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The Master's Laser Screwdriver
The Master's Laser Screwdriver
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The Master's Laser Screwdriver

Sonic Screwdrivers

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An essential Doctor Who accessory, the Sonic Screwdriver can be found in several formats

New for 2016

  • Heritage Sonic Screwdrivers
    New from Character Options a rebranded and repackaged range of sonic screwdrivers from the classic and new series eras Sonic Screwdriver Reissues Third, Fourth, Tenth's & Riversong's Sonic Screwdrivers
  • Classic Sonic Screwdriver Reissues Classic Sonic Screwdriver Reissues Classic Sonic Screwdriver Reissues
  • Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote
    New Licensee The Wand Company release gesture-based 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote Sonic Screwdriver Remote Followed by Limited Edition Gold and Silver Plated Versions (250 numbered pieces worldwide)
  • The Wand Company Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control The Wand Company Limited Edition Gold and Silver Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control
  • Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Remote
    10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Remote by The Wand Company Sonic Screwdriver Remote
  • The Wand Company Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control
  • Trans Temporal Sonic Screwdriver
    New 2012 Trans Temporal Sonic Screwdriver Trans Temporal Sonic
  • Trans Temporal Sonic Screwdriver Trans Temporal Sonic Screwdriver Trans Temporal Sonic Screwdriver

  • Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver Set
    Over 80 different combinations BYO Sonic
  • Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver Set aka Build Your Own Sonic Screwdriver Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver Set
  • Sonic Screwdriver Scooter
    Interactive Sonic Screwdriver Scooter from MV Sports This item will remain a prototype only and is not now due to go into production
  • Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Scooter by MV Sports
  • Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote
    2010 Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote Wii Remote
  • Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote
  • Sonic Screwdriver Stylus
    Sonic Screwdriver Nintendo DS Stylus - Thanks Lee
  • Sonic Screwdriver Stylus for Nintendo DS
  • Second Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
    'Original' Second Doctor Patrick Troughton Sonic Screwdriver Second Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • Second Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • Third Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
    Jon Pertwee's Sonic Screwdriver 3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • The Third Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Third Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • Fourth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
    Tom Baker's Sonic Screwdriver 4th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • The Fourth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver The Fourth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
  • Sonic Screwdriver Projector Pen
    2010 Sonic Screwdriver Projector Pen Projector Pen
  • Sonic Screwdriver Projector Pen
  • Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
    Matt Smith's Sonic Screwdriver 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • Wow Stuff 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
    New licensee Wow Stuff have produced a die-cast version of Matt Smith's Sonic Screwdriver. This 'real' screwdriver includes three interchangeable bits with Phillips and flathead tips which are stored in the base. Features light and sound effects 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • Wow Stuff 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • Wow Stuff 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Pen
    Wow Stuff Sonic Pen. 'Executive' sonic screwdriver pen with metal body and black and green ink cartridges. First release 2010
  • Wow Stuff 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Pen
  • 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver LED Torch
    11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver LED Torch features green LED light 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  • 11th Doctor LED Sonic Screwdriver Torch
  • The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
    2010 Limited Edition End of Time pack. UV Light & Pen - Write and Reveal Hidden Messages
  • The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

  • Mini Sonic Screwdriver Pen
    & Journal of Impossible Things Mini Sonic Screwdriver Pen
  • Character Options Mini Sonic Screwdriver Pen & Journal of Impossible Things

  • Mini Sonic Screwdriver
    & Captain Jack's Vortex Manipulator. Jack's Vortex Manipulator has light effects, a removable cover and adjustable strap. The Mini Sonic Screwdriver also features light effects Mini Sonic Screwdriver
  • Character Options Mini Sonic Screwdriver & Jack's Vortex Manipulator

  • Future Sonic Screwdriver
    River Song's Future Sonic Screwdriver features light and sound effects and comes with interchangeable red and blue screwdriver tips Future Sonic Screwdriver
  • Character Options Future Sonic Screwdriver

  • Sonic Pen
    The Sonic Pen is packaged with the Sonic Screwdriver as a two pack. Both the Sonic Pen and the Screwdriver have light and sound effects and can write with black ink nibs. The Sonic Pen is as used by Miss Foster of Adipose Industries in the Series 4 episode Partners in Crime (2008)
  • Sonic Pen Set

