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The Old Doctor
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Old & Ancient Doctor Figures

The Tenth Doctor (Aged and Ancient)

Old Doctor Figure

The Tenth Doctor (Aged and Ancient) Thanks Jake

Ancient Doctor Figure

The Ancient Doctor
From the Tenth Doctor twinpack featuring the Aged & Ancient Doctors. Comprises part of the Series 1, 2 & 3 Gelth Phantom Collect N Build wave 2009

Old Doctor Figure

The Aged Doctor
From 'The Tenth Doctor' twinpack 2009 as seen in Series 3 Last of the Time Lords

Old Doctor Figure

Licensed by BBC Worldwide Limited © BBC 2007

Old Doctor Figure

The Aged Doctor & The Master

Old Doctor Figure

The Aged Doctor

This figure is the Aged Tenth Doctor from the episode Last of The Time Lords. This particular example originates from an ebay seller based in Hong Kong.

Says Richard, "You can really see what sort of work must go into the prototype figures, his face is spot-on! The level of detail is unlike any other figure, and the changes in paint colour really do make the figures face look just like the prosthetics, even down to the neck's flabby skin."

Also, note the episode-correct dark blue/grey shirt, and brown tie with white details. The shirt seems to be slightly different to all other 10th Doctor moulds, as the collar juts out over the jacket more than the others, I suppose to enhance the look of the aged Doctor".

Thanks Richard

Old Doctor Figure

The Old Doctor Thanks © 'potato' Scallop

Old Doctor Figure Ancient Doctor Figure

The Doctor (Aged & Ancient) - Thanks Cameron

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