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Doctor Who Toys 1980s

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1980's Vintage Doctor Who Toys

In the early 80's Dekker Toys made a Peter Davison era Tardis Playhouse. This tardis was a surprisingly spacious blue tent which came packed in a cardboard box with images of Tegan and Nyssa. The Dr Who Tardis Play House came with a plastic tubular frame and instruction leaflet. Standing around 5 foot high, it has a clear plastic window, inflatable tardis light and inside a console control panel.

Tardis Tent - Thanks Ian O Tardis Tent - Thanks Ian O Tardis Tent - Thanks Ian O

The fantastic View Master International brought out in the 80s two sets of reels, the first reels featured the 4th Doctor story Full Circle and the 5th Doctor's first adventure Castrovalva. With the View Master you placed the reels into a viewer, held it up to the light and you got a 3D image.

Doctor Who Viewmaster - Thanks Ian O Doctor Who Viewmaster - Thanks Ian O Doctor Who Viewmaster - Thanks Ian O

Despite the image of Tom Baker and Leela on the box, the Doctor Who Role Playing Game was actually released in the mid 80's by a company called Fasa.

Doctor Who Role Playing Game - Thanks Ian O Doctor Who Role Playing Game - Thanks Ian O


In 1988 the BBC awarded a licence to Dapol Toys to produce a range of 4" Doctor Who action figures.

Dapol Playset - Thanks Ian O Dapol Playset - Thanks Ian O

The Dapol range included the 3rd and 4th Doctor, silurian, armoured silurian, sea monster with heat ray, Marx Dalek replicas, and a series of Rolykins Daleks (special weapons, transmat, blue and red movie and silver, black and red), Davros (error, two arms), and K9 (error, green) which was later fixed with the release of a silver K9.

Dapol Tardis - Thanks Ian O

Dapol released 6 glitter-effect millenium daleks which can be found in red, green, purple, blue, silver and black versions. They also released a special Christmas Dalek and a 'Merry Christmas K9'. A Tetrap and Mel were released, along with an Ace, a brilliant set of Daleks with special weapons, a 30th Doctor Who Anniversary TARDIS playset, with the 7th doctor (which comes in two versions), a Mel with a different shirt colour, and a TARDIS with doors which open and close, and many more including The Master and a 7th doctor with umbrella (the colours of which varied a lot).

Dapol Daleks - Thanks Ian O

Dapol Doctor Who Figures & Toys included:

  • Early Cyberman model
  • Cyberman (Peter Davison times)
  • Dapol Cyberman - Thanks Ian O

  • Mel in pink
  • Mel in blue
  • Tetrap with wings
  • Grey k9
  • Green k9
  • Chrismas 2000 k9
  • The Master
  • Sea Devil
  • Dapol Sea Devil - Thanks Ian O
  • Christmas Dalek ornament with string
  • Red blue and white Dalek
  • Blue and black Dalek
  • Blue Dalek
  • Dapol Ultra Rare (1 of 80 pieces worldwide) Blue Dalek on Rainbow Card
  • Cancer Charity Research Dalek
  • Imperial Dalek
  • Dapol Imperial Daleks - Thanks Ian O
  • Black/gold Dalek
  • Blue and grey Dalek
  • Red and black Dalek
  • Red and silver Dalek
  • Red and gold Dalek
  • Dapol Daleks - Thanks Ian O
  • Grey and Black Dalek
  • Film Dalek
  • All gold Dalek
  • Blue Millenium Dalek
  • Green Millenium Dalek
  • Red Millenium Dalek
  • Purple Millenium Dalek
  • Black Millenium Dalek
  • Silver Millenium Dalek
  • Black/silver Dalek
  • Dapol Daleks - Thanks Ian O
  • Silurian (original version)
  • Silurian (newer version) with armour
  • Ice Warrior with gun
  • High Councillor Time Lords of Gallifrey available together in set or seperate, red, cream, grey and green
  • Dapol Time Lord Dapol Time Lords
  • Ace with bat and rucksack
  • Davros (with two hands)
  • Grey Marx Dalek replica
  • White Marx Dalek replica
  • Black Marx Dalek replica
  • Silver Marx Dalek replica
  • Silver Sontaran with helmet
  • Grey Sontaran with helmet
  • Dapol Sontarans - Thanks Ian O
  • The Third Doctor
  • The Second Doctor
  • The Fourth Doctor
  • The Seventh Doctor in beige with umbrella
  • The Seventh Doctor in brown with umbrella
  • Dapol 2nd Doctor Who - Thanks Ian O Dapol 3rd Doctor Who - Thanks Ian O Dapol 4th Doctor Who - Thanks Ian O Dapol 7th Doctor Who - Thanks Ian O
  • TARDIS set with walls, TARDISes, the Dapol Playset with the 7th dr and umbrella with Mel and walls and console (consoles found with five sides and six sides)
  • TARDIS model

