We will expand the Hentarian Empire beyond our wildest dreams. And it's all thanks to you."

Jenny got back to her feet.

"Don't do this. It doesn't have to be this way." Jenny said in a weak voice. "There's always a choice."

"Poor naive, child," Ewa began, "How little you understand."

Ewa turned to the citadel. The citadel started to glow. A jet of light shot out of the top of it.

Just then Jack ran over to Jenny.

"We're too late," Jenny said to Jack.

Jack's face did not share the panic of Jenny's. In fact it seemed as thought he was trying very hard to repress a grin.

Jenny wondered what was wrong with Jack.

At Just that moment the ground began to shake. This seemed to be as much a surprise to Ewa as it was to Jenny.

The Jet of light shooting out from the citadel changed from white to purple.

Now it was Ewa who looked frantic.

Jack waived to Ewa as she and the citadel were being pulled into the ground. The purple light seemed to be going into the ground, the exact opposite of what the white light was doing a moment ago.

After only a moment the citadel and Ewa were gone, as was the purple light. Jenny and Jack walked over to where the spot where the citadel had been.

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

"What happened?" Jenny asked.

"When the citadel started to tap the tardis's energy it backfired on itself and pulled the hentarian and the citadel into the void," Jack explained.

Jenny and Jack walked back over to the tardis and climbed down the ladder.

"I suppose I can make a side trip to the future before going back home," Jenny said to Jack.

"You could do that," Jack began. "But the truth of the matter is, Jenny, you are ready."

"Ready for what?" Jenny asked.

"To start your Journey," Jack said as he walked over to the heart of Jenny's Tardis. "Your Tardis can go anywhere at any time in any universe."

Jenny looked conflicted. "The paradox has already began. Limitless possibilities await you. And I could help you for a time... If you want to."

Jenny Smiled as she activated the tardis engine.

"So where are we off to?" Jack asked.

As the tardis engine began to make the familiar pulsing sound Jenny said, "I have no idea."

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

The End ... Thanks Kevin

Matt Smith Matt Smith

11th Doctor Matt Smith

Romana II Romana II Romana II

Romana II from 'Destiny of the Daleks' 1979

The Doctor and The Doctor's Daughter Jenny The Doctor and The Doctor's Daughter Jenny

The Doctor's Daughter Jenny.

It is love of Jenny's character and the shock to see that Jenny is not in the second wave of series 4 figures that motivates my to share my recipe for this figure. The figure begins life as a New Earth Rose. After removing Rose's hair and shirt I use an oven bake clay called sculpy. A new shirt has to be created with green sculpy and hair with tan sculpy. get the braid right it involves twisting 2 peices of tan sculpy rolled into a cylinder shape. once the shirt and hair are finished it is necessary to fire the sculpy. Rather than using an oven to heat the figure, which can melt the plastic I put the figure in boiling water for 2 minutes.

The new packaging is conciderabially more difficult to customize than the original (I suspect this is done so by design). In order to get the figure out of the new packaging without destroying the package you need to very carefully cut along the bottom of the package. I do this with a razor blade. Once the old figure is out and the new figure is in the package can be resealed with superglue.

9th Doctor

The 'Parallel Universe 9th' - Little is known about Rose's universe. In this story we learn about the parallel Galifrey and the Great Time War. In the parallel universe the Timelords, lead by the Doctor defeated the Daleks. But instead of the price being the Life of Galifrey the price was it's soul. In the parallel universe the 9th Doctor, known as the General, is the unquestioned military dictator of Galifrey. The General is a master statesman as well as a super soldier. He can make you think you are an evil person if you don't help him commit genocide. He combines elements of the Master, Davros, and yes our beloved 9th Doctor.

