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Missy (Purple Outfit)

Missy in Purple Outfit

Missy in Purple Outfit 5.5" Collector Figure. Limited Edition Exclusive (4000 pieces) September 2015

Includes Umbrella and 'Missy's Device' Teleport accessory. As seen in Series 8 'Dark Water' and 'Death in Heaven' (2014). Features 18 points of articulation and swappable head. The purple Missy is the one with the hat and neutral expression (the black Missy has no hat and 'grimace' expression). Both figures were produced from 3D digital scans.

Missy in Purple Outfit Pack

The Missy Collector Figures feature new style packaging that can be opened and resealed. The Limited Edition UK packs (unlike the US packs) feature a teleport motif on the front.

The purple Missy figure is one of the first two Collector Figures to be sold exclusively by Character Online. These figures were the first to be announced by Alasdair Dewar, Head of Product Development at Character Options, via their Youtube channel on 24th September 2015. In a press release Al Dewar described these as "the first of a potential new line of highly sought after 5.5 inch action figures".

Missy in Purple Outfit Pack Reverse

Missy, aka the Master, is played by Michelle Gomez.

Michelle Gomez with Missy Figures

Michelle Gomez with the Missy figures.

Missy in Black Outfit

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