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Q.L.A. Device

Q.L.A. Device & Cleric Wars App Game

QLA Device

Q.L.A. Device October 2012

Character Options' QLA (Quantum Lokk Accelerator) Anti Time Device is the first Doctor Who toy to feature 'augmented reality' play when used with a downloadable app and smartphone.

The first app to be released, featuring Daleks, Cyberman and Angels, is called Cleric Wars and is available as a free download for android and apple smartphones from October 2012.

Download the Cleric Wars app, lock a smartphone in the detachable holder, connect to the QLA Device and battle Daleks, Cyberman and Angels in your own front room!

Cleric Wars App on the Doctor Who QLA Device

Cleric Wars App on the Doctor Who QLA Device October 2012

The prototype for this product was first revealed at Toy Fair 2012 AppGear

The similar 'Electronic Q.L.A. Anti-Time Device' is also available as a standalone toy, not requiring a smartphone Electronic Q.L.A Anti-Time Device

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