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Pig Guard and Space Pig
The Doctor and Tardis - Thanks Ian O'B

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The Doctor Action Figure Reviews

The Second Doctor (Colour Version)

I got the colour version of this figure and I have to say this is one of the best figures yet. The detail in the face is just amazing. The head does move a little but not by much. The arms have normal articulation with the bicep swivels and the elbow hinge. The hands are good and hold the recorder steady but when you try to position him to play his recorder, you can't really do it very well which is a shame.

The recorder was a good accessory to add as he often played it in the Tardis. I like the sturdiness of the coat because some figures are let down by the easy bending of their jackets. The Cyberman that came with the doctor has sturdier handles than the cyberwave one and I personally think that this figure should have come with Cybermats.

Thanks Gordon

The Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor

When reviewing the new Classic (sounds slightly weird eh?) Doctor Who action figure range, what better place to begin than with The Fourth and arguably most recognisable Doctor there has ever been, Tom Baker.

The figure itself is remarkably sculpted in intricate detail, right down to the tiny tassles on the ends of the wonderfully floppy and bendy scarf. This is certainly one of Character Options greatest figures to date in both attention to detail and sheer brilliance on the side of Andrew Teal who sculpted this excellent figure (and who also sculpted the Product Enterprises Talking Tom Baker figure).

Articulation: excellent, both thigh and bicep swivel articulation which brings these classic figures into the era of the modern Doctor Who action Figure. The wrists are also twistable.

Accessories: Classic Sonic Screwdriver from Tom Baker's era (you can tell by the way it's painted in silver and a black ring at the top) and a curious but incredibly original second accessory, a second head. The figure, when packaged, has the classic and typical manically hatted grinning Tom Baker head, which the detail is also remarkable on, the second head is a more stern, serious face which shows the other, more deadly serious side to Tom's characterisation.

Pros: excellent articulation, excellent attention to detail & creative accessories

Cons: The heads are somewhat tricky to get on and off, probably due to the also removable scarf, the heads go on much easier without the scarf, but who wants a Tom Baker without the scarf?! The green necktie is painted in a solid pale green colour, no little detailing on it where the original scarf had detail.

Despite those minor minor queries, this is an excellent figure and excellent for any New Who, or Classic Who fan alike to buy and enjoy.

*****=5 stars

Tom Baker's Scarf Fourth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Thanks James

The Fourth Doctor

This is fantastic, it features my favourite accessory, Tom Baker's famous scarf. Tom Baker played the doctor from 1974 to 1981, and appeared again, in 1982 or 83, in an episode called The Five Doctors, but it was only archive footage from an episode that was never completed called Shada, that was made with narration from Tom Baker to describe the story parts that were not filmed

Tom Baker is a brillaint Doctor, famous for his hat, lots of clothes, smile, comedy and a scarf. He is also famous as the voice of the Little Britain narrator, and the voice on the Duracell advert with the rabbits climbing a mountain. I like this Doctor, he is brilliant, a very good personality. Other companies have made versions of this toy, Denys Fisher made a doll with clothes and sonic screwdriver and hat, Dapol made a figure of him, Product Enterprise made a doll with k9 and accessories and clothes, and Corgi made a model of it. Also Harlequin Miniatures and Comet miniatures both released models of him, that are supposed to be painted by the person who buys them

The detail on this figure is fantastic, the faces really look like Tom Baker. It features interchangeable heads, one is a simple head, the other one is a head with a smile and hat. I like to put the one with a smile and hat on the figure. I think Tom Baker's smile is hilarious. This figure wears lots of clothes but I'm not sure if a TARDIS key is sculpted. He wears a shirt, tie, jumper, coat, trousers, socks, shoes a hat, a scarf and so much more! The articulation is brilliant and overall this is a fantastic action figure, so exciting. I am so happy that Character made this, I really love the classic range, and I'm looking foward to Character making action figures of all the other Doctors, so I can see what its like with them all around the TARDIS console.

