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Dinky Tardis

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Dinky Toys Police Hut 42a

Police Hut 42a by Dinky Toys was in service long before it took on a second role as Doctor Who's Tardis in 1963.

Dinky, then a division of Meccano Ltd, released their Police Box in around 1953. The Police Hut was also found in a boxed set with a die-cast Police Motorcyle Patrol and Policeman (No 42).

Though sold in the 1950's strictly as a die-cast Police Hut, in the 60's the Dinky 'Tardis' became a favourite with Doctor Who fans and collectors. Indeed, it wasn't until the release of the Denys Fisher Tardis in the 70's that fans could get hold of an actual BBC licensed Doctor Who Tardis.

Dinky Tardis - Police Hut 42a Dinky Dr Who Tardis Police Hut 42a
Dinky Toys Tardis underside - Made in England by Meccano
Cherilea Dalek, Dinky Police Box and Dinky Telephone Box Dinky Police Hut and Dalek Rolykins by Marx Toys
1950s Dinky Telephone Box, Dinky Police Hut 42a and 1960s Dalek Rolykin

The Dinky Police Hut 42a Tardis stands approximately 2.5" high, more or less in scale with the 1960's Dalek Rolykins. It has the Police sign, red-painted lantern, St John's plaque and even the telephone entry hatch detail.

Dinky Toys Police Box is modelled on the 'Mark 1 Police Box'. The Tardis was actually based on a slightly later version of the Police Box designed by surveyor Gilbert Mackenzie Trench of London's Metropolitan Police.

An account of the history of the Police Box and its association with Doctor Who's Tardis can be found at policeboxes.com

Dinky Police Box Dinky Police Hut

Retailers ordered Police Hut 42a in boxes of six pieces that were sold loose individually. Occasionally these come up on auctions such as this one cigarettecardworld on ebay

In more recent times Corgi released a range of die-cast Doctor Who figures and toys including the Corgi die-cast Tardis produced in 2004.

For more on the TARDIS visit the Tardis page.

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