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Pig Guard and Space Pig
The Doctor and Tardis - Thanks Ian O'B

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Army of Ghosts

Army of Ghosts

The Army of Ghosts 5 inch figure set includes three figures and the Genesis Ark. When this set was originally released, the darker bronze version of Dalek Thay (not damaged) was exclusive but can now be found in the new Genesis Ark and Daleks Set. The Genesis Ark has no apparent differences to its previous releases apart from some copyright notices underneath the base.

Whereas the Mickey Smith figure is not altered at all, his accessories have. Rather than the preacher gun which was included with the single carded figure he comes with a void transporter device as used by him, Jake and the parallel world soldiers to “hop between universes.” Luckily for Doctor Who toy fans, this is the third chance to get Damaged Cyberman; found in the UK in the Army of Ghosts and the Series 2 Six Figure Pack and in the US only single carded as an exclusive San Diego Comic Con exclusive). If it was up to me though, I would swap the figures in this set with the Doomsday ones due to certain character's appearances but other than that, the Army of Ghosts pack is perfect for collectors. Thanks Sue

The Dalek Collectors Set number 1

This set is amazing. The original dalek is from The Daleks, where the Doctor and Susan, with new companions who were suspicious of Susan at their school and entered the TARDIS, teachers Ian and Barbara, visit a planet, where they are captured by the daleks, who had adapted to the planet's radiation and needed it to survive, the radiation wasn't enough so they died. But they returned later

The Supreme Dalek is from Planet of the Daleks, that arrived on an alien planet to meet the daleks, and a dalek from Genesis of the Daleks, where the Doctor travelled back in time and met the daleks before they evolved. The daleks are silver, grey and gold and black. These are brilliant. The first dalek is very simple but still nice, its a beautiful shiny silver, and it includes a feature that all other daleks in the set feature, it has a removable eyestalk. The next Dalek is the Dalek Supreme, its beautiful and highly detailed, and is a repainted dalek from the dalek movies in the 1960s. The grey dalek is very good, its sucker arm and extermination blasters are hard to move but this is a great figure. Their heads move around. Overall this set is brilliant. Thanks Alfie

Dalek Collectors Set # 1

The First of many Classic Dalek Sets is alright. It has 3 Daleks, Dead Planet Dalek (Hartnell Years), Planet of the Daleks Supreme Dalek (Jon Pertwee Years) and Genesis of the Daleks Dalek (Tom Baker Years).

First of all, let me tell you this; to avoid breaking all 3 Daleks, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE GUN OR SUCKER ARM. They, sadly, are not posable and its a great shame. Unlike our Ecclestone/Tennant Version Daleks, the Classic ones only have a posable Eye Stalk, Head Dome, and Wheels so they can run over the Doctor.

Dead Planet Dalek

From Dalek Set # 1, this Dalek has a white, 360 degree head dome. The eyestalk can go up but don't break it! This figure has a white 'pepperpot' end with blue sensor globes. It is grey in the middle where the un-posable weapons are. This figure is detailed very nicely. Sadly, the paint seems to have had some unloved attention, as you can see bits of blue around the Dalek. However, it doesn't show straight away.

Planet of the Daleks Supreme Dalek

This Supreme Dalek has a gold 360 degree movable head. This design has Purple Luminosity Dischargers (for those that just said "What?" I mean the ears) and a white eye stalk that can go all the way up. The 'Pepperpot' base is black with gold Sensor Globes. The base on this Dalek is much thicker and bigger than ordinary Dalek's, but this is The Supreme Dalek, and with all it's Supremacy, I would say, "Make the Weapons Posable and take over the planet!"

Genesis of The Daleks Dalek

This Dalek has a grey head with eye stalk that goes all the way up. The eye stalk on this Dalek is more 'realistic' is which sense I mean the eye has a black dot in the middle. The others are white. This figure is grey with Black Sensor Globes. The Plunger/Sucker is white with a black end and the Gun Ray is bronze. This figure again has some minor unloved paintwork as a bit of black can be seen, but again not straight away.

