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Holographic Ninth Doctor
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Ninth Doctor

Doctor Who Action Figure
Holographic 9th Doctor

Note: this Holographic Ninth Doctor figure is not a production figure and will never be released.

Ninth Doctor

Holographic Ninth Doctor Action Figure

The Holographic Ninth Doctor figure is a pre-production sample and will never be released.

This amazing figure is a pre-production action stance Holographic Ninth Doctor, commissioned by Character Options, and sculpted by Designworks Windsor. A pre-production sample, unlike a prototype, is made of the standard plastic and fully articulated. Such pre-production samples are made by the factory to test paint operations and overall look before final approval.

The Holographic 9th Doctor is made from semi-transparent plastic and has a completely unique paint finish.

The figure is extremely rare; one of only a very limited run of such sample figures that were made for approval. Since it did not get approval the Holographic 9th will never be released.

Though this copy of the Holographic 9th currently resides in Israel, its current owner, Lior, bought the figure in late 2008 from an online auction seller based in Hong Kong.

Holographic Ninth Doctor Hand Holographic Ninth Doctor Head

The Holographic 9th Doctor

Thanks Lior - Images not to be Reproduced

Ninth Doctor Holographic Prototype Ninth Doctor Prototype

Ninth Doctor 'Holographic' - Thanks Dan

The Ninth Doctor (Official Production Versions)

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