Dapol have made the 7th dr, the 3rd dr and the 2nd doctor. They also made a 1st dr, but it was a prototype and was never released. Its a shame that Dapol didn't release the 1st Doctor because the detail looks so good for a Dapol figure with a walking stick accessory. Now some other comments about the classic series action figure range, I would like to see Character make some classic series TARDIS playsets, I would love to see the Peter Davison TARDIS released, Dapol have already done this but I want Character to make one because the quality would be nicer and it would be accurate with the 5 inch action figures. Dapol made 2 versions of the TARDIS playset, one with a console with 5 sides, the other with 6 sides, and each side was inaccurate because all the controls were the same. I would also like to see Character Options make figures of the companions and I heard they won't be. Maybe if the classic figures are sucessful they might release a big box set with all the classic series companions. I am not sure if the classic series action figures will be successful, because only collectors are likely to buy these unless they are daleks, cybermen and sontarans. I think these are more collectors items, because we collectors study things properly and watch new doctor who and classic doctor who, and kids are usually only interested in the new series, and I feel good when I occasionally meet a young kid who likes the classic series, because people sometimes say that the old ones are boring but these people don't take time to watch it and judge the entire history of it by one conversation that lasts 5 minutes, those sort of conversations are not all of what classic doctor who is about, the classic series is as good as the new series, exciting, full of emotion, science fiction, the only annoying bits were the special effects! So overall this figure is really good, and I love it, the scarf is removable so people can recreate scenes where the dr didn't wear the scarf and that rarely happens! Excellent figure, 10 out of 10. Thanks Alfie

The Fifth Doctor

The Fith Doctor, Peter Davison, interestingly the father of Georgia Moffet who plays the Tenth Doctor's daughter, was born when Tom Baker's Doctor was pushed by the Master.

Firstly' for detail the figure is absolutely excellent. The question marks and the sculpt of the drs collar and cricket shirt are excellent. This figure has great articulation as well. This figure is also available in the US limited to 3000 edition SDCC Comic Con international figure set, The Time Crash Set containing the Tenth and Fifth Doctors with 2 different sonic screwdrivers. This version has a celery attached, the original however does not, which has caused a lot of fans to be upset, but I like it, it can be used more acurately as a figure from Castrovalva or The Caves of Androzani. In The Caves of Androzani The Doctor mentioned being allergic to certain gases, if detected the celery he wears becomes purple then as an antidote he eats the celery. Overalll I would rate this figure 10/10. Comes with a sonic screwdriver. Thanks Alfie

The Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor

This is another excellently executed figure and once again every little detail has been addressed, that is apart from one little matter of a decorative vegetable, but more on that later. The Fifth Doctor comes in full Crickety goodness, with intricate detail on the pattern of the Jumper and the striped trousers.

Articulation: Again excellent, full articulation including bicep and thigh swivel articulation and wrists are twistable also.

Accessories: The Classic Sonic Screwdriver, but with a slight difference, in Davison’s era as the Doctor where the Sonic briefly appeared before being destroyed by an angry Terileptil in The Visitation (1982) it had a golden/copper ring below the red tip, this little forgettable detail has been followed through and kept in this version of the Sonic, just showing how much thought and detail has gone into this range as a whole.

Pros: Excellent likeness to Peter Davison, perfect stance etc. Excellent articulation. Wonderful fan-boy attention in the accessory.

Cons: The absence of the CELERY on the right lapel that has angered many a Classic Whovian but this has been explained. The apparent reason for the no celery problem is that this figure is based on how the Doctor appeared in Castrovalva (1981) before Davison puts the celery on his lapel. There has also been a figure released with the celery included as part of the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) “TimeCrash” set which features David Tennant and Peter Davison following the Children in Need special named “TimeCrash” where The Fifth Doctor appears in the Tenth’s TARDIS, written by Steven Moffatt.

