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Sonic Screwdriver Reissue Assortment

Classic Sonic Screwdriver Reissues

Sonic Screwdriver Reissues

Classic Sonic Screwdriver Reissues

Toy Fair Mock Up, London January 22nd 2013

Sonic Screwdriver Reissues - Toy Fair 2013 Mock Up

Classic Sonic Screwdriver Reissues

Packaging Mock Up January 2013

The 2013 assortment of Character Options Sonic Screwdrivers from Classic and New Series episodes includes The Third Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, The Fourth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver & River Song's Future Sonic Screwdriver

Thanks Mr F

Classic Sonic Screwdriver Collection

Classic Sonic Screwdriver Collection Thanks Joe

11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Sonic Screwdrivers The sonic screwdriver was created by Victor Pemberton

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