  • Interactive Sonic and Laser Screwdriver Set
    The Electronic and Infrared Interactive Sonic and Laser Screwdriver Set includes the Doctor's Electronic Sonic Screwdriver, The Master's Laser Screwdriver and a Toclafane Sphere Target Counter. Both sonics feature light and sound effects and new LED counters to register 'hits' from the opposing weapon
  • Interactive Sonic and Laser Screwdriver Set

  • The Master's Laser Screwdriver
    Styled in brass and chrome effect The Master's Laser Screwdriver features light and sound effects. The screwdriver has three yellow laser effect lights at the tip. It has two ranges of sound; the laser sound effect and the ageing process sound effect. The device can be extended to the 'armed' position with a push button control Review
  • The Master's Laser Screwdriver - Thanks Jacob The Master's Laser Screwdriver with laser light effects

  • Electronic Sonic Screwdriver
    This battery-powered electronic sonic screwdriver by Character Options has authentic light and sound effects activated by pushing a button on the barrel. It features 'invisible' ink revealed by the sonic screwdriver's light and includes a book of secret codes and 30 printed Gallifrey notelets. The front can be made to slide out. This version is just under 8 inches long and can also be used as a normal ink pen by changing the nib. There are three versions of this product. The original 2005 version featured Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston on the packaging. The updated model features Tenth Doctor David Tennant and refined colour and detailing including louder sound effects. The 2013 Underground Toys 'The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver' features revised packaging Review
  • Ninth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Underground Toys The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver 2013

  • Sonic Screwdriver (2007)
    The 2007 version of the sonic screwdriver has wipeable psychic paper included, differing from earlier versions that had notelets. Doctor Who's psychic paper shows people whatever he wants them to see

  • Version 2 David Tennant Sonic Screwdriver and Version 3 2007 Sonic Screwdriver with Psychic Paper
    Sonic Screwdriver with Psychic Paper

  • Sonic Screwdriver LED Torch
    This torch version of the Doctor's sonic screwdriver is tipped with brightly shining blue LED lights. This pocket-sized screwdriver is smaller than the electronic version

  • Sonic Screwdriver LED Torch

  • Sonic Screwdriver Bath Gift Set
    This Character Options set contains 150ml of bath and shower gel, a sonic screwdriver bath fizzer dispenser and 30 bath fizzers. Mode of operation; fill the sonic screwdriver with the bath fizzers and discharge, then rinse off with the Intergalactic Cleansing Agent
  • Sonic Screwdriver Bath Gift Set Sonic Screwdriver Bath Gift Set

  • Squirty Sonic Screwdriver
    The Squirty Sonic Screwdriver was only available as a freebie with the Doctor Who Adventures magazine in Issue 9 2006. The Squirty Screwdriver is filled through the stopper at the top and is 'fired' by pressing on the black end of the screwdriver. There are at least two versions of the 10th's squirty sonic Thanks Karl
  • Squirty Sonic Screwdriver Squirty Sonic Screwdriver and Pen Sonic Screwdriver Squirty Sonic Screwdriver

  • Master's Laser Squirter
    The Master's Laser Squirter as found with Doctor Who Adventures magazine circa 2007 Thanks Lee
  • Masters Laser Screwdriver Squirter

  • Sonic Screwdriver Squirter
    The 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Squirter as found with Doctor Who Adventures magazine circa 2011 Thanks Lee
  • Squirty Sonic Screwdriver

  • Sonic Screwdriver Pen
    A free Sonic Screwdriver Pen and Tardis post-it notes were given away with issue 36 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine (though not across the whole of the UK). Essentially identical to the squirter, the Sonic Pen has no hole and stopper to be filled up with water, the 'squirty' part is blocked, and the black end hides a pen. The pen has blue ink with a fine tip; the front section can be turned to extend the nib Thanks Jacob and Karl
  • Sonic Screwdriver Pen Sonic Screwdriver Pen nib detail Sonic Screwdriver Pen and Squirty Sonic Screwdriver tip comparison Sonic Screwdriver Pen and Squirty Sonic Screwdriver end comparison

  • 5" The Doctor Action Figure Sonic Screwdriver Accessory
    There are two different versions of the 5" scale Sonic Screwdriver action figure accessory. The first (darker) version was included only with the Dalek Battle Pack Ninth Doctor. The 12" figure Sonic Screwdriver accessory is a scaled up version of the second 5" version Thanks Karl aka hoosier whovian
  • Sonic Screwdriver accessory

  • 5" The Master Laser Screwdriver Accessory
    The 5" Series 3 The Master action figure comes with a Laser Screwdriver accessory Thanks Hoosier Whovian
  • The Doctor Sonic Screwdriver accessory and The Master Laser Screwdriver accessory

  • Sarah Jane Smith's Sonic Lipstick Accessory
    See the Sarah Jane page Sonic Lipstick

Sonic Screwdriver Prop Replicas

A variety of sonic screwdriver prop replicas can be found; some licensed, some fan-made customs and some definitely unlicensed but frequently available so listed here only to avoid confusion.