One minor, minor gripe of mine is the eyes, they’ve been painted brown when Davison’s eye colour is blue-green, but that’s me just being nitpicky.

This figure is another relatively flawless one, with marvellous detailing and articulation, this would be a worthy addition to any Whovian’s collection. However seeing as it doesn’t have the celery (a matter which led to something termed CeleryGate on another forum) perhaps a symbol or icon for the Fifth Doctor, it loses marks sadly, sadly because he is my favourite Doctor.

****=4 stars.

Thanks James

Fifth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

The Fifth Doctor

OMG! I walked into a local Tesco and went straight to the toys section. It had lots of classic figures but I was looking for one for a custom when I stumbled across a 5th Doctor. He was packaged with the robot part as normal but I nearly jumped for joy when I saw he was wearing celery. I took it before anyone else could and bought it for £7.99.I keep thinking about opening it to play with but it is now hanging on my wall like the Time Crash set I got. I looked at it for hours when I got home and compared it to the Time Crash Doctor. The only thing that was different was the celery. The trousers had the same beige colour as the single carded one and the face is very good. It came with a Sonic Screwdriver (like the normal single packaged) which is very good.

Overall I am overjoyed to have such a rare item and this review proves it actually exists. I spent months looking for a Super Rose Battles in Time card and never found one but this figure is much better. 6 Words of advice IF YOU SEE IT, BUY IT!

Thanks Gordon

The 6th Doctor in Real Time Costume

Articulation to start off with. Articulation in the head, shoulders, biceps elbows, hands, hips, legs, thighs, knee's, same basic stuff we're all used to. Lets move on to detail and other features: Well, the figure is basically your Classics Wave 1 Colin Baker repainted. But still, very good figure; it looks wonderful in the flesh!!! Colin comes equipped with his trusty Sonic Lance which is also a repaint. It's slightly a more darker blue than the regular one and also has a tad of black and red on it.

Articulation: 10/10 Detail: 9/10 Accessories:10/10 Overall: 10/10

Very nice figure!! Thank you CO and Underground Toys for this masterpiece!!

Thanks emperorsupreme

The 9th Doctor

Since Character Options' Doctor Who Action Figure line began in earnest, many fans have wanted (begged, pleaded, etc) a neutral pose 9th Doctor figure to match the style of the rest of the line. After lots of rumors, custom jobs, and a titilating picture on the cardbacks of the American Wave of figures, this figure is now a reality and shipping both in Great Britain and the US!

A little figure history...

The 9th Doctor was one of the first figures ever released by Character Options, which was included in the popular Dalek Battle Packs. A Rose Tyler figure was included in other versions of the battle packs. Both of the figures were sculpted in "action poses" which tend to either be loved or hated by figure collectors. Character also revealed that, originally the figures were going to be sold with no articulation. And though they have never - to my knowledge - stated what inspired the poses, I think it's pretty obvious that the sculptors were using the same reference photo that wound up in the very first version of the TARDIS Moneybank. The poses are exactly the same, with the Doctor wielding the Sonic Screwdriver and Rose all ready to kick box some Dalek...whatever the posterior of Dalek is called! Anyway, relatively late in the design process, Character realized they had a budding action figure line, and wisely decided to make the figures articulated. And the world was forever changed - at least as far as Doctor Who fans and toy vendors are concerned. :-)

Due to the lengthy process involved in designing and manufacturing products such as action figures, by the time the first wave of bona fide figures were being designed the 9th Doctor's short tenure was at an end, thus the 10th Doctor was the main focus of the figure line, and the 9th Doctor was relegated to a "Regeneration Pack" which consisted of the same body design as the battlepack version, but a redesigned head. It also included a 10th Doctor figure in neutral pose but wearing the 9th Doctor's outfit just as he did immediately following the regeneration.

