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18 Inch Supreme Dalek
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18" RC Supreme Dalek

RC Supreme Dalek

"The new 18” scale Supreme Dalek has totally different packaging to the bronze and Sec versions; it's now all plastic. It looks awesome and is taller than the standard voice interactive version!"

The dalek itself is far superior to other 18" versions in both detail and the voice used for the phrases. The packaging is just superb and a lot easier to open and assemble.

"This one is not ‘voice interactive’, but does have the improved radio control of the interactive one, i.e. head and eye can be moved separately."

"Also the speech now operates whilst the dalek is moving, something that the existing interactive versions could not do under radio control."

"I’ve included a picture of the packaging, and a shot of the 18" RC Supreme Dalek with two standard versions."

Supreme Dalek

18" Radio Control Supreme Dalek

Supreme Dalek

RC 18" Supreme Dalek

Thanks Paul

Supreme Dalek Supreme Dalek

5" Dalek Action Figure & 18" RC Supreme Dalek

Thanks Chris

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5" Supreme Dalek 12" Supreme Dalek

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