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Peri and Sil

Peri and Sil

Peri and Sil from Vengeance on Varos (1985)

December 2010 UT/FPI Exclusive

The Peri and Sil twinpack is significant as the first release of any classic companion.

Peri and Sil

Peri and Sil with Tank Thanks Cyberlek

Peri and Sil Peri and Sil Peri and Sil

Perpugilliam aka 'Peri' Brown, played by Nicola Bryant, was the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker's companion in the two part Vengeance on Varos from 1985. Peri first appeared in Planet of Fire (1984) alongside Fifth Doctor Peter Davison.

Sil Sil

Sil Thanks Cyberlek

Sil, played by Nabil Shaban, is a member of the Mentor species, amphibian creatures from the planet Thoros Beta. Mentors have two arms and a tail but no lower limbs. They communicate via small translation devices connected to their necks. Sil works for the Galatron Mining Corporation mercilessly extracting the valuable Zeiton-7 commodity from the impoverished inhabitants of the planet Varos.

The Sil figure comes with a mobile water tank accessory which helps to keep him cool.

Sil Sil

Peri and Sil Thanks Cyberlek

Peri and Sil


Sil - Thanks Ian O'

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