Supposedly, Character originally intended the Regeneration Pack to include one body and two interchangeable heads, and indeed this was still being listed on some web sites well after the Regeneration Pack was shipping. According to Character, the BBC vetoed the "head swap", citing the completely different body types of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. As the 9th Doctor was on his way out, Character simply reused the Battlepack body for the 9th Doctor, although the new head sculpt was retained. Additionally, a new Sonic Screwdriver was included to be shared between the Doctors.

Fast forward a couple of years, and fans were asking for a release of the 9th Doctor that would do away with the action pose (often referred to as the "Disco Doctor"). Character politely declined the request, citing a recent poll that supposedly revealed most kids (ostensibly the target audience for the figure line) firmly identified David Tennant as the Doctor - giving the impression that the 9th Doctor was not only gone but pretty much forgotten as well. To ease matters somewhat, fans cobbled together their own "proper" 9th Doctor by putting the 9th Doctor's head on the 10th Doctor's regeneration pack body oddly effecting the original intended design of the product. Character was even presented with one of these "boil and pop" 9th Doctors, but still firmly maintained a new 9th Doctor figure just wasn't to be.

Aliens of London

Fast forward a bit more, and the Doctor Who line continued to grow in popularity. Awards were won, Who-mania seemed to be in full swing and Character just couldn't seem to make enough figures to meet the demand. The new series finally crossed the ocean to the United States, and both new and old fans were born. Demand for the action figure line and related toys was enough that Underground Toys took notice (as did a few other would-be distributors) and eventually was granted the license to be the official distributor of Who toys in the US.

Unfortunately, the first wave of toys to officially ship in the US was several waves into the line as far as British fans were concerned. This meant many of the early figures had never been available to US fans, save for limited - and expensive - imports by long time Who vendors. This situation resulted in scalper prices on eBay for the early figures, and what had been peg warmers in Great Britain were now expensive collectors items in the US. With Underground Toys now on the scene, negotiations with Character resulted in a "US Wave" that included most of the hard to find early figures such as the Sycorax, Moxx, and Cassandra, as well as the Regeneration Pack and - a first for anywhere in the world - the 9th Doctor carded all by himself. Due to the weak dollar, many British fans found they were able to buy the US figures and get them shipped over to the British Isles for a price that wasn't too much more than buying the figures natively. Thus, the legions of new fans that had joined the Who train since the early waves were able to procure their own choice figures - as well as the unique 9th Doctor Figure.

The head sculpt used for the "American Wave" was different again from the original Regeneration Pack release, though opinion varies on it being an exact reproduction of the original head used in the Battlepacks. What was noticed by fans was that the new head fit the 10th Doctors' body in the regeneration pack much better than the original (which resulted in the neck overhanging the neck joint on the body). But new head sculpt aside, this was still the action posed "Disco Doctor". To add insult to the injurious desire, the back of the figure cards actually showed a neutral stance 9th Doctor Figure! Was this some cruel trick on Character Option's part, sticking it to the fans who had yearned for such a figure since the line began? Or could it somehow be a mistake - as the picture appeared to be a shot of the 9th Doctor 12" Scale Walkie Talkie? It seemed a stretch that a company such as CO - obviously attentive to detail as evidenced by the high quality of the figure line - could not only allow the wrong photo to be used - but one from an entirely different scale, and technically not even an action figure at that!

Rumors continued that this was indeed a future 9th Doctor figure in scale with the 5" line. But if that was true, then why hadn't Character chosen it for the actual figure wave? Wouldn't it make sense to use that figure for the singly carded figure, and keep the "Disco Doc" in the Regeneration Pack? Other rumors declared the BBC had - at the last minute - declined approval and the neutral stance figure had been cancelled - but the cards had already been printed with that figure pictured. And still other rumors stated that Christopher Eccelston himself was to blame, as he supposedly wanted to distance himself from all things Doctor Who, and that he was the reason a new 9th Doctor figure could not be manufactured.

