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Pig Guard and Space Pig
The Doctor and Tardis - Thanks Ian O'B

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Dalek Cookie Jar

Dalek Cookie Jar Dalek Cookie Jar Dalek Cookie Jar Dalek Cookie Jar Dalek Cookie Jar Dalek Cookie Jar

This Dalek Cookie Jar is truly amazing. The detail is stunning and really 3-D. Simply lift off the dome head piece to reveal the inner Dalek. It is plain white but you can feel the 'Sensor Globes'. It fits lots of biscuits (strangely!) and I use it all the time.

The Dalek Cookie Jar is limited to 5,000 pieces, but I found it 75% off on Play.Com on a weekend special. £9.99 was pretty amazing at the time!

The Cookie Jar is amazing and the head can turn 360" so it can watch you at the breakfast table...

I would recommend this to people who love biscuits and Daleks!
Thanks Alex

The Doctor's Fob Watch

The Doctor's Fob Watch The Doctor's Fob Watch The Doctor's Fob Watch The Doctor's Fob Watch

The Doctor's Fob Watch is the latest in a large series of 'toy props' from Character Options. It's probably the most functional of them so far - the watch does what it says on the tin and tells the time.

10th Doctors Fob Watch Underground Toys 2013 Revised Packaging

The fob watch is moulded in hard-wearing silver plastic with a beautiful 'tarnish' effect, and is opened using a small button at the top. The sound and light effects are activated by another small button on the side. The watch exterior and watch face are both decorated with Gallifreyan script, and the reverse of the watch is also as seen on screen - however with the unfortunate addition of a speaker grille, battery cover and copyright notices.

Lights & Sound FX
The light-up effect in the fob watch is created by three small LEDs hidden around the edges of the watch face. When they are activated by the button, they flash, but not in unison - this coupled with the fact that the clear 'cover' for the watch reflects the light around produces a convincing 'Timelord Consciousness' effect.

The sound effects are nice and loud - the fairly high-quality speaker also means that they are clear. There is just one sound effect for the watch - when you press the button, it makes a 'Timelord watch sound' as heard in Human Nature/The Family of Blood (2007), which flows into the Doctor saying "This watch is me", again flowing into "I dream, quite often, that- that I have two hearts-" and finally saying "I'm not just a Timelord. I'm the last of the Timelords." Strangely, this final phrase comes from Gridlock, not the relevant episodes that the others originate from.

The Time
The watch face, as well as being decorated with Gallifreyan script, is also adorned with Roman Numerals and three nicely made watch hands. The watch keeps very good time and ticks away quietly and satisfyingly.

The Chain
The chain is a nice addition to the watch - it is made out of tough metal and features a special clip on the end to attach it to your pocket or buttonhole. It adds some good weight to the watch, and rather enhances the effect. It is attached to the movable loop at the top of the watch - however, unfortunately, this loop is clearly made out of different plastic and paint to the rest of the watch - the paint here scrapes off at the tiniest nudge, and with a chain dangling from it, it is worn away very quickly. Thankfully the plastic underneath is grey, so this problem is not instantly noticeable.

The watch is pretty accurate - the colour and tarnish effect are just about spot on. It's a little thicker than it was on-screen, but this is to be expected really due to the extra electronics needed. The Gallifreyan script on the front seems to be nearly identical - coincidentally, it's the same writing as is on part of the action figure card-backs. The loop and button at the top are a little too large, and on-screen they were much shinier - but this again is hard to notice and easy to accept.

The main flaw, not just in accuracy terms but also in terms of the whole watch, is that this has been modelled on the Master's fob watch! The chain is a bit of a giveaway (as the Doctor didn't have a chain on his, only the Master did), but it's easy to assume that Character Options have just wanted to give this item a little more play value by attaching a chain.

However, after a bit of extensive investigation work, it becomes clear in another respect - the watch in Human Nature, when open, has the three yellow circles - but not the rest of the Gallifreyan script. The numerals are also different. Initially I assumed this was Character taking artistic license (I think it looks nicer with the extra script anyway), but after re-watching (no pun intended) Utopia and using the pause button in just the right place... You can see that the Master's fob watch has this extra writing. Clearly Character used the Master's watch when creating this piece of merchandise. Which prompts the question... will there be a Master's fob watch?

And of course, the chain that shouldn't be there can be rectified with a pair of pliers and a strong pair of hands - I much prefer mine without it.