I would say that you get this set for your birthday list, half price. But shamefully I don't think this has the standards to be priced at £16.99. However it is decent enough if you are a true fan and must have it now. For those folks I would say treat yourself. But for those of you who can wait, get it half price or on your B'day/Chrimbo List. Thanks Alex

Daleks in Manhattan

The Daleks in Manhattan Set features characters from Series 3. It is a fantastic set with some amazing figures, each of these figures has good articulation and are very nice additions to the range of Doctor Who action figures. At a reasonable price you can enjoy playing with four new action figures, two of which are only included in this set. Dalek Sec can be found in quite a few formats; there is the Dalek Sec single carded figure, the RC Dalek Sec, the Dalek Sec with the Genesis Ark & Daleks set, the 12" RC Dalek Sec, the Doomsday Dalek Sec with the 10th Doctor in suit and coat and Cyberman, and the Doomsday Dalek Sec with the Doctor in 3d glasses and Cyberman, and also the RC gold Dalek with Dalek Sec's nametag. A smaller Dalek Sec Hybrid range includes the Dalek Sec Hybrid single-carded action figure, the Dalek Sec Hybrid Voice Changer Helmet and the Dalek Sec Hybrid included in the Daleks in Manhattan Set.

The Dalek Sec Hybrid was born when Dalek Sec and Mr Diagoras joined together in Daleks in Manhattan (2007). This figure has a head with a huge pink brain sticking out, a single eye and 3 tentacles coming out of each side. The figure wears Mr Diagoras' suit and tie which has blue gooey marks all over it; at first I thought this was wrong, but then I discovered it was supposed to be this way. Another figure in this set is Damaged Dalek Thay. Dalek Thay has also been released in an undamaged version. Thay can also be found in the Genesis Ark & Daleks set and in the Army of Ghosts Set. In my opinion, Thay is not 'damaged' as it is described on the packaging as "Damaged Dalek Thay" or "Dalek Thay with rear panel damage", it has in fact just had the panels removed for them to be put to use. This figure can wheel around like any other non-RC Dalek.

Now let us move on to the two action figures that only come with this set. There is the Doctor in blue suit and coat which is like the original Doctor in coat except the suit is now blue. The Doctor comes with a sonic screwdriver accessory. The Pig Guard is the servant creature of the Daleks and has a short lifespan. This action figure has fair articulation and is a brilliant Series 3 action figure. It has a pig-like head, and red clothing with gloves and boots. The pig-like figures of Doctor Who include Pig Guard, Laszlo and the Space Pig. Overall, this set is a brilliant new set. Thanks Alfie

Evolution of the Daleks

The Evolution of the Daleks is a 12" boxed set released in late 2007. It includes a figure that you cannot buy outside of this set - Damaged Dalek Thay 12" action figure (non RC version). The set also comes with 12" Dalek Sec Hybrid and The Doctor in Suit with sonic screwdriver accessory. The figures are really great and all have great articulation so I would rate this figure set 10/10 for quality and 9/10 for the product in general because I think it's a bit rubbish that if you have just bought 12" Dalek Sec Hybrid seperately you will need to buy him again to get the other 2 figures in the set. Thanks Lewis

The Fires of Pompeii set

I really like this set. It comes with a pyrovile soldier and a roman soldier the pyroville soldier is an excellent figure with many points of articulation and the detail is fantastic I give this figure 10/10 the roman soldier is also a good figure and it comes with a sword and a dagger accessory. The detail is really good. I think £15 for this set is a bit much when the four figure sets are £20 but it's still a good set and I give it 9/10 Thanks The Last Dalek

The Fires of Pompeii set

In the Fires of Pompeii the Pyroviles world Pyrovilia was abducted by the daleks so they came to Earth trying to invade by turning people into stone. This set features a monster, the pyrovile monster, and an interesting addition, a roman solider and a very interesting fact about this is never actually featured in the episode, the head scuplt is based on somebody who works at Design Works, and I think he probably did it to make an action figure of himself, its a good idea. I'll start with the Roman Solider figure, its very good. A piece of armour on the side is removable, and it features two weapons in holders than can come on and off, and have weapons fit in them, these weapons are swords, one of them is a sword the other one is a dagger. The detail on it looks brilliant but its difficult to say because you cant compare it to anything apart from who its based on, and has not yet seen a picture of him but from this figure I get the idea of what he looks like. The articulation is average. Then the pyrovile monster, now I thought this was going to be released alone, as a huge figure but its kind of small, so maybe we will see a bigger release in future. This monster has removable, hands, feet and a head. The detail of bits that are supposed to look like fire are good except for one bit that is a bit poorly painted but never mind, the articulation is just fantastic on this figure so basically its a very good set and I would rate it an 8 out of 10, its really good, I like the roman solider but the size of the pyrovile monster is just unusual, very rushed. Thanks Alfie

Genesis Ark & Daleks

The Genesis Ark & Daleks set features The Genesis Ark and the Cult of Skaro, four individually named Daleks which used the Ark to release millions of Daleks. The Cult includes, Dalek Sec a black Dalek and three gold Daleks with unique nametags, Dalek Jast, Caan and Thay.