Now, in the present day, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief - and excitement - as the neutral pose 9th Doctor figure is not only real but shipping!

Comparing the New Doctor to the Old...

The new 9th Doctor figure still has its roots in the Regeneration Pack as the body is (mostly) the same sculpt originally used for the 10th Doctor in that pack. However, new arms have been made which bring the articulation up to date with what has more or less become the standard across the line. These new arms include a "bicep swivel" as well as wrist articulation in addition to the standard shoulder and elbow joints. These small additions allow for an incredible range of motion and are most welcome. The legs feature bending knees as well as the unusual hip joint that allow the majority of Who figures to do some amazing splits. The waist also turns, as does the neck. And speaking of the neck, the new head sculpt does indeed fit the neck joint perfectly, with none of the "overhang" that greeted the eager customizers in the past.

The other noticeable change is that the jumper is maroon instead of the black on the 10th Doctor. This hearkens back to the very first Battlepack Doctor - which also featured a maroon jumper. I just love nods to the past like this! It's also worth noting that this same body with the new arms but sans the maroon jumper for black is the same body used for the 10th Doctor "Regeneration Figure" currently shipping in the MultiFigure Packs. I have also heard several reports that the new release of the Regeneration Pack also features the new arms - but this was not true of the one I purchased recently. I have not yet been able to confirm if there are versions that include the new body or if this is just rumor. One rumor I can dispel is that the 9th Doctor head sculpt used in the new Regeneration Pack is the same as that used on the neutral pose 9th Doctor figure; this is false. The Regeneration Pack version has a slight "kink" in the neck, if you will, whereas the single carded version is straight-on. It also appears to me that the expression is 'slightly' different - but this could very well be paint ops. In either case, the two heads - while similar - are not of the same mold.

On a slightly critical note, the skin tones of the neck differ between the body and the head. The neck paint on the body is decidely darker than the head. It's not an enormous difference, but noticeable. And finally, why Character chose not to include a Sonic Screwdriver with this figure (or indeed, the "American" release of the singly carded Disco Doctor) is one of those bewildering decisions that just defies any attempt at discovering a logical reason. The Doctor's hand is obviously molded to hold it, but at the very least, I will say it's not nearly as noticeable on this version as it was on the "Disco Doctor" who looked positively goofy posed wielding his...empty hand? But it's not just a cruel omission for 9th Doctor figures, as some of the Blue Suited 10th Docs were missing it as well. And these are missing accessories due to a factory slip up - the bubble tray that holds the figures is also missing the characteristic slot that holds the device. So you'll definitely want to borrow one from one of your other Doctor figures as it just seems right for the Doctor to have it.

An aside for a brief rant: As much as I love Character Options and their fantastic Doctor Who line, accessories are the one area where I feel they have much room for improvement. Though many figures don't include them - and rightly so in many cases as the characters simply don't use anything that would be an obvious choice for a figure accessory. But there are plenty of other instances where it seems CO is just being stingy (Mickey Smith and the Preacher Gun or Void Transporter anyone?). And my biggest gripe of all is not including accessories in the multifigure packs that clearly come with the single carded versions of the figures! Emails enquiring about this bizarre practice have, uncharacteristically, gone unanswered. It's as if CO know they are doing something loopy and don't wish to admit it. My personal hope is that CO is planning to release an Action Figure Accessory Pack (or two), and though I would highly welcome it, it does seem to be a bit of sneaky business building on CO's part - if indeed they ever do release such a product. End of Rant. :-)