Two official BBC licensed Prop Replica Sonic Screwdrivers can be found.

The display-mounted Limited Edition numbered 'The Fourth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver' was marketed as an adult collector item and limited to 800 pieces. Sold out at retail, only found on ebay etc. Thanks Lee

The Fourth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Prop Replica - Thanks Lee

Another BBC licensed replica was the MFX Sonic Screwdriver Prop Replica from 2009. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, this handmade aluminium, brass and acrylic prop replica was released by Millenium FX in 2009 under license from BBC Worldwide. The MFX Sonic replicates BBC Prop Designer Nick Robatto's design for David Tennant's sonic screwdriver in terms of scale, materials and finishes. This sonic has a screen-accurate LED light activated by the slider.

Millenium FX Sonic Screwdriver Prop Replica

Several high-end, screen accurate but unlicensed 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdrivers are marketed by Celestial Toystore.

Other sonic screwdriver prop replicas and toys of previous eras include the Pewter Sonic Screwdriver Pen. A BBC licensed product, the Pewter Sonic Screwdriver Pen is just that; a replica sonic screwdriver that doubles as a pen.

Pewter Sonic Screwdriver Pen

In the mid 1980's a Jon Pertwee/Tom Baker era hard plastic sonic screwdriver was made in Canada. This battery-operated toy featured sonic screwdriver sound effects

Plastic Sonic Screwdriver

Unlicensed US made aluminium machined replicas of Tom Baker era sonic screwdrivers can from time to time be found on auction websites. These detailed, hand-crafted sonic screwdrivers may more accurately be described as prop replicas than toys.

Replica Aluminium Sonic Screwdriver

What's a Sonic Screwdriver?

The sonic screwdriver is

  • a device that uses sound waves to manipulate objects
  • a tool to effect remote technological interfacing
  • a handy way of opening doors without a key
  • a vehicle for extracating the Doctor from assorted tricky situations
  • a pop culture icon, just like the Daleks
  • occasionally a weapon

About Sonic Screwdriver Toys

The sonic screwdriver made its Doctor Who debut with Patrick Troughton in Fury From the Deep (1968) written by Victor Pemberton. Unlike Terry Nation, the creator of the Daleks, Victor Pemberton has no rights to license his amazing creation.

In successive series the sonic screwdriver has undergone a variety of updates with toy or replica versions produced to match.

Since 2005 Character Options have produced the widest range of sonic screwdriver toys since the series began.

Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver, Doctor Who Adventures Magazine squirty sonic screwdriver, Bath Gift Set sonic screwdriver, LED Torch sonic screwdriver and five inch The Doctor action figure accessory sonic screwdriver - Thanks Karl Sonic Screwdrivers opened

The Company have even developed a Bath Gift set complete with a sonic screwdriver that dispenses bath fizzers.

Bath Gift Set Sonic Screwdriver Sonic Screwdriver Bath Fizzers

Successive versions of the Doctor's sonic screwdriver as featured in the New Series episodes (from 2005 onwards), have been constantly redefined or upgraded, for example, with a radiating blue light which Character Options have reflected in their 2007 toy version.

2005 9th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver and 2007 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Character Options Sonic Screwdrivers and Wipeable Wallet

Character Options have also released variations on the sonic screwdriver, such as The Master's Laser Screwdriver with ageing sound and laser light effects from 2007.

The Master's Laser Screwdriver The Master's Laser Screwdriver and The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver - Thanks Jacob

Reviews: The Master's Laser Screwdriver

A Review by Hoosier Whovian

The Master's Laser Screwdriver

In Series Three of Doctor Who, produced by Russell T. Davies, the Doctor's arch nemesis The Master returns from the dead. Along with a new body, wife and sense of humor, the Master also equips himself with a Laser Screwdriver, "Who'd have sonic!"

Character Options released a toy version of this deadly device to complement the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. Unlike the Doctors' device this one does not have a pen nib in the bottom end. It does have a feature to imitate the on screen prop. On the base the selector dial can be turned as on screen.