Overall this is a stunning piece of merchandise - 9 out of 10 from me. Go and buy yourself one!
Thanks Jacob

Electronic Talking Mug

Cyberman Electronic Talking Mug Dalek Electronic Talking Mug

These mugs are fully useable. Yes, you can drink tea out of them! When they are switched on and picked up they will produce the sounds, eg Dalek mug says 'exterminate', Tardis mug has 'take off' sound and Cyberman mug says 'delete delete'. There is up to 30 seconds of sound per mug. The batteries can be replaced for continuous sound. Also the sound module can be removed so the mugs can be washed.
Thanks Jon

TARDIS Electronic Talking Mug Electronic Talking Mug

Judoon Scanner

Used by the Judoon to scan for Human and Non-Human. The Non-Human would be found and then executed. But the Doctor is also onboard the Moon Hospital, and that means trouble when they scan him...

The Judoon Scanner is amazing. The design on this is cracking, it is all real 3-D. The patterns actually go in so you can feel it!

As for the sounds, they are terrific. There is only 1 sound FX on this, however it is long. Simply press the button located at the top, and out comes a scanning sound! What would be nice is if you could hold down the scanning button and when you take your finger off the sound stops, like the ageing sound on the Laser Screwdriver, it could be continous.

But I like this toy very much, 9/10 Thanks Alex

Marks & Spencer Dalek Cake

Marks & Spencer Dalek Cake Dalek Cake

The Marks and Spencer Dalek Cake features chocolate sponge filled and covered with milk chocolate ganache and hand decorated with soft icing and milk chocolate buttons. This Dalek has no id tag but should not be confused with the Comic Con Chocolate Assault Dalek.

Marks & Spencer Gift Range - Keychains

M & S K9 Keychain 2006 M & S Dalek Keychain 2006 M & S Cyberman Keychain 2007

During the Christmas buying period Marks and Spencer sell various exclusive items of giftware. Popular amongst these are licensed keychains. For Christmas 2007 you could get Thunderbirds 1 or 2, two vehicles from Wacky Racers (The Double Zero or the Compact Pussycat) or a Lumic Cyberman! This is not new territory for M&S. For Christmas 2006 they had a different selection which included Morse's Jaguar, a modern bronze Dalek and K9. All feature high levels of detail and where possible some articulation. A Classic Dalek was available for Christmas 2005 Thanks Neil & Jacob

M & S Dalek Keychain 2005 M & S Classic Dalek Keychain 2005 Dalek Keychain 2005

18" Voice Interactive Assault Dalek

The Dalek will operate on most types of surfaces but works best on flat level ground. It also has multiple sensors including ultra sonics, microphones, passive infrared sensors and movement detection switches. It is both voice and radio controlled.

For RC mode the switch must be moved to the "RC" mode position. It can move forward, backwards, left and right and can also be controlled to move its head and eyestalk.

For Voice Control mode the switch must be moved to the 'ON' position to activate the voice mode. In this you can give various commands including 'static room guard'.

The 18" Voice Interactive Assault Dalek has a claw arm. Also found are the standard Voice Interactive Dalek and the Voice Interactive Dalek Sec.

Thanks Kyle

Mini RC Dalek Battle Pack

Just received my 5 inch radio controlled Dalek Battle Pack. This is a nice set. There are at the moment three different sets; I chose to get the one that comes with a Cyber Leader. The others come with Rose or the Doctor. But I have them already and you cannot have enough Cybermen.

The thing I really like about these are they are the same size as the regular figures. So my Dalek army is now up to 7.

There are a lot of flaws to this set however. Where to start!!!..

Range sucks. one Dalek has a range of about 4 feet the other 3 feet. Also if you get your Dalek too close to the other person's controller the signals get crossed and one controller controls both Daleks. The controllers are lightweight and I fear dropped once would stop working. Also, I don't understand why on one of the Daleks it has a rotating front wheel, that works great, and on the other Dalek it has a ballbearing that sucks. Also, and this is a little complaint, one of my Dalek's has been drinking; his head is not on straight!

Now please do not get me wrong, I like this, it is a fun little toy. Great to have some Daleks that have light up eyes and speech. Maybe they should just make a Dalek that has light-up eyes and a few buttons to acticate sounds and leave the whole RC thing alone. Thanks Jamie (Canada)

RC Daleks

The Daleks are a being whose sole mission is to destroy and their stock phrase is "Exterminate!"