So Character has listened to the fans and released a neutral pose 9th Doctor Figure. But is it too much too late? Certainly it may be a hard sell to parents who may have just bought a 9th Doctor figure for their little ones recently. And though some children certainly like to have every figure, others are completely fine having one figure to represent each character. And further, it just seems bizarre to release a 9th Doctor figure so soon on the heels of...the 9th Doctor figure. As such, it would seem this version of the Doctor may be aimed squarely at the collector market. Others theorize this version was (finally) made since all the other figures are more or less in a neutral pose, and the eventual hope of a complete line of Doctor Who figures of the various incarnations of the good Doctor himself would have just looked silly with every other Doctor standing tall and proud except for the 9th Doctor...who appears to be disco dancing. :-) Whatever the reason, the undeniable result is that a large (and very vocal) section of the Doctor Who Figure Collecting public can now breathe a sigh of happy, contented relief. And despite the curious lack of a Sonic Screwdriver, this figure is otherwise a top notch addition to the line. So once again, Character Options has done good. And that's enough to make this fan want to disco dance the day away. :-) Thanks Darrell

The Ninth Doctor with Auton Arm, Auton Mickey Head and Antiplastic Bomb

An excellent new figure, a revised version of the original 9th Doctor from the Dalek battlepack, Series 1 10 figure set and Series 1 6 figure set. Identical to the release without accesories. This new figure is of the 9th Doctor in his burgundy shirt with leather jacket, with new neutral pose. This well articulated figure is fun to play with and in my opinion highly detailed, especially the leather jacket. It comes with three accessories. The Antiplastic Bomb the doctor used to blow up Rose's job at Henriks, a clothes shop, along with Autons (plastic mannequins that come to life, controlled by the Nestene Conciousness from Spearhead from Space (1970), Terror of the Autons (1971) and Rose (2005). The antiplastic bomb, which at first I thought would have been a vial of antiplastic, is highly detailed, black and silver with red wires and numbers for the countdown. It also comes with Mickey's head which is a new sculpt with sideburns unlike the series 2 Mickey with preacher gun, which has shorter hair, another good figure. Mickey was swallowed by an Auton bin and a copy was made, the Doctor tried to use his head which he pulled off of the Auton Mickey to find the Nestene Conciousness. It also comes with an Auton arm which the Doctor pulled off an attacking Auton. Overall this is an amazing, well-articulated figure and fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

9th Doctor - Series 1

Many fans of the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) have been waiting for this figure. The posed version sticks out like a sore thumb against the rest of the figures.

Series 1 Ninth Doctor wears the outfit from "Rose" and "The End of the World", with the burgundy jumper. Character appear to have taken the Regeneration Set and combined both figures. This seems to be from the American set that has cut biceps for more articulation. You can get the Doctor in a number of poses here.

The only thing I'd have to say against this figure is that there is no sonic screwdriver. With that being said, it is still the figure I wanted the most from Character Options for a long time. Thanks Jeremy

The Tenth Doctor with Portable Wire Set

The Tenth Doctor in black suit, coat and the Wire portable televison is a lot of fun to play with; now you dont have to get the 10 Figure Set to get the Doctor in black suit, coat and glasses, because he has been rereleased as a single action figure with an accessory, originally found in the Faceless Grandma and the Wire TV set and interchangeable heads action figure. The Wire is from the Idiots Lantern (2006) and tried to eat people's faces to get the body her fellow kind denied her, she could travel through the televisons. She went into a portable, one made by her forced to do her bidding servant Mr Magpie, who runs an electronic shop that sells TVs in the 1950s. This accessory is highly detailed and fun to play with and there is a screen in the middle with the Wire's face on it, which can change into a symbol. The portable TV has all sorts of controls and can be worn on an action figure's neck. The Doctor (which does not come with spiky hair like it was in this episode) is highly detailed in his black suit and coat and his glasses (attached). Overall this is a well articulated, highly detailed action figure that is very fun to play with! Thanks Alfie

The Doctor - 10th Doctor in Long Coat

The 10th Doctor in his suit and long coat, with sonic screwdriver accessory. This is a good figure which is very fun to pose. It has articulation in the elbow and the arm, but sadly not the wrist; if you twist it too much it will pop off! The head can move a little and the sonic screwdriver just sits in The Doctor's right hand in extended position.