Custom Tenth Doctor

Kevin's Tenth in a slightly larger scale than Character's

Custom Fifth Doctor

Kevin's Fifth

Custom Doctor

Doctor in thermal gear with Jackie Tyler

Custom Jackie Tyler Custom Jackie Tyler

Custom Jackie Tyler

Custom Journeys End Doctor and Rose Custom Journeys End Doctor and Rose Custom Journeys End Doctor and Rose Custom Journeys End Doctor and Rose Custom Journeys End Doctor and Rose Custom Journeys End Doctor

Custom Journey's End one-hearted semi-human Doctor and pregnant Rose. "Rose's wedding ring was done by painting a very narrow band of gold on her finger. Then I put a single piece of glitter over top of the band of gold simulating a diamond. The Doctor is the same one that I made in shirtsleeves, but I swiched out his arms for Dr Constantine's to give him a bit more articulation and I replaced his left hand with the Harold Saxon Master to give him the wedding band." Also custom brown suited Doctor from Journeys End.

Series 1 9th Doctor Custom Figure Customised Rose Tyler from Doomsday episode

Father's Day 9th Doctor
Pete Tyler and baby Rose
Pete Tyler, Version 2 & 3
Customised Rose from Doomsday

Series 1 Mickey from 'Rose' Custom Figure Series 3 Jack Harkness Custom Figure Series 1 Jack Harkness Custom Figure from Bad Wolf / Parting of the Ways Peter Davidson 5th Doctor Custom Figure

Series 1 Mickey from 'Rose' Custom Figure
Custom Series 3 Utopia Jack Harkness Figure & Series 1 Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways
Customised Peter Davidson 5th Doctor Classic Figure

Customised Doctor Who in Shirtsleeves Customised Parallel Universe Rose and Doctor Customised UNIT Trooper Customised UNIT Trooper

Custom Doctor Who figure: Once I removed the jacket I used a dermal tool to sand the the sleeves even with the shoulders. I then used some clay to add some length to the tie. Once that was done, I painted the shirt and tie as well as the pants. Using paint I created the illusion of a belt with a gold buckle.
Customised Parallel Universe Rose and Doctor: What got me into Dr Who Figure Customizing in the first place is the desire to create figures from my own fan fiction. As to my figure construction technique, swapping body parts involves heating the figure so the joints loosen up.
Unit Trooper

Customised Captain Jack Harkness Customised Captain Jack Harkness with Longcoat (The Empty Child) Customised Harold Saxon Master Figure Empty Child and custom friend

Customised Captain Jack in t-shirt jeans and a suit coat. This figure is really a collection of spare parts but I think he turned out reasonably well. Plus Jack Harkness in longcoat as seen in The Empty Child. Says Kevin "I used the Doctor's coat. The hard part was not at all to get the coat off of the Doctor but rather to get it onto Jack. I needed to sand a lot of of the Jack figure for the Coat to fit. Then I used clay to make the epaulettes and of course the charcol gray paint". Also a more casual Harold Saxon Master figure in a sweater vest. "This figure was another one that is nothing more than a collection of spare parts". Empty Child and custom friend.

Customised Doctor Who in Tuxedo with Bannakaffallatta Customised Doctor Who in Tuxedo with Bannakaffallatta - Mark 1 Customised Doctor Who in Tuxedo with Bannakaffallatta - Mark 2

Custom Voyage of the Damned Doctor in Tuxedo with Bannakaffalatta.

Customised Rose from Series 4 Partners in Crime Customised Rose from Partners in Crime Customised Series 4 Rose from Partners in Crime Customised Series 4 Rose from Stolen Earth New Earth with New Arms

Custom Rose from Series 4 Partners in Crime & Stolen Earth plus New Earth Rose with Astrid arms

Customised Kevin Customised Kevin & Friends Customised Kevin & Friends

Custom Kevin Series 1 Action Figure & 'Legacy of the Time Lords' Kevin with John and Jessie plus the Children of Time from Journey's End

Customised Kevin, Sarah & Liz

Custom Kevin Series 1 Action Figure with Series 2 Sarah & Series 3 Liz

Custom 5 Inch Playset featuring Customised Rose Custom Bad Wolf Playset
Custom Playset Custom Bad Wolf Playset with Dalek Sec, Custom Rose with Preacher Gun and The Doctor

Custom 'Bad Wolf' Playset

The Doctor from Silence in the Libary The Doctor from Silence in the Libary The Doctor from Silence in the Libary

The Doctor from Silence in the Libary (2008). This figure unlike any other 10th Doctor has full arm articulation and removable glasses.

Thanks Kevin
Photos © Kevin may not be Reproduced

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