The first 5" RC Daleks from Character Options were in the Dalek Battle Packs with a bronze coloured Dalek with a nametag, and a black and gold Dalek (not actually seen in any Doctor Who episode) included. There are 5 versions of these Battle Packs. Each one comes with a different action figure. One has the 10th Doctor in black suit and white plimsoles, and another a cyberman. The other three Dalek Battle Packs come with special action figures that have never before been released seperately as single carded figures. One had the 9th Doctor in burgundy shirt with an early version of the sonic screwdriver accessory. Another Battle Pack comes with a Rose figure in red top and jeans with paler skin, lighter clothing, and very yellow hair. The other release comes with a Cyber Leader with EMP device and a removable chest plate to reveal the heart of steel inside!

Next the 12" RC Daleks, as seen in Dalek (2005) were released; one was gold, the others were Imperial Guard Dalek and The Assault Dalek, both seen in the Parting of the Ways (2005). A later release of the 12" RC Dalek was Dalek Sec as seen in Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, and Daleks in Manhattan (2006/7). Character have also released a 12" Damaged Dalek Thay as seen in Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks (2007).

Character have also released mini RC Daleks in addition to the Battle Packs. These Daleks include the RC Dalek Sec, and an RC Dalek with Dalek Sec's nametag, but coloured gold. Thanks Alfie

Tardis Cookie Jar

Details: the TARDIS cookie jar is manufactured by Wesco and measures just under 11" tall (base to top of lamp) and 5.5" wide at the base.

It takes 3 Three G13 type batteries (included) The light and sounds are activated by either pushing down on the lamp or closing the lid, the clip is located on the rear in front of the single hinge.

The inner bucket is removable and thus makes this very consumer friendly as far as health concerns. There is no disclaimer regarding whether it is dishwasher safe, so it is NOT recommended. Merely wash by hand.

The cost in the USA is only a two to three dollars more than the ice bucket and with the light and sounds it is well worth it.

REVIEW: An excellent addition to the Doctor Who product line. And since it has a practical use, fans can now have Doctor Who in their kitchen or dining room! Thanks Hoosier Whovian (USA)

Tardis Playset - Review 1

The Tardis playset is the greatest item in the history of merchandise! It looks a lot like the actual time travelling spaceship and only leaves out little features such as springy wires and black wires with silver discs.

The TARDIS initials stand for time and relative dimension in space, and its the Doctor's time travelling ship. The Tardis chamelion circuit broke and left the ship in the form of a police box. As new entrants often remark, its 'bigger on the inside'! On the outside it is a police public call box with wrongly shaped windows and a fake phone.

Police boxes were around in the 50s and 60s and used by the police to hold someone inside or by members of the public to call for help; now that we have mobile phones there is no need for them! But who would have thought back in the 1950s that the ordinary police box would inspire such an incredible range of merchandise as the Flight Control TARDIS and TARDIS Playset?

The playset is of the beautiful TARDIS interior with the police box door which is wrongly sized to the figures, as the figures are almost as tall but this inexpensive playset is brilliant with its lights and sounds! The lights in the tube of the console flash dark green and you hear the sound of the TARDIS materialising. The console has many buttons you can press to make all sorts of TARDIS sounds, such as recharging.

One of the console peices can be opened with a push then a pull to reveal the place where the 'heart' of the TARDIS is located; unfortunately the heart is not visible. There is a coat rack, some chairs and some console hammers included with the playset. It has a green floor of which three of its peices can be removed to reveal places where the Doctor can do repair work on his ship. Next to the doors there are 2 time vortex peices and one above which look like the interior lights on the back which are revealed in the playset.

The interior goes well with the 5" figures and is useful if you want to play with your figures and make your own Doctor Who episode that includes the TARDIS interior. A good addition to any collection and the perfect Christmas present. A wonderful toy. Thanks Alfie

TARDIS Playset

Tardis Playset - Review 2

Firstly, this thing is huge; I didn't expect it to be quite so big. The box took up over a 1/4 of my kitchen table, it took almost half an hour to get all the pieces out, mainly because of all the twist ties, must of been at least 30.

The instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow. The whole thing though isn't very easy to move. It is more of a display piece or a playset that has to stay in one location. One problem I have is that the floor panels are cardboard. Although that being said, the bases that they are supported on hold the whole thing very well. There are three removeable floor panels as well.

I think the makers spent all of the budget on the console which is amazing! The console has several buttons all with different sounds including dematerialising, over loading the console, crash landing and so on. The Time Vortex column moves up and down, and there is also a lift-up panel to look into the heart of the TARDIS!..

The playset also comes with the Doctor's hat and coat stand and two hammers with which the Doctor can pound on the console to get it to work. It measures 2 foot long so it is hard to find somewhere to put it. That whole process took me an hour of moving shelves around to make room for it. Thanks Jamie (Canada)

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