The activation switch also extends the upper section with a spring-loaded action. A quick press of the button activates the laser sound effect, while an extended depression activates the aging sound effect.

The Master's Laser Screwdriver Master's Laser Screwdriver

The front end lights up with three amber colored openings. Unlike the title of the toy these are not laser pointers, but merely LEDs.

The unit uses the same Three LR44 Button Cell batteries (included) as the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver toy.

Overall, this toy continues the fine recreation design work carried out by Character Options. The packaging is much smaller since there is nothing added to it.

Even though nothing extra is included the price does not reflect this. It is actually more expensive than the Doctor's Screwdriver.

The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver and The Master's Laser Screwdriver

It is also not as playable as the sonic screwdriver. The springloaded feature creates a looser fit for the head section. And the aging sound effect is so soft as to be a whisper.

The speaker holes are located just below the top and are very obtrusive to the overall look. For whatever reason there are holes in the main body but have no function.

Nice to have as part of a collection, but not recommended for the younger fans who may use when playing Timelords and Prime Ministers.

I would have to say "Stay with Sonic!"

Review: The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

A Review by Hoosier Whovian

Electronic Sonic Screwdriver

In the new series of Doctor Who produced by Russell T. Davies not only did the Doctor and the TARDIS regenerate so did his trusty sonic screwdriver. As The Doctor said .."It's sonic, totally sonic, I'm soniced up!"

Character Options released a multi-function toy version of the sonic screwdriver early on in the toy wave. It functions not only as an electronic reproduction of the screen prop, if a bit out of scale, but it also functions as a pen. This is accomplished with a special nib that can be removed from the bottom end of the unit. It includes both a standard and a UV ink nib.

The unit uses Three LR44 Button Cell batteries (included).

This toy is a fine recreation of the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. The head section is extended by pushing forward on the side button. There is only one sound effect, with the speaker being cleverly concealed in the head section.

Electronic Sonic Screwdriver Sonic Screwdriver

There have been three releases of the sonic screwdriver. The differences are noted below.

The first version was released with the Ninth Doctor on the box. This edition had a sound chip that reproduced the effect that can be heard in the episode The Empty Child as the Doctor examines the patients at Albion Hospital. This version also had a grey matt finish to the paint on the body. Included were 30 Gallifreyan Notelets, or post-its to us Humans.

The second edition was released with the Tenth Doctor on the box. The sound chip reproduced the more common sound heard coming from the screen prop. This version had a semi-gloss tan finish to the paint on the body.

The third edition was identical to the second edition with one very fun difference. The notelets were replaced with Psychic Paper. This is a PVC type material that replicates the wallet The Doctor shows to people. The white inner sheet is actually wipeable so you can use the UV nib to write a lot of messages to friends!

The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver and The Master's Laser Screwdriver

The third edition is obviously the most play friendly version. It is very durable, not to mention when someone looks at you funny you can always remove the cap and say "It's a pen!"

All Sonic'ed Up!

A Review by Dex Antares

Dex's Saber Screwdrivers

The Sonic Screwdriver. It doesn't kill, it doesn't wound, and it doesn't maim. It's VERY good at opening doors, revealing secret messages, and impressing folks on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean (trust me, I know).

When the Doctor Who series was "regenerated" in 2005, familiar faces were given an overhaul. Everything from the Daleks to the Cybermen, even the TARDIS console. The Sonic Screwdriver is no exception. Destroyed in the Fifth Doctor episode "The Visitation," and seen briefly in the Doctor Who televised movie, toys of the original Sonic Screwdriver were few and far between.

However, thanks to the creative minds at Character Options Inc. [And a certain Mister Victor Pemberton, the TRUE creator of the Sonic Screwdriver], the new Sonic Screwdriver is available worldwide. Which is good news for American fans such as myself. I personally picked mine up in New York City at a science fiction convention in March of 2007, and have carried it with me LITERALLY every day since. I often find myself unlocking the door to my apartment by the pleasant UltraViolet light of this nifty gadget.

We all know by now how the Character Options Sonic Screwdriver works. Two pen nibs, one for invisible ink, one for ball-point. The first version featured Christopher Eccleston, the Ninth Doctor, on the box art. The main body was a sort of tan or taupe, like worn, faded marble, with a cracked surface etched into the plastic. Included with the Sonic Screwdriver was a 30 page notepad. The second version's box featured David Tennant, the Tenth and current Doctor. Aside from a light grey casing with a paint wash job to further detail the marbleized structure, it is identical to the first verion. Another nearly identical version exists with a black "Psychic Paper" re-useable wipe-clean wallet accessory, replacing the limited notepad.