It has the lovely brown overcoat which is made of a flexible plastic and the suit is made of a hard plastic which just stays in one position. The legs have good articulation; they can pull out, it can bend at the knee and it moves at the hip. The other Doctor figure is basically the same except there is no brown coat and the suit is a flexible plastic and it doesn't come with the sonic screwdriver.

This is the Series 2 version of the Doctor in long coat, the other Series 3 version is the Doctor in long coat in blue suit and red shoes which is only available in the Daleks in Manhattan set and is not sold single carded. There have been several David Tennant 5" The Doctor figures and there will be more to come when the 4th Series comes out. Thanks Simon

The Doctor in Spacesuit - Review 1

The Doctor in Spacesuit

The Doctor in Spacesuit went underground on the planet Krop Tor to find a gravity field at the planet's heart with Ida Scott of Sanctuary Base Six; a deep space exploration representing the Torchwood archive. The Doctor in Space Suit is available in two versions. One as a single carded action figure with a short haircut and removable yellow helmet, wearing an orange spacesuit. The second release version comes with more of a fringe than the other 5" one and is found in the Satan Pit Set and singly.

Also available is the Doctor in a red version of the suit with another leg pocket which is called the Doctor in SS Pentallion Space Suit as seen in the episode 42 (2007). The 5" Doctor in Spacesuit unfortunately doesn't come with a torch like its 12" version, though both are fine collectibles. Thanks Alfie

The Doctor in Pentallian Spacesuit and The Doctor in Spacesuit The Doctor in Pentallian Spacesuit and The Doctor in Spacesuit

The Doctor in Spacesuit - Review 2

To begin with, the detail of the whole figure is absolutely amazing! Character have everything down to the last pattern on the little 5" figure! I was pleased with the articulation when I took it out of it's packaging and I just have to say, it has better articlulation in both the arms and legs than any other Doctor Who figure.

What I don't like about it, is that when I'm putting the helmet on the figure's head then trying to put the sort of air tube into the hole at the back, it keeps FALLING OUT! I wasn't very happy when I discovered that, though there may be something I'm doing wrong. Once again I would like to go back to the detail. I know I was complimenting it a minute ago, but now I am not so sure! I looked at a picture of the Doctor/David Tennant wearing it on The Satan Pit episode and the costume has a kind of 'muddy' effect on it. It would be better if Character Options made a muddier effect on the arms and body of the sculpt. Overall, I am very pleased with this little 5" figure and I highly recommend it! In fact, my rating is a whopping 9/10. Thanks Dean

The Doctor in Spacesuit - Review 3

I love this figure, the sculpt is amazing. I am thinking of buying more of these just because they look so darn good.

The removable helmet is a nice feature, it fits snuggly which is always good, the tubing going from his helmet to his belt is nice and flexible yet doesn't feel like it will break. One problem I am finding with mine though is that it doesn't want to stay on his belt; the peg is a little too soft and won't snap in like his helmet does. The likeness of the Doctor is the usual standard, which to me is great. The paint job on the skin could do with a little bit of touching up though. Nice articulation as is to be expected. Another great figure that cannot be passed on. Thanks Jamie

The Doctor in Blue Suit with Glasses

10th Doctor in Blue Suit with Glasses and Red Plimsoles

The Series 3 Doctor in blue suit with glasses is essentially a repaint of the Series 2 figure in brown suit, except with the added extra accessory of the Doctor's iconic black framed glasses.

I prefer this figure as it has updated colour detailing to the blue suit with red plimsolls like The Doctor wears in the latest series. Also, like all Character Options figures, this figure is incredibly detailed – as the Doctor's glasses are a separate piece glued onto the figure's head rather than one complete head mould. This adds more realism to the figure.

