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Dapol Yeti Prototype

Pics Courtesy of Derek Rushton (Del)

Dapol Yeti PrototypeDapol Yeti Prototype
Dapol Yeti Prototype (white)
Sculptor Philip Robinson, commissioned by Dapol under licence from the BBC, sculpted the Yeti but it was never actually released, although Dapol did approve Phil's prototype and paint master.

The Yeti pictured above is a copy. It was made by Phil Robinson in 2008. The original sculpt of the yeti, and the two prototypes that Phil made and submitted to dapol were later sold by dapol themselves on ebay. There are visible differences between the original and the copies that Phil subsequently made.

First, the materials used are not the same. The prototype copies were cast from white plastic and not from the original mold, but from a second mold that Phil made and used before selling all his prototypes. Secondly, looking at the picture of the leg on the left you can see marks on the leg that are not on the original sculpt, or either prototype. Thirdly, and most distinctly, the later white copies stand on raised 'platforms' on the base of the feet, rather than the flat based feet of the originals. Of the two original prototypes one is held by a private collector, the other by Richard from RichardWho. It is unknown how many of the white copies are in existence.

One cautionary note to add for dapol collectors is that Philip Robinson also sold on his yeti mold.

Del's Dapol Hartnell Prototype

Del's Dapol Patrick Troughton Original Sculpt

Thanks Derek Rushton (Del) & Brian from Bayshore

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