Dalek Cult of Skaro ids

The Genesis Ark is finely detailed and has places inside where removeable Dalek suckers can be stored. The Genesis Ark can be split open to reveal a place where you can put a Dalek to remake a scene from "Doomsday" (2006), a heartbreaking episode that causes many tears but is made up for with the hilarious Catherine Tate bride at the end - very suprising, unexpected and funny. Dalek Sec is later seen to become a human/dalek hybrid, another great action figure. The Genesis Ark set is available in three versions; with the Daleks with blue eyepeices, with the Daleks with black eyepieces; and with Daleks Jast, Thay and Caan revised with a bronze and gold livery. What an amazing thing to buy! At a reasonable price you can build an army of Daleks and even have your own black Dalek. Thanks Alfie

Series 1 Six Figure Gift Set

This set is a Woolworths exclusive and comes with a regeneration tenth doctor, the empty child, space pig, a slitheen, a gelth zombie and a grey auton. The Regeneration Tenth Doctor has improved articulation from the previous release and I would give it 8/10. The empty child is a great figure; the articulation isn't too good but that's to be expected, I like the detail on the gas mask so it gets 9/10. The space pig is a great figure - articulation isn't to good but that doesn't matter the detail is good and I give it 10/10. The slitheen is my 2nd slitheen; the articulation is very good and the paint is darker than the previous release; I give it 10/10. Gelth zombie, I already have this figure but I didn't mind getting it again; the skin is greyer so my other gelth zombie just looks normal now and not like a zombie at all, I give this figure 8/10. Finally the grey auton figure - I really like this figure it is the same figure as the autons in the auton twin pack just painted grey, it is still a really good figure and I give it 10/10. I give the whole set 9/10 Thanks The Last Dalek

Series 2 10 Figure Gift Set 2007

ROSE - Already have this one, not a great pose and not great articulation, you can move her legs quite a bit (Insert comment), but arms cannot bend. Still a good figure.

10TH DOCTOR WITH GLASSES - Not a big fan of the glasses, this is just your basic Doctor Who, same great articlulation as expected.

K-9 - NICE!!!!!, pull back and go feature, not neccessary for me but a nice little feature none the less. Push the control panel on his back and his side panel pops off so you can see his wireing, thats a cool feature, the Doctor can use his sonic screwdriver to fix the robot, makes for great playability and displayability.

MICKEY - great likeness, BUT WHERE IS HIS GUN!!!. Not too keen on the painted hair though; looks like it could rub off. Head angle seems to be a bit off, seems be looking upwards almost. Standing him in front of other figures it looks like he is constantly trying to look over their heads. I wish Character Options would do ball joint heads, that would make this whole figure line perfect.

CLOCKWORK MAN - best figure of all, I like these guys. likeness is perfect, even down to the clockwork head underneath the mask (which is removable), Paint job is spot on. At first I though I would have to buy another one and cut the knife weapon off the hand, then I realised that if just slides out from under his sleave, again PERFECT!

KRILLITANE, poseable jaw would of been nice, but you can buy one with mouth open, wings are a little hard and feel brittle I don't see much playability with this one, but that's ok because I don't play with my figures,,,,,,,,(much).......

OOD - Scary! Along the same lines as the clockwork man, great likeness, nice poseability, paint job is perfect, now they just need to release a pack of 4-5 of these guys so you can build an army.

DALEK SEC, not a lot to say about these guys. They look like daleks, would be nice if they would rotate at the gun turret level and not just the head, they feel a little cheap, DON'T get me wrong they are well made, I think it is just the weight, they feel very light and therefore feel cheapish to me. If I could change or add one thing to the daleks it would be (apart from the gun section rotating) I would like to see a selection of different weapons so you could build your own unique daleks, maybe have them come with or do an accessory pack with different guns and weapons to swap over.

