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Mel and Master Repackaged by Doctor Who Museum Blackpool
Pics by Ian O'

Doctor Who Museum repackaged Dapol Figures

An interesting 21st century postscript to the Dapol story is the repackaging of two figures by the Doctor Who Museum Blackpool. In the fire of 1994 which destroyed the Dapol factory, the only figures that survived undamaged were the few dozen Mel and Master figures that were in the pre-packing room, the only room not destroyed by the fire.

These figures are very rare in the respect that they were never packaged by Dapol; the original packaging for these items literally never existed. The then owner of Dapol is the current owner of the Doctor Who Museum in Blackpool. In 2009 the Museum owners packed these last surviving figures from the Dapol fire in their own cartons with a Doctor Who Museum leaflet insert. Hence there are now a very limited number of several dozen or so 'Doctor Who Museum' exclusive Dapol Master and Mel figures in existence. These figures were sold through the Museum shop at just £7.99.

Note, at the time of writing (13 October 2009) there were still a handful of these figures for sale at the Doctor Who Museum in Blackpool.

Thanks Ian O'

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