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In 2003 Corgi were granted a licence to produce a range of die cast models for the 40th anniversary of the show. Corgi released only a small range of die cast Doctor Who models and sets. These included the Fourth Doctor and his car Bessie, Davros, Daleks, Cybermen and a U.N.I.T set.

Corgi Doctor Who Toys

Corgi Doctor Who Toys - Thanks Hoosier Whovian

  • 4th dr in TARDIS with k9
  • 4th dr in bessie
  • 3 daleks set 1 with red black and grey daleks
  • 3 daleks set 1 with red white and silver daleks
  • Dalek and Cyberman twin pack with gun
  • 4th doctor and Davros
  • U.N.I.T set with Dalek Supreme and helicopters and other U.N.I.T gear
  • Limited Edition TARDIS set with cyberleader, TARDIS, 4th dr and bessie, exclusive gold Dalek and Davros

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Airfix make a range of Airfix Doctor Who Model Kits including the Tardis 'Welcome Aboard' and 'Dalek Encounter' models.

Doctor Who Adventures is a popular BBC magazine; in 2009 they released their 100th edition of Doctor Who Adventures. A Dr Who Top Trumps video game and Top Trumps cards are also out now. In addition the Doctor Who Battles In Time magazines and card collections featuring a TARDIS carrying case are available now.

Doctor Who Power Rollers made by Spanish company Magic Box International were released in 2008 and include a Tardis Rollers box.

A range of Doctor Who themed watches and clocks made by Wesco now include the 2008 Dalek Whizz Watch.

Character Options

Lees Collection of Character Options Dr Who Figures

Since 2005 Character Options have been the very worthy custodians of the licence to make Doctor Who action figures and toys. Character have released a wide range of toys including 5" and 12" RC daleks, 5" and 12" action figures, Micro Universe figures and spaceships, Time Squad figures and the Tardis electronic playset.

A big part of the success of the Character line has been the incredible cutting-edge design input of Windsor, UK based company Designworks. For more on this read the 10 part special The Making of Doctor Who Action Figures.

Character Options' award winning ranges are phenomenally successful and the future of the line for now seems assured. We can now look forward in time to many more decades of Doctor Who toys.

For more on the cultural and symbolic meanings of modern merchandising and mass produced Doctor Who toys read the fascinating interview by Cardiff University's Reader in Cultural Studies & lifelong Who fan Dr Matt Hills.

The contemporary history of Character Options Doctor Who toys begins with the first 5 inch Doctor Who action figures in 2006.

Wow Stuff

From 2010 new licensee Wow Stuff began releasing their new range of 'executive stress' type-toys' Wow Stuff

Lees Collection of Character Options Dr Who Figures


A section intended to add something to the 'social history' of Doctor Who toys. All submissions are welcome to doctorwhotoys@gmail

"To me Doctor Who followed after Grandstand with its teleprinter bobbing back and forth. The Target novels were bought out of a learn to read catalogue from the school. I remember buying Lyons Dalek ice lollys from a small sweet shop next to the town hall and the warmer summers that seem to be part of the past." Thanks Neil

Dr Who Radio Times Listing 30/10/65

"The first episode I saw was the very first Jon Pertwee one, and when my kids were little I used to take them regularly to The Dr.Who Experience in Llangollen, which is now gone and sadly missed. Following one visit, Tom Baker wrote to the kids and sent them each a signed postcard - a really great bloke!" Thanks John K

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