CYBERMAN - these guys are nice!!!!! Great likeness, paint job is perfect, articulation is great, definitely a must have figure. One thing I would like to add and think I will to one of mine is light up eyes.

CYBER CONTROLLER - you can see his brain!!! This is nice, the sculpt is a little different from the other cybermen because this is after all the cyber controller. Only problem with this figure is it is a bit of a waste of time in this set, I mean you still have to buy the controller's throne which comes with a controller so thus making this figure pointless. There were so many other figures they could of put in this pack, heck I would of been happy wih another Clockwork Man or Ood.

All in all this set deserves a 9 out of 10, only losing a point because of the lack of gun for Mickey and the pointless Cyber Controller. Thanks Jamie

Sontaran Stratagem Set

Sontaran Stratagem Set

This is a great set, feauring a Donna Noble action figure, Sontaran General Staal with stick and removable helmet, Sontaran Commander Skorr with gun and removable helmet and a Sontaran solider with gun (helmet not removable).

First of all its good to get this set because it features an exclusive General Staal and his stick accessory and if you want Donna, Sontaran Soldier and Commander Skorr its cheaper to get them in this set for £20 than seperately for £24.

I really like this set. Originally I thought the Donna in this set would be wearing what she wore in the episode The Sontaran Stratagem, maybe with some TARDIS hammers? Because it would be nice; I like it when I get spare accessories. I have loads of spare sonic screwdrivers and alien communicators and the only time I've ever actually lost an accessory and never found it is with a sonic screwdriver and an alien communicator so its good I have spares but I look after my accessories and if anything ever goes missing the suspects are my dad, my mum, my sister and my baby brother!

Now first I will tell you all some Sontaran history. In the episodes of series 4, The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky Martha calls the doctor and donna to U.N.I.T to investigate deaths in cars with ATMOS fitted. The doctor discovered Atmos is a car navigation system that is friendly to the enviroment, invented by young genius Luke Rattigan. The Doctor went to his Rattigan Academy full of students and in his living room he discovered what looked like a teleport pod. This teleported him to the sontaran spaceship. Then the sontarans were discovered to be working with Luke, attempting to use ATMOS to gas the entire planet. Eventually Luke realised the sontarans had betrayed him, and there was no planet that he and his students could live on and start the human race again, so he sacrificed himself by blowing up the sontaran spaceship

The Sontarans are well known enemies of the doctor and they first appeared in a classic 1970s (which by the way was a very good decade for doctor who) episode The Time Warrior, which is now available to buy seperately on DVD or in the Bred for War box set featuring all the classic series Sontaran stories. The Time Warrior was also the episode introducing one of the doctor's best companions, journalist Sarah Jane Smith. In this episode she sneaked into the TARDIS with the doctor from U.N.I.T, which she had only entered because she pretended to be her aunt. They arrived in the middle ages where the sontaran Linx had crash landed and in exchange for guns, Sontaran would have his spaceship repaired in a castle. This episode is really good. Eventually Linx the sontaran was blown up. Then in another episode featuring Sarah Jane Smith and brilliant, and probably my second favourite doctor next to David Tennant, Tom Baker, the 4th doctor and companion Harry Sullivan visited the ark, and discovered frozen humans, and then they had to go down to Earth to fix the transmat system. There in The Sontaran Experiment (also available as a DVD, seperate and in box set, like all other classic series sontaran stories), they found a Sontaran, similar in appearence to Linx but with a different mask, this caused Sarah Jane confusion. This sontaran was experimenting on some humans who had not been frozen, so the doctor battles him, he went into his spaceship to recharge but the doctor told harry sullivan to remove something, this killed the sontaran, known as styre. Then they attempted to invade the time lord city on gallifrey, and were defeated in the invasion of time. Also a sontaran was helping some aliens in the two doctors

The Sontarans weak point is the back of the neck, hit them there and they are defeated. They come from the planet Sontar. They are a race of warriors who do not fear, but actually love being in pain and dying, they also like honour, and they are angry if they are told they are without honour. They are in The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2.