All other aspects of the mould remain the same as the S2 toy, but there is no need for any change to the detailing as the Doctor's outfit has changed colour, not his outfit style. However, where this figure loses points when compared with other S3 figures is the amount of articulation - it would have been nice if Character Options could have added the new bicep joint as the Doctor's range of motion in his arm is still quite limited. All other joints remain as standard for this figure range, which are basic, but acceptable. Further, a sonic screwdriver accessory would have been a nice addition.

In summary, I really like this figure. Although just a repaint, the new colours seem to breathe new life into the mould, and the glasses really add something extra. I would give the figure 10/10 for accuracy to the character, but only 7/10 when compared to other figures in the range as the lack of arm articulation and lack of other accessories let the figure down.

Other things to watch out for – the glasses are not always glued straight onto the head, so make sure they are, or The Doctor will look like he has had one too many banana daiquiris, like the scene from The Girl In The Fireplace. Thanks Spen

The Doctor Regeneration Set - Review 1

The Regeneration Set is a brilliant set! It features one sonic screwdriver and a 9th Doctor figure and a regeneration 10th Doctor in leather jacket. The 10th Doctor in this set has two variations. The later one has improved upper arm articulation and paint finish. The 9th Doctor figure is in a pose, which I would prefer to be like the newer neutral pose one, but its still a great 9th Doctor action figure. Recreate the regeneration scene in the Parting of the Ways (2005)! The 10th Dr is a great figure too! His leather jacket is just like the 9th Doctors and they are a great set! Thanks Alfie

The Doctor Regeneration Set - Review 2

The Regeneration Set includes the 9th and 10th Doctors. Nice set with great poseability on both figures. However it would have been better if the 9th Doctor had some knee articulation. The sculpt is a very good likeness. The paint job is a bit plain and could use and will be getting a definite touch up to bring out some shading. The 10th Doctor has a bit of a blank look on his face, not sure if this is supposed to represent him right after regeneration or not, kinda looks like it is supposed to. But all in all a great addition. Thanks Jamie

The 10th Doctor Regeneration Figure (Single Carded)

This Figure is MUCH better than the Regeneration Set Figure.

1st - This figure has more articulation than the other one, and the legs are more sturdy.

2nd - This 10th Doctor Figure is designed to hold a Sonic Screwdriver (unlike the Spacesuit one , designed to hold the Obelisks) , this makes the regeneration Figure so great.

3rd - The head moves around unlike the 2 Figure Set

Overall this figure is great. Thanks Alex

The Doctor with 5 Adipose Figures

This Doctor is the same as any other Doctor released in a suit. He has the same articulation as a Suit Doctor. However, the reason to buy this is because for the first time EVER, this is the Doctor in Black/Brown Suit with Glasses. The Adipose are very detailed, though NOT posable. Two of the Adipose come with hands waving, the other three have their hands down.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who likes Adipose or is a keen collector of the ever growing Doctor Who Figure Range. In fact, this figure is worth buying if only to add to the amazing collection of Doctors in Glasses! Thanks Alex

Doctor with 5 Adipose

I think this is a really good pack of figures because the Doctor has brown suit and glasses, which is the first figure of its kind. The Adipose have lovely detail (their tooth is the best), plus all of them are really easy to stand up (even the Doctor). I would recommend it to everyone. This Doctor does not come with a sonic screwdriver. Thanks Ryan

The Doctor with 5 Adipose

The Doctor in this set is a figure I have wanted Character to make for a very long time. The doctor in blue suit comes without and with glasses, and finally the doctor in brown suit with glasses. Brilliant figure, well articulated and looks a lot like David Tennant

Now for the adipose in this set, high quality, very high quality, my mum likes these as they are cute. Two of them are waving, three of them are walking and I have a special way of displaying them. They are in front of the doctor on my series 4 figure shelf, very good. The doctor is always in the middle and front of each shelf, with female companions in order of majority on one side, male companions in order of majority on the other side. This set is an overall high quality set. Thanks Alfie

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