Personally, I'm glad to see that Character Options has come up with a solution to the problem of the notepads running out. Unfortunately for US fans like myself, replacement nibs are difficult to acquire. Both my ink tips ran out, and I've ordered replacements (as well as a few pads and wallets) from eBay. I'll have enough to last me into the next few Regenerations, I'm sure, but I realize that they too will eventually run out.

To that end, I've performed a series of repairs and creative upgrades to my own Sonic Screwdriver, to address several concerns. These are simple changes you can make with a variety of household tools and supplies. Anyone can do them, and they add a personal touch to an otherwise fantastic replica. What follows are details concerning these upgrades, or "kitbashes." I'd like to share them with my fellow Whovians, in case anybody out there is looking to spiff up their Sonic Screwdriver.

First off, I am a perfectionist. Whenever I get a new toy, I put it through a rigorous battery of tests. Durability, playability, poseability, etc. I always check to see if anything is loose, and HOW loose. On some Sonic Screwdriver, I feel the ink nibs don't anchor into their housing as well as they could, such as my current model. I set out to fix that.

The first change was highly experimental. I fit a magnet into the housing, replacing the thin partition of plastic between the slide mechanism chamber and the end of the housing. I had to completely drill out the partition in order to make the magnet fit. Then I lined the edges with super glue, and made sure it was in there good and tight. I've since given that model to my girlfriend, complete with a pink and green polka-dot paint job [See the Customs section for my repaints]. My current model, given to me by a wonderful friend from Cardiff, now features a tiny but powerful rare earth magnet, rather than a common refrigerator magnet. This provides a good, tight fit.

Finally, I've become quite adept at customizing the tips. I've created several successful additions, thanks to the replacement tips I mentioned earlier in the review. Currently, my Screwdriver is exactly that - a magnetic phillip's head screwdriver! I've created two different sizes for myself, as well as a stylus for my Nintendo DS Lite game system.

Be sure to check out some of my handiwork in the Custom's section. Allons-y~!!

Written by Dex Antares, "The 9th 1/2 Doctor"

The Sonic Pen

A Review by Dex Antares

The Sonic Pen is a largely faithful replica of the prop seen in "Partners in Crime," used by Miss Foster/Matron Cofelia. The main difference is the speaker grating build into the sonic emitter. Pressing the rather obvious button on the pen clip activates the light and sound. The sound effects are identical to that of the Sonic Screwdriver itself. By rotating the upper and lower halves counter-clockwise, the pen tip extends. Battery installation is simple, as it is with all the Doctor Who sonic devices and other gadgets. Unscrew the sonic emitter by hand, use a phillip's head screwdriver to open the battery compartment, and insert the button cell's included with the set. The batteries for the Pen are smaller than the other gadgets utilize. A set of three are included, as well as three of the original size for the Sonic Screwdriver. Generally, it's a pretty simple setup.

As for a critique, there's a few issues I have with the piece. Due to the shape of the sonic emitter, the sound is slightly muffled. The speaker grates don't allow much sound out, and if the sonic emitter is removed, the sounds are a lot louder, about as loud as the Sonic Screwdriver itself. The ink cartridge can be removed by simply pulling firmly on the lower section, under the two silver rings in the center. However, the cartridge itself is very unique, so finding a replacement may be difficult.

That being said, the Sonic Screwdriver included in this set is for all intents and purposes identicaly to it's former versions. The casing is completely identical to the David Tennant versions, with the cracked gray tortoise shell pattern. Included with the replica is a single black ink nib. The Psychic Paper and Ultraviolet nib are not included. However, the major change is in the sonic emitter section. The UV LED has been replaced with a much brighter one. While the new Screwdriver can no longer reveal hidden UV ink messages, the brighter LED is about as strong as the Sonic Screwdriver mini-torch toy. Personally, I'm pleased with this change, since the UV ink nibs always dried out too quickly, and the Psychic Paper wipe-clean never worked properly anyway. I prefer the bright LED torch, since it makes a more useful light source than the UV LED.