The Donna Noble action figure in this set is amazing, she IS featuring her winter clothes and I question whether it would be wiser to put her in more ordinary weather clothes. She is a good figure though, her hair is very good, highly detailed. She is well articulated but her head is hard to move. I really like this figure and I dont usually give ratings but now I have decided in my reviews to rate figures. So I rate Donna 10 out of 10. I have really enjoyed playing with this figure. I played with it, with the doctor in suit and glasses (brown suit version comes with 5 adipose figures). I played a game using the Doctor Who series 3 soundtrack to music to make it even better. In this game she was kidnapped by 2 cybermen, and I used the micro universe slitheen spaceship as the cyberman spaceship. She jumped out of the spaceship but the cyberman was grabbing her, so then the doctor used the TARDIS and she got away. Then the doctor used a sontaran gun to battle the cybermen but it had bullets instead of lasers inside and bullets can't stop cybermen, I used the excuse "its an old sontaran gun before they had lasers". Then I made the cybermen say that the doctor was on the "planet of the cybermen". Then the master came along and killed all the cybermen and then he stopped one of the doctor's hearts from working, but then a dalek comes along and kills all of them except the doctor and donna, and then I made the Catherine Tate figure say "am i bovvered?" to the dalek, making the dalek mad. Then it blew the place up and music came on, from the series 3 CD soundtrack, and the dalek was destroyed, it was a fun game. "Am i bovvered" was actually the first thing I said when I saw the donna figure in this set properly, and I imagine a lot of other people might have done, (for those who don't know, am I bovvered is a comedy catchphrase of Catherine Tate.

The sontarans in this set are amazing. The helmets are highly detailed but the general staal helmet has trouble staying on. The commander skorr helmet fits perfectly. The sontarans feet fall off easily. The gun's detail is really good. The sontarans are really good figures, good for display and quality. This way I have an army of sontarans, I like to put the helmets on the sontarans so it looks like theres an army of them. They are really good figures, well articulated and fun to play with. Overall 10 out of 10 for the sontarans and a 10 out of 10 for the set. Thanks Alfie

Sontaran Stratagem Set

When I bought this set I was really looking forward to getting it because I was avoiding buying Donna, Sontaran commander Skorr or Sontaran trooper, because I was going to the get set and the exclusive to it – Sontaran General Stall.

Sontaran: These are the best figures so far I would say; they have 17 points of articulation (General Stall’s head moves slightly this gives him 18 points). When I opened the pack the Sontaran trooper’s left elbow joint was stuck together with paint, so I scraped the paint off with a compass the elbow joint moves now. Sontaran General Stall & commander Skorr’s helmets are really good but it’s supposed to go on to Stall but his neck is misshapen so it does not fit; Skorr’s is fine. Their weapons are good but they are not held very well. Also the feet fall off a lot.

Donna: This is also a really good figure because of the 16 points of articulation, although her hair falls down into her coat you can still move her head, unlike Rose version 1. There is only one bad thing – she’s wearing a coat, it would be a much better figure if she were in the outfit she wore for ‘Partners in Crime’.

Overall this is the best set yet, I recommend it to everyone! Thanks Ryan

The Sontaran Stratagem Set

The Sontaran Strategem Set is truly amazing. I was extremely pleased with the amazing, fully articulated figures found within.

However, I have read forums and seen that in my set , the Commander Skorr figure had no weapon. Other forums had said that their General Staal Figure had no Head. Another said Donna's hair was missing. I do not think Character payed enough attention to this amazing set, but it is still worth buying. Thanks Alex

The Sontaran Stratagem Set

The Sontaran Stratagem Set is absolutely amazing. The Sontaran figures are all excellent and benefit from some extra arm and leg articulation, very similar to the Cybermen and the Donna Nobel figure is also outstanding with a good likeness. Plus at £19.99 for 4 new figures it's a complete bargain! Thanks Cameron

Sontaran Stratagem Set

I Love this set! Donna Noble is an excellent figure with plenty of detail and very good articulation - I give her 9/10. The sontarans are amazing and I love the detail. Staal and Skoor both come with removable helmets and I really like the rusted effect on Skoor and the Trooper's gun, I give skoor and staal 10/10 each and the trooper 9/10 and I give the whole set 10/10 Thanks The Last Dalek

Sontaran Stratagem Set

This set includes Donna Noble, General Staal, Commander Skoor and a Sontaran Soldier. Donna is wearing her winter coat from Planet of the Ood. This set is only as I'm aware of to date availible from Argos. It cost's £19.99 and is worth every penny. Staal and Skoor come with helmets. The Sontaron soldier and Skoor come with guns and Staal comes with the long tube he carries in the episode. It is a brilliant set. I recommend it.