For more on Dapol visit the Dapol & Dapol Action Figures pages.

To compare Dapol and the later Character Options figures go to Dapol Vs Character

Tom Baker badges were made in 1980 by Ian Nicoll Enterprises, AUS. There are seven different badges in this range. The Fifth Doctor Enamel Badge is one of a set of five from 1984 by Doctor Who Fan Club of America (DWFCA) which comprised two Sixth Doctors, Fifth Doctor, Fourth Doctor and Third Doctor in Bessie. The Sixth Doctor Cat badge came about when the Doctor Who Appreciation Society contacted Suzie Trevor who originally supplied the badge to Colin Baker in his debut story 'The Twin Dilemma' asking her to arrange for the badge to be made available for general release.

Tom Baker badge  - Thanks Ian O Fifth Doctor enamel badge  - Thanks Ian O Sixth Doctor Cat badge  - Thanks Ian O

The Tom Baker Money Box Tin was released in 1980 by Avon Tin UK. There have also been various tea caddies, sweet tins and pencil boxes; in 1982 Avon produced one with the Fifth Doctor in the doorway.

Tom Baker Money Box Tin  - Thanks Ian O


Sevans Models in the 80's made Doctor Who model kits of several figures as well as the Tardis. The models came in several pieces and you needed a knife, glue and plenty of patience to assemble them. These were:

  • Dalek
    A Sevans model Dalek was actually used in Revelation of the Daleks (1985)
  • Movie Dalek
  • Davros
  • Ice Warrior
    The Sevans Ice Warrior model came with a second head
  • Sevans Ice Warrior Sevans Ice Warrior
  • Cyberman
    The Sevans Cyberman came in parts - a front and back of the body, two boots in two halves and included a gun with a strap.The head was made from resin and the wires from it connected to the body Sevans Cyberman
  • Sevans Cyberman Sevans Cyberman - Thanks AJ Sevans Cyberman & Ice Warrior with Character figures  - Thanks The Garm Sevans Cyberman (head only)  - Thanks Ian O
  • Supreme Dalek

More about Sevans Doctor Who toys

The Doctor Who Playmat was released in 1985 by S P Sport & Playbase Ltd. This item is a 39" x 29" rubber playmat featuring a scene of the Sixth Doctor & Peri surrounded by Daleks, Cybermen & the Master. An earlier version in 1984 featured the Fourth Doctor & Leela.

Doctor Who Battle for the Universe - Thanks Ian O

In the 1980s Aidee International Ltd made a series of limited edition painted ceramic Doctor Who toby jugs, including one of Jon Pertwee.

Doctor Who Toby Jug - Thanks AJ Doctor Who Toby Jug - Thanks AJ Doctor Who Toby Jug - Thanks AJ

In 1989 The Games Team UK released the Doctor Who 'Battle for the Universe' game: 'Join the Doctor in the Ultimate Challenge' featuring board, cards and counters.

Doctor Who Battle for the Universe - Thanks Ian O Doctor Who Battle for the Universe - Thanks Ian O

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