Overall, the set is definitely a worthy buy. The Pen is lightweight and useful, a much more stable writing implement than the Sonic Screwdriver with the pen nib attached. Compared to the Sonic and Laser Screwdrivers, and the Judoon Scanner, the Sonic Pen is more low-profile. It offers a choice among Doctor Who gadgets, for those who find the other Screwdrivers too bulky. Once the batteries are installed, the entire replica is a single piece, with no removable or loose parts.

Want a good project to work on? Get a Sonic Screwdriver, see how many customizations you can pack into it. Want a goofy toy to play with? Get the Laser Screwdriver and make fun of the wacky "WEEEE-loo-loo-loo!" noise it makes. Want a low-profile, useful, elegant gadget you'll use every day? Get the Sonic Pen, and write a letter to Victor Pemberton, thanking him for creating these things [sort of].

Oh. And it's sleek. Very sleek.

- Dex Antares, the 9th 1/2 Doctor

Future Sonic Screwdriver

A Review by Dex Antares

Warning: This review contains spoilers... so, I'm not even going to post it!

Just joking, cats & kittens. It's time for another Sonic Screwdriver review, this time, Doctor River Song's "Future Sonic Screwdriver!" By now, I'm sure most of you out there have this fine little gizmo. For those of you who don't, let me tell you, this one's a keeper!


The Future Sonic Screwdriver is the same size as the original (retracted) Sonic Screwdriver. It does not extend like it's namesake, in order to accommodate expanded electronics. The details are faithful to the televised prop, right down to the grungy aged bronze, achieved by dry-brushed streaks of green. Gives it a nice, oxidized look. The button is relocated to a sort of trigger guard. When you place your pinky finger in the hoop at the bottom, your thumb or index finger presses the trigger, activating the lights and sounds. The solid transparent tubing, referred to in production art as a "fluid link," conjures up images of the old William Hartnell TARDIS. It's a shame there's no actual fluid contained within, but it's an understandable design choice. The grey of the casing is a deeper "rhino-skin" colouring, rather than the cracked ivory look of the original, and there's less cracking detail. The tub section is not as thick as the original, and the overall design looks much like the original with many added details, but unique enough to stand alone as its own separate gadget.


As mentioned above, pressing the trigger button activates the light and sound we all know and love. When the batteries are inserted, the device is set to the default blue LED. Removing the small gold panel with the red handle reveals the "neural relay meter," and a small silver button. Pressing the button once switches the LED to red, and holding it for three seconds activates the neural relay's green LED's. The relay flickers for about ten seconds. During this time, you cannot activate the main LED and sounds.


The entire thing is very solidly built. At first, I was concerned the panel on the neural relay would be loose and fall off contantly, but this is not the case. It's nice and tight, and very secure. Due to the electronics contained inside, the entire thing has a nice little rattle to it, similar to the on-screen props (a detail I'm rather fond of). The fluid link tube is one solid piece of flawless clear plastic. Feels like it'd take considerable force to crush or break it. Due to the simulated weathering, damage to this toy wouldn't be too noticeable, and would add to the overall look.

Another feature I'm rather fond of is the battery latch. You simply twist the lover section, which is an entire black cap, to the left, then pull down. This reveals the column in which the typical three button-cell batteries are placed. Undo the screw on the latch, insert the cells, replace, and put the black cap back on. Unfortunately, this leaves no real internal space for modifications. I wanted to add a USB memory drive to mine, but to do so would mean destroying more of the battery assembly. However, this is a very minor gripe.


GREAT piece! Very wonderful! Well built, fun to play with. I would strongly recommend this toy to any Doctor Who fan.

A few side notes: As I've mentioned in previous reviews, the Sonic Devices have two sound settings, which I describe as a "warble" and a "purr." Curiously, each colour setting on the Future Sonic Screwdriver has a sound unique to it: The "warble" is unique to the blue, while the red setting has the "purr" sound. This is an interesting change from all the other devices, and I felt it was worth mentioning.

- Dex Antares, the 9th 1/2 Doctor

Sonic Pen & Sonic Screwdriver Set

First of all, the Sonic Screwdriver is exactly the same as the others, with two sound and light effects in retracted and long mode.

The Sonic Pen is amazing. Treat it as a normal pen that gets youout of trouble in tricky situations. Should you meet Davros who wants you to sign your name and give the planet to him, use your pen and Zap him!

The Sonic Pen has exactly the same sounds as the Sonic Screwdriver but has no retractable modes or anything like that.. There is a clip so you can attach it to your shirt or trousers!

An Amazing Buy.

Thanks Alex

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