Thanks Tom

The Stolen Earth Set

This is a good set, featuring 4 figures, The Supreme Dalek and The Doctor, then The Crucible Dalek and Davros. Now first The Doctor figure is just a basic figure, they should have put a Crazy Dalek Caan in the set I think as a collector another 10th dr in suit is just pointless, they could at least, make it a brown suit (more accurate), but still its a lovely figure with good, well good for its time, articulation, nice detail, looks like David Tennant and overall just good, but if you already have a dr in suit (black suit) the figure will be a bit boring, unless you only have the one with 5 Adipose. I myself have all versions of The Tenth Doctor except for that Airfix model that you need to paint

Now a story, as we all know The Doctor is a Time Lord from Gallifrey, he has a history, and I am very knowledgeable on his history as I have watched almost every episode of classic dr who and every episode in the new series, and I am particulary fond of the new series, the first season ever and the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker eras. The Doctor left Gallifrey, he revealed in The War Games (yes I am a nerd) that he left the Time Lords because they are ignorant, and do not intefere with the affairs of other worlds, the doctor does and he has been put on trial for it as Colin Baker and sentenced to exile on Earth but eventually he did several missions for the Time Lords and earned the TARDIS powers back, so he travelled once again. He landed in a junkyard in 1963, I love this episode, his grandaughter Susan is being followed by her two teachers Barbara and Ian who are suspicious of her, then they discover the TARDIS, which stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space, ever since hes been travelling the universe fighting aliens and saving lives. When he is injured he regenerates, he did this 9 times.

Now, his enemy Davros, this is a great action figure, but theres room for improvement, there should be a skeleton chest reveal. The only articulation is in the arm and claw hand, and the Davros can wheel around. Davros is the creator of the Daleks, a kaled from the planet Skaro, who invented the daleks and is sort of obsessed with them, then they turned against him so he made his own daleks who will obey him. He did this in both classic and new, but in new they turned against him and made him their pet. The figure is nicely detailed, with good control panel detail and face detail. Overall this is a very brillaint figure, with very good arm articulation and a claw hand, he has a claw hand because it was cut off in Revelation of the Daleks. Now the Crucible Dalek is a basic Dalek figure, with added detail, new sculpt and a new version of claw arm, good average articulation, and basically the design is great. I've done reviews on Daleks before and they're all just the same details to be honest so I think I've said all that needs to be said on this figure.<'p>

The Supreme Dalek is one of my favourite figures ever, my favourite figures are always Davros and the Daleks. The Supreme Dalek led the Daleks in The Stolen Earth/Journeys End and was killed off in a lazily written finale caleld Journeys End, lol. I think I should appreciate the finale more, with Steven Moffat becoming in charge of the show and David Tennant leaving, the ratings are gonna go down, steven moffats epsiodes are great, but slow. Well the supreme dalek, is an awesome figure with an awesome design and articulation, to learn more look at my review of the 5 inch RC version.

Thanks Alfie

Stolen Earth Set

This giftset is absolutely fantastic with four great figures. First off - crucible dalek this is a bronze dalek with crucible plunger and I can't say that it's the same as other dalek figures because it's lighter and thinner with a smaller gun and eye stalk. The Doctor figure is the same as the ordinary doctor but has a new face and is smaller than usual.

The supreme dalek is thinner and lighter than the RC one and this time it has a moving head! Davros is one of my favourite figures. Considering that it is Davros he still has a bit of articulation - one in his head and four in his arm - head moves left and right arm moves up, down bends, turns and his hand moves 360 degrees.

