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70's Figures & Toys

In 1971 Kelloggs UK ran a Doctor Who promotion. Free inside each pack of Sugar Smacks was one of six metal badges with collection boxes: the Third Doctor, The Master, Bessie, Joe Grant, the Brigadier & Unit Symbol.

Kelloggs Doctor Who badges  - Thanks Ian O

Denys Fisher

Very much a product of the 70's, Denys Fisher figures or dolls stood around 9.5" tall and were held together with something resembling plastic bands. Made from moulded plastic they had limited articulation, real fabric clothes and came with accessories. Denys Fisher Doctor Who figures and dolls were made in collaboration with Mego.

Denys Fisher Mego Doctor Who Toys

More Denys Fisher Toys and Figures on the Denys Fisher Page

  • Leela with loin cloth and knife. This figure had 5 points of articulation
  • 4th Doctor Tom Baker with sonic screwdriver, hat and scarf. The 4th Doctor figure's head was in fact modelled on a character called Gambit from the New Avengers. It had 6 points of articulation.
  • K9
  • Giant Robot - K1 with removeable shoulders and 5 points of articulation
  • Cyberman .The Cyberman was based on a combination of the Invasion type (1968) and Revenge of the Cybermen (1975). The Denys Fisher Cyberman also had a nose; the only time Cyberman actually has a nose was in the 1966 story the Tenth Planet.
  • Denys Fisher Cyberman Denys Fisher Tardis

    Denys Fisher Cyberman & Tardis

  • Dalek. The Dalek for its time was the most accurate that had ever been produced.
  • Denys Fisher Dalek
  • TARDIS with revolving mechanism. This consisted of a rotating device inside; you put the Doctor figure inside (a piece of velcro held him in place), shut the doors, spin the lamp on top and press the green button on top. When you open the doors the Doctor would be gone. To get him back, spin again and press the red button.

Denys Fisher also released two Doctor Who board games. The Strawberry Fayre board game was released by Denys Fisher in 1975. This game has 56 cards, 4 coloured counters and a Tardis die shaker. The object is to travel through space whilst avoiding monsters en route. A later revised version had a picture of Tom Baker on the box. Denys Fisher

Strawberry Fayre by Denys Fisher - Thanks Ian O Strawberry Fayre by Denys Fisher - Thanks Ian O

From the mid 70's Denys Fisher's 'War of the Daleks' game included 8 plastic Daleks (four gold & blue and four red & grey), a board and 4 counters. The object of the game was to battle your way to Dalek Control and destroy the Emperor Dalek, avoiding the Patroling Daleks along the way Denys Fisher

War of the Daleks by Denys Fisher War of the Daleks by Denys Fisher War of the Daleks by Denys Fisher


The Talking Daleks from Palitoy came along later in the 70's. These can be found in two colours - silver and red Palitoy

palitoy_talking_dalek copy 1970s Palitoy Talking Dalek

1970s palitoy_talking_dalek copy

  • Palitoy talking red Dalek
  • Palitoy talking grey Dalek
  • Palitoy talking K9 with internal record player; turn the disc to hear more phrases

Palitoy Talking K9 circa 1978 Palitoy Talking K9 circa 1978 Palitoy Talking K9 circa 1978

Palitoy Talking K9 circa 1978

These are now all quite rare and highly collectable.

Typhoo The Amazing World of Doctor Who cards 1976. These were octagonal cards given free in boxes of tea bags as part of the Amazing World of Doctor Who promotion which ran from July-September 1976. There was also a poster (which the cards could be stuck on to) and a hard back book. You could find one card in a 36 pack of tea, two cards in the 72 pack and four in the 144 pack.

Typhoo Poster - Thanks Ian O Typhoo Poster - Thanks Ian O

Typhoo Poster and Book

The Typhoo Cards were as follows:

  • 1. Dr Who (Tom Baker publicity shot)
  • 2. Sarah Jane Smith (Pyramids of Mars)
  • 3. The Tardis (from seeds of death)
  • 4. Alpha Centauri (from Moster of Peladon)
  • 5. Davros (From Genesis of the Daleks)
  • 6. Sea Devil (from the Sea Devils)
  • 7.Daleks (from Death to the Daleks)
  • 8.Giant Robot (from Robot)
  • 9. Zygon (from Terror of the Zygons)
  • 10. Krynoid (from the Sedds of Doom)
  • 11. Ice Warrior (exhibition photo)
  • 12. Cynerman (from Revenge of the Cybermen).

Nestle Dr Who chocolate wrappers came out in 1975.

In the 70s Weetabix produced a range of card figures which could be stood up and placed against dioramas for game play. Then later on they made a kind of trading card game. More Classic Food Items

Weetabix Cards - Thanks Ian O Weetabix Doctor Who Diorama - Thanks Ian O Weetabix Cards - Thanks Ian O

Weetabix stand up cardboard figures, diorama and trading cards

In the 70s as well as Dalek pencil cases and stationery etc there was even a Doctor Who yoyo as used by Fourth Doctor Tom Baker.

Dr Who YoYo - Thanks Ian O

In the late 70's a company called Supreme ran Renault show rooms, to promote them they used Daleks (as Daleks are supreme). They had stickers that said 'Daleks are Supreme' and cardboard standies, one of which you could actually get into that had a plastic dome.

Dalek Standies - Thanks Ian O Dalek Standies - Thanks Ian O

1978 saw the release of the amazing Tardis Tuner which was really a black Medium Wave Radio that also had flashing lights (the arrows on the front lit up) and sounds.

Tardis Tuner - Thanks Ian O

In 1979 Remus Playkits Ltd released the Doctor Who 3-D Clay Picture. The idea was to fill a plastic mould with coloured plasticine to create a "3D" scene 'Doctor Who Meets the Daleks' which could be mounted against a coloured back board.

Remus Doctor Who - Thanks Ian O Doctor Who 3-D Clay Picture - Thanks Ian O

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