Thanks VaughanH7

Stolen Earth Set

This set is amazing! I'll start with the doctor - I'm really glad they put this doctor in the pack because I already got it but the hand snapped of. The set didn't come with a sonic screwdriver so I emailed Character Options and they sent me one but I lost it - I give this figure 8/10. The crucible dalek is a good figure and the new sculpt is excellent it looks so much more like a dalek - I give this figure 9/10. The supreme dalek is an excellent figure and the gold bits on the side are a really good detail - I love this figure and give it a 10/10. Now davros, I think this figure is excellent the head rest is slightly bent but I can live with that, the control detail is fantastic and the articulation is pretty good considering he's stuck in a chair with only one arm. My only gripe is with the hand; I really wish this was pointing instead of a normal hand position, anyway I give this figure 9/10 and I give the whole set 10/10 Thanks The Last Dalek

Utopia with Professor Yana Gift Set

This set, unfortunately, does not feature Changtho, a futurekind member or a Series 3 Jack without coat, but a brilliant Professor Yana and the Master in the Professor's clothes. It also features a Doctor in brown coat and black suit, (without a sonic screwdriver accessory), and a Martha Jones figure. This Martha is convieniently the glossy version with different colour jeans and shoes. The Doctor and Martha are fun to play with, but there are also a brilliant Master and Yana in the set which are well articulated and very fun to play with.

Professor Yana, a genius, was a child found in the silver devastation with only a fob watch, literally. The fob watch is also a great life size Character Options toy with detailed Gallifreyan writing, a chain and an inside that tells the time and lights up. He went from refuge to refuge and eventually joined Chantho for seventeen years working on the Utopia project, where in the year 100 trillion, to escape the end of the universe, they had to build a rocket and go to Utopia; a signal originating from a point in space, rumoured to have a diamond sky, of course there was no Utopia there, only darkness, where the last of the humans ended up becoming Toclafane. He met the Doctor and Martha and Jack who assisted him with his mission to get the rocket working. Martha discovered his fob watch to be like the Doctor's one, it makes a Timelord human. Yana opened his watch and became the Master and escaped in the TARDIS, and regenerated into the Master in Professor's clothes (John Simm).

These two figures have similarities in terms of what they are wearing. But there are many differences. John Simm's Master has a different sized neck (what do you call that thing around his neck?) and head, and the fob watch chain lengths differ. These well articulated figures are fun to play with and good for remaking scenes. Fantastic figures! The Master figure also features a ring. The Master is also available in suit with laser screwdriver accessory. Thanks Alfie

Voyage of the Damned Gift Set

Voyage of the Damned - Thanks Cameron

The Astrid figure is particularly good and a good likeness, The Host's are excellent but a little limited in there articulation and not only do they have the halo attached to there heads but also an additional one each for them to brandish menacingly. The Doctor is the previously released blue suit and red trainer version with a sonic screwdriver but I'm pleased about this as I never got that one as a separate figure. So in all its a very good set and well worth getting. Thanks Cameron

Voyage of the Damned Gift Set

This action figure set has The Doctor in blue suit and no glasses and sonic screwdriver when it should have had a Doctor in Tuxedo. This is still a great action figure and is nicely detailed and fun to play with! In this set is Astrid played by Kylie Minogue, in a waitress outfit. Astrid was from Sto and was a waitress on SS Titanic visiting Earth in Voyage of The Damned (2007). Max Capricorn, the cyborg on wheels, ordered his Heavenly Hosts to kill people and get revenge on his company who threw him out, so he could retire to the beaches of an alien world where the ladies are fond of metal. Astrid got in a truck and pushed him away so The Titanic could not be sent to crash into The Earth. The Doctor took over The Heavenly Hosts, and The Doctor tried to save Astrid from falling after pushing Max Capricorn, but all he could do was make her into stars and send her out into space to explore, something she had wanted to do for a long time.

The Astrid action figure is a great action figure and is highly detailed and fun to play with. It is a bit hard to stand her up but she is still a great action figure, wearing a waitress outfit. In this set is a large, heavy hoop, saying Titanic on the top and Titanic on the bottom. It is a great accessory. In this set is two Heavenly Host action figures of angels, with halos on heads (not removable) but they still come with halo accessories and are fun to play with. They wear white clothes and have golden heads and halos. Overall this set is a lot of fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

Voyage of the Damned Gift Set

The Voyage of the Damned Set is the latest set out at the moment (May2008). This set includes Astrid Peth, X2 Heavenly Hosts And one Doctor figure. I was a little bit disapointed in this set because The Doctor figure in it was not different at all. However, the Astrid Peth figure is brilliant to play with; it has lots of articulation in its arms, legs and waist. The Heavenly Host figures are exactly the same. The 2 Heavenly Hosts come with an halo weapon as seen in the Christmas 2007 special VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED. When you buy this figure set you will never stop playing with it and you can also recreate scenes from the episode